Chapter 19:

Don't Worry, I Found It!

Blood? Suckers!

Neve and I laze about on the couch watching some wholesome slice of life show about high school girls forming a band.

“What’s a club?”

Neve turns to me as she enquires about her usual random facts, trying to glean more and more of the world.

Typically, I would refer the question to Bell, as he’s the one who knows more about this world than anyone I know (which is not that many people). But in this case, this is something that even I know about from my previous world.

Bell starts to speak up as he makes lunch in the kitchen, but I cut him off quickly.

“A club is a stick of varying sizes used to hit things or people with; some trolls use very large ones with studs in them, whereas your standard hooligan would use one more proportionate to the size of their body and hit people over the hea-“

I feel a hard whack hit the back of my head as I start to lose vision for a second.

“Like that.”

Bells voice towers over me, how did he get there so fast? Also, what gives? Huh?

“She’s talking about a school club. Baka!”

Tsundere Bell, where did you come from?

The new tiger on the block strolls back into the kitchen as I slowly rub my head. I probably lost a few brain cells right there.

“What the heck is a school club?”

I look back at Bell as he happily hacks away at vegetables on his chopping board.

Will I ever see yandere Bell?

Oh, god. I have to stop.

What has anime done to me?

Not everyone is an archetype, Hiro! Jeez.

I slap myself to return to the moment.

There goes a few more brain cells, poor brain.

“This is why I was going to answer the question you silly vampire; although your definition wasn’t technically wrong.“

I take a moment to pretend as if I am pushing up my glasses in an intellectual manner; not that I have glasses or anything, but it makes me feel super smart. I let Bell continue.

“The majority of the time when people use that word in this world, they are talking about a collection of people who come together to collaborate on activities or form a society. The item you’re thinking of is more commonly referred to in this world as a bat.”

Smooth brain, I have.

This makes so much sense as to why Neve asked this while watching this show about a group of girls in school, playing instruments, obviously a part of this “club” idea that they speak of.

“Aaaah, the more you know.”

Neve giggles.

“Silly vampire.”

Hey, don’t you go using Bell’s words too! He’s a bad influence I tell you.

I breathe a light sigh as I continue to watch the show. Surprisingly, it’s really good. I didn’t think I would enjoy a show that seemingly has such a juvenile premise, but it doesn’t feel like it was made for younger audiences in mind.

Something is calming about it that seems to resonate with pretty much anyone with high-stress levels.

I could get used to this.

“I want to go to school.”

Neve’s statement catches me off guard and instantly sends me into a spiral of all the possible implications of the future in which she attends school in this world.

First comes the image of this little vampire accidentally blurting out she’s a supernatural being, second comes the more likely scenario she decides to give a classmate a little bite.

Okay, thinking about that second one is kind of cute – that would make a good anime situation.

But this isn’t anime, this is real life!

Yes, real-life – which brings me to the third image. If Neve goes to school then I’ll be alone all day.

Oh god, oh god. It gets worse.

If I’m at home all day and not “looking after” Neve (not that she really needs babysitting in all honesