Chapter 3:

3 - Kingdom of Dalmatia - The bet on the last day of school part II

Angel of Death

Part 2 - The tournament starts and the coin falls
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Slowly the audience is filling the arena up, the crowd's excitement can be heard all the way to the top floor.Bookmark here

"Hm, seems the main event is starting soon," Scarlet says as she signals with her hand to a nearby a guard. Him seeing that slowly approaches the two of them.Bookmark here

"I have a bad filing about this but fine, what is the bet about then? "Bookmark here

As Grey agrees to be part of his Queen's little schemes. The guard approaches them greeting Grey - by bowing his head - and answers in a respectful tone.Bookmark here

"My Queen?"Bookmark here

"Tell her to get ready and have Marija start the first match as agreed"Bookmark here

The guard seemingly understanding who the Queen meant and quickly bows his head                - showing he understood - and leaves the room to finish the task given to him.Bookmark here

As Grey silently watches the guard and the Queen interact after that he asks.Bookmark here

 "So, mind telling me what the plan is? Or is it obvious to all present but me"Bookmark here

"A yes you see I would like to arrange a match between that girl of yours and one of my own if that's not much to ask?"Bookmark here

Not like he has a choice having agreed to it already he just indicates she should continue on.Bookmark here

"Of course not for free it's a bet after all. So I would like to place some coin on it"Bookmark here

"That's fine with me. Tell me how much do you plan to lose. I mean bet" Showing his confidence quickly but the Queen does not fall to his provocation.Bookmark here

"23 big gold coins"Bookmark here

"23 what?" That statement caught Grey by surprise enough that he started to rethink his decision for a moment.Bookmark here

Dalmatia's currency conversion is as followed; Bookmark here

1 big gold coin equals at 12 gold coinsBookmark here

1 gold coin equals at 37 silver coinsBookmark here

1 silver coin equals at 43 copper coin Bookmark here

As Grey reviles the business sense of a seasoned treader, he quickly calculates the worth of it in silver which is the most commonly used currency by treaders and the preferred way of paying for quests by the guilds.Bookmark here

"That's 10 212 silver coins. What?" As he reviles a surprising yet distrusting expression on his face.Bookmark here

Scarlet turns back and sits down in her chair as she does that one of the guards approaches with a small wooden box and places it on the table next to her, opening it and reviling the content of the box.Bookmark here

The glow radiates just enough that even from the window Grey quickly realizes what the guard just broth forth.Bookmark here

"Its all here check for your self" Giving her permission Grey approaches the box and checks the coin. Picking one of them he glances over it checking the weight and the purity. Bookmark here

Being skill at such things was thought and honed to perfection by his grandfather years ago.Bookmark here

"Well, sure enough, it's.... well. As you say then again, no need to check if it's from your I guess"Bookmark here

Old habit dying hard, his grandfather's habit of checking and evaluating the coni sure enough past on to him - even tho it's a bit unnecessary to check seeing it being the Queen's coin and all that -Bookmark here

"Good, then I believe we have a deal right?"Bookmark here

"No problem with me but, tell me I was not expecting such a sizable amount of coin. " As he thinks about it now he realizes he has no need to put the same amount of coni and just as he was about to ask.Bookmark here

"O, just. Just put the usual" Scarlet expresses her self all happily, even brightening her smile.Bookmark here

"One golden ticket it is then, so mind telling me the who my Lucy will fight against?"Bookmark here

"Of course that goes without saying"Bookmark here

After explaining the plan Grey seemingly just nods - as to approve - and quickly leaves to find Lucy.Bookmark here

The arena becomes quiet and all eyes focus on the woman approaching the center stage.Bookmark here

Her feminine features caught the attention of every man and woman alike, the slim body reveals a beautiful figure under her black kimono with red and orange flower patterns. Bookmark here

And her long hair that's tied up has a flower in it, matching the flower on her kimono one can not help but notice her tail that's slightly above ground waiving back and forth as she walks, along with her cat ears that are twitching slightly from time to time.Bookmark here

The eyes revile a bright blue color matching the brightness of her skin the only accessory on her is a small chain neckless on her neck.Bookmark here

She is accompanied by a small grey cat that she is holding gently in her arms, yet despite that, she moves swiftly almost soundless across the stage stopping in the middle.Bookmark here

"Dear guest and students of the academy, it is my honor to open the first match of the tournament" The voice spoke reviling a soothing tone escaping from her lips.Bookmark here

"As many of you know I am Prime minister Persa and today will be the acting judge for the tournament, on behave of Queen Scarlet I thank you all for coming today and, of course, extend my congratulations to today graduate students" Persa elegantly bows down to the audience and once again turns facing the top - VIP room - where the Queen is watching from.Bookmark here

Shortly after that, the arena explodes in applause revealing the kingdoms Prime ministers popularity and approval she enjoys among the people.Bookmark here

Persa raises her hand slightly the crowd falls silent, shortly after that she points to the right corner and announces the first competitors. Seeing who stand there a smile escapes her and with a cheerful ton, she continues.Bookmark here

"From the right corner one of the academy finest, and among this year's honor student Lucy Halbell along with another fellow student she is one of the today youngest graduates under professor Rose's personal watchful eye she has finished top of her class at the tender age of 66 and is today's student representative - leader of this year's honor students - once again please welcome miss Lucy Halbell"Bookmark here

The rumored Halbell girl that was one of professor Rose top student and this academy rising star, there have been rumors and talks of the army waiting to recruit her. Despite her unusually young age - most races tend to measure their lives in century some even tend to live well beyond a millennium so one is still considered a child until they reach 100 years age at least in the Kingdom of Dalmatia that is - more precisely the 7th Hunters and the 2nd Titans.Bookmark here

Seeing as the 2nd Titans General along with a few of her captains was talking to her this morning, and among the military officials present a captain of the 7th can be seen sitting in the front row.Bookmark here

There must be some truth to those rumors, of course, various clans and guilds have their eyes on her none the less. If the person with the front row - judge Persa - view decides she wants her not even the Generals or various clans can do something about it.Bookmark here

As the somewhat hard to ignore whispering and excitement can be heard from the audience, Lucy approaches the stage.Bookmark here

The stage was sizeable enough for 10 people to fight on at the same time, but when takin into considerations Lucy's - and here opponents - overwhelming ability it was only natural they would fight on the biggest stage.Bookmark here

As she approaches Lucy's nervousness starts to slightly show after all nobody told her that judge - big sis Marija - Persa would be the one to overs the match.Bookmark here

"My Lucy, you truly have grown up, it's been what 10 years?"Bookmark here

"7 years to be precise master- " As Lucy, bows respectfully while answering her question.Bookmark here

Persa puffs and pouts, and says harshly but without the somewhat expected strict tone. " It's bis sis Marija did I not tell you that last time, I know we are in public but. Nobodys gonna hear us if we talk in a normal tone of voice" Meow as if agreeing with Persa the small cat also voices her opinion.Bookmark here

"It's as you say. Big, big sis Marija my apologies"Bookmark here

Nobody would be expecting much less the people present but the Prime minister of Dalmatia and this little girl have a deep and long connection with one another, evident by the relaxed ton of there conversation and the reason why she was so nervous when she saw the judge for the match.Bookmark here

"Tell me Big sis are you in on this, or?" The question obviously referred to her master's previous orders.Bookmark here

Simply understanding what Lucy meant she answers in a sly tone of voice. " No, not really. I'm on the orders from the Queen here." As she turns toward the left corner indicating that she plans to announce the opponent Lucy cuts in before that.Bookmark here

"I see good, it would be a shame to have to retake your ticket, of course, that is only if you were part of his schemes - seemingly saying that her instincts tell her something is fishy - I just hope he does not do something stupid"Bookmark here

Obviously, to a third party, this might have sounded like a threat - to the Prime minister - from a little girl yet, Persa having turned her back to her already, slightly shakes her body in fear the cold sweat seemingly from her arms and forehead indicate some sorta reaction. Tilting her head up - towards the VIP room - she whispered.Bookmark here

"I swear Grey if this cost me my yearly ticket. Shes serious here ahhh" Releasing a long sigh at the end she continues on with her previous intent.Bookmark here

"Announcing her opponent from the left corner" As all eyes moved to the left - in unison with Persa's hand - they gasped in surprise.Bookmark here

" Our special guest form the Takeda's school of Warfare and Combat  - Yamatos counterpart to Dalmatia's 1st Royal Military Academy - this years representative of the honor students              - Takeda's version of Lucy - it is my honor to introduce her majesty Princess Yuki I. Dragna" Bookmark here

To all present, that name was very familiar even if she came as the representative of a foreign school, and on top of that as Yamato's representative. The crowd erupted in cheering and applause welcoming her whole hardly.Bookmark here

She is dressed in a knightly attire one very similar to the ones worn by the members of the 1st royal, her skin pure white eyes bright crystal blue color and her hair has a striking resembles as the guest of honor - in whose name this tournament is being held - the expression she carried was that of a leader and ruler, as an aura of power and authority accompanied her.Bookmark here

Approaching the two of them she bows to Persa and nods to her opponent, then turns - facing the VIP room - bowing a second time.Bookmark here

Among the cering audience, one particular group drowns out the rest with cheering. They were the members of the 3rd and the 1st division of the 1st Royal army lead by none other than General Emmor himself.Bookmark here

The reason for that is without question her identity Yuki I. Dragna the daughter of Queen Scarlet and the Kingdom of Dalmatia's 1st royal princes.Bookmark here

Being a member of the Dragon clan and royal family she is without a douth the future of the kingdom.Bookmark here

"Graduating at the age of 98 she has studied under the personal teachings of the Takedas school Headmaster Eziliy I. Takeda the Queen - Shougan - of the Yamato hawing also graduated from the 3rd Academy of Elemental Nature. - one of Dalmatia's four national academies - Bookmark here

As well as this school graduate student - having graduated some 27 years ago - and one of my humble students as well" As Persa goes on the list of schools was just the beginning as the list of the people and individuals who have personal thot her in the fields of warfare, diplomacy, governance, economy and so on and on.Bookmark here

"Master Persa it is nice to see you again, I hope you're in good health" Bookmark here

"You as well my princes, its been too long since your return home. Allow me to congratulate you once again on your success in Yamato"Bookmark here

The conversation between the two of them as they exchange words was a stern opposite to the one between Lucy and Persa.Bookmark here

Turning her eyes toward her opponent Yuki spoke - respectfully - "You must be my opponent, to finish top of the year under the strict teachings of professor Rose as well. It will be my honor to duel against you miss Halbell"Bookmark here

"The honor belongs to my humble self, to think I will get the honor to face your majesty it is a once in a lifetime chance, allow me as well to congratulate you on your safe return to your homeland my princes"Bookmark here

"Umu, just call me Yuki no need for formality you as well Persa. As if you need to speak such manner as one of my teachers your more then my senior in may ways yet"Bookmark here

The aura of dominance surrounding her reviles a humble and respectful side to her as Lucy quickly realized. She was not dealing with a stuck up prices on a high horse no she was dealing with someone who has years of experience and knowledge that will not allow oneself to underestimate her opponent.Bookmark here

"Then allow my humble self to introduce my self formally as well" Yuki indicates that she goes on.Bookmark here

"I'm Lucy Halbell graduate of the Warfare and strategy as well as self-defense and Economic governance division, currently my affiliation... " Hesitant to mention her clan because of their reputation yet knowing it would be disrespectful to her master who paid and arranged for her to attend the academy she continues. "Well I have yet to decide my choice but I wish to serve in her Queen's navy once my graduation is over. And please permit me to ask you to call me Lucy your majesty"Bookmark here

"I see that's impressive in of its self to finish three division under Rose no less"Bookmark here

"From the way you spoke you know Profesor Rose personally?" Bookmark here

"A yes, yes. Of course, I do have studied under her years ago... that makes me your senior Lucy" As Yuki stats that Lucy smiles and nods in agreement.Bookmark here

"Then permit me to call you my senior" But behind her lovely smile, Lucy's mind already started to devise counter strategies and measures because she knows all too well what it means to be one of professor Rose students and as such her attitude gets serious.Bookmark here

"Dammit, master are you serious after that long ass resume on top of that she one of Rose's pupils, you truly got me into a fine mess," Lucy thinks to herself.Bookmark here

"Then shall we start?" Asks Persa and continues after checking with the both of them, as they nod in approval they both return to there respective starting positions on opposite side of the corners. Bookmark here

"Good then the rules go by the standard once; use of weapons allowed, use of ability allowed victor will be decided if the opponent falls out of the ring or is unable to continue on or surrenders the match. There will be three rounds 10 min each victor is best out of three mache good luck"Bookmark here

Part 3 - The match starts and the coni fallsBookmark here

Lucy immediately assumes a fighting stance, keeping a fixed distance from her opponent she readies her arms in a fighting position ready to strike the moment a chance preset its self.Bookmark here

With watchful eyes, she inspects her opponent, seemingly not planning to move or make the first strike watching for Yuki to make the first move.Bookmark here

From the crowds, one can hear the excitement yet some voices their disappointment at the Halbell girl, seemingly indicating that she is scared of her opponent before they even fought.Bookmark here

"Come on Halbell, show us what you got" Yells one spectator and ads. Bookmark here

"If you win even one match we will take you in the Nara guild"Bookmark here

Nara guild is one of the branch guilds of the main guild they are affiliated. The Sky guild, even so, Nara has a reputation as a fierce and strong guild, being situated near the northern border they have nurtured some of the best warriors that have later filled the ranks of the 1st Air fleet as well as becoming outstanding adventurers.Bookmark here

Becoming part of Nara grants oneself a secure future in the military and a safe life in one of the Sky city's something that many today are aiming for.  Bookmark here

Yuki on the other hand slowly approaches her, leaving her sword untouched and not taking any stance showing confidence and says - after the crowd starts to get louder and louder in their excitement-Bookmark here

"Well, I guess it's only proper, to give my junior a handicap" Raising her hand and pointing at Lucy she says "Come I will give you the first strike. It will make a good impression on them"Bookmark here

Both Persa and Lucy show a surprised look yet Lucy quickly regain herself, just moving to the side slowly circling Yuki - who was now in the center of the stage - keeping a safe distance she answers.Bookmark here

"No thanks, like I have any interest to impress a third-rate guild like Nara"Bookmark here

"Is that so" Having this brief exchange the both of them resume with the fight.Bookmark here

That was only proper as Yuki fighting with a sword she has a longer range then Lucy who fought barehanded. Even if she did not use her sword to Lucy that lookt like nothing more then a taunt to lure her in not just with that but with her words as well - Yuki's invitation to allow Lucy the first strike - meet no response.Bookmark here

"Ahh, have it your way then" Yuki rushes swift towards her aiming at her chest she throws a few light strikes but Lucy evades it and moves away.Bookmark here

Having felt the force behind those strikes Lucy knows that was not full power and remains on alert keeping a distance and watching the footwork and body movement of her opponent.Bookmark here

6 minutes have past aside from a couple of light exchanges and brief clashes nothing much happened.Bookmark here

The impatient of some in the audience can be heard, as they voice it.Bookmark here

"Really!? You bring shame to the school not even daring to attack once" And such as.Bookmark here

"Pathetic I expected more from Rose's pupil"Bookmark here

Hering that Lucy seems to not mind the boing and complaining and carries on.Bookmark here

Seeing that Yuki just before the first round ends she asks her. " Then, are you just planning to stay on the defense. I was expecting more from the top student of this school hmm, seems the standard has fallen quite a bit from my time." Trying to taunt her as well.Bookmark here

Lucy showing now intent to respond just stays vigilant in front of her.Bookmark here

"Well I guess I leave it at that, but next round" And with that, the first match ended in a draw.Bookmark here

As Yuki returned to her corner she passes by Persa who - just talking to her self- mumbles to her self.Bookmark here

"I guess that should be enough, for her" Reviling a lax and intriguing expression on her face.Bookmark here

Yuki seemingly not intending to respond casts a look on to the crowd, there she saw General Emmor and her clan members watching - the rest cheering on - yet Emmor silently watching his eyes fixed on Yuki's opponent.Bookmark here

Persa announces the next round, and much, in the same manner, the first five minutes pass.Bookmark here

Yuki clearly angry calls out to Lucy "So you intend to just run away again, I don't mind but do you think that someone wanting to join the kingdom's military can afford to show such pathetic behavior. You do know that General Emmor is watching this and various other military officers" Raising her hand to the side showing - pointing to - the VIP room and say.Bookmark here

"Especially the Queen herself do you intend to disgrace both of us"Bookmark here

Having the top room in the same line of sight as Yuki, Lucy's eyes slowly cast a look at them while keeping an eye on her opponent.Bookmark here

And then, she stops in her tracks for a brief moment she hesitates. Seeing this Yuki thought that the mentioning of the Queen watching and General Emmor as well put the young girl to the realization of her mistake.Bookmark here

But that was not it, what Lucy saw for a brief moment was - from the window watching the match - her master. At that moment she understood and somewhat realized why he wanted her to partake in the tournament, after having fought the princes she was sure of the reason for that all the more.Bookmark here

"Ahhh, yes yes I guess play time is over. Then better get this over quickly" Lucy says, the sense of urgency nonexistent in her voice. While relaxing her body she scratches her head.Bookmark here

Seeing this Yuki's fell and before she can even react to her field of vision, flips upside down and the image of her opponent becomes smaller and smaller.Bookmark here

The next moment was as confusing as the last.Bookmark here

"Mach over Lucy Halbell wins the second round"Bookmark here

The voice belongs to Presa, as Yuki heard that she came to her senses.Bookmark here

Upside down she crashes into the wall behind her - out of the ring - as if she was shent full force backward. To most of the audience watching it happened so quickly they did not know what was happening, yet the trained officers the General Emmor especially along with some of the guild masters realized immediately.Bookmark here

Lucy Halbell she looks human and her body strength and build indicate as such. But she possesses extreme strength and power none the less.Bookmark here

As a member of the Elemental race that is, she commands the ability to use two elements; earth and fire and bends them to her will.Bookmark here

That's the reason she fought barehanded was that she has no need for weapons, yet her opponent did not realize that and just acted on the confidence that her dragon body offered. Bookmark here

Of course, the reason she did not notice was that Lucy did not give away herself any obvious way that is. She body movement indicated only the basic standard footwork - thought to recruits in the army - Yuki head no way to notice that her opponent was a member of the Elemental race.Bookmark here

Having realized what happened, of course immediately Yuki stood up.Bookmark here

Persa calls them both back to their starter position. But before that Lucy says something.Bookmark here

"Yes your right, but my advice to you is you take this serious as well. Senior... that is if you plan to get serious because I was from the beginning" The nice smile was gone instead a serious expression was in its place her eyes glaring at her.Bookmark here

As she walks away, she looks at the VIP room and mumbled to her self as she walked away.Bookmark here

"Can't believe you make me play that role of all thinks. I feel stupid for taking this serious"Bookmark here

Having heard that loud and clear Yuki snapped as if the last statement was an insult to her.Bookmark here

Dragons being prideful creatures in nature, such a thing as not taking a duel serious was an insult and disgrace pure as that.Bookmark here

As the next and last match started Yuki abandons all form of restriction and decide to go full force. Swing her sword quickly and swiftly - almost untraceable to the naked eye - and opens a barege of attack all aiming at Lucy's weak points and keeping the pressure she starts to push, and push and push not giving her a moment to relax. Bookmark here

And then, then it happened.Bookmark here

"If you think that's going to help, your just exposing your self more" Lucy hits the ground with her left leg the impact causes the ground to shake, in the same moment the ground in a half circle shape raises - creating a wall- almost two meters in length.Bookmark here

With both hands in a fist motion, Lucy opens a flame attack directed at Yuki, being that she's a Dragon fire of that scale did little to nothing against her.Bookmark here

But it did block her field of vision and then it came, from the smoke and fire two hands emerged, one grabs Yuki's sword and the other coated in stone delivers a full force strike in the stomach.Bookmark here

"Urg, yo-you" Filling the backlash from the strike she took, Yuki takes a step back - tries to anyway - Lucy was still holding her sword not allowing her to move.Bookmark here

"That's as far as I go, master, any more would be just torture" Bookmark here

"What!?" Before she got the next word out Yuki's vision fades to black, and in that darkness in a somewhat fuzzy tone, she heard.Bookmark here

"Mach over winner Lucy Halbell. One draw two wins overall winner Lucy Halbell"Bookmark here

The crowd in shook. Yet despite that, they saw such an amazing performance by the Halbell girl.Bookmark here

The applause that followed came only after one person broke the silence General Emmor stood up and in an act - of praise - applauded the winner despite everything he and the military personnel did see a fine display of skill and ability.Bookmark here

"And with that ill be taking my coin," Said Grey as he moved away from the window not even waiting to see the final blow.Bookmark here

"O, umu that's fine with me. But, truly I somewhat expected it yet seeing it my self that girl of yours leaves nothing to be desired.Bookmark here

"Well thank you, so the favor from before stands?"Bookmark here

"Of course it does, Grey my boy who do you think I am" Not bordered by what just happen the Queen returns to her seat and continues on. "Then again I did read the report, coming from you I thought you spoiled the two of them a bit in it. Seems I was wrong if the brother is the same as her then I have no problem writing the recommendation"Bookmark here

"Good, well no hard feeling about the coin, then again want to tell me why you did this?"Bookmark here

As she turns towards him Scarlet answers "What, your askt me for it. O, you mean the bet? Well I have my reasons"Bookmark here

"Is that so, fear enough then" Pocketing the coin all thief like.Bookmark here

"Grey send word for her, I would like to congratulate the winner."Bookmark here

"I understand my Queen" Bookmark here

"And give her the good news personally as well" Showing a satisfied look on her Scarlet tells the guards to leave the room.Bookmark here

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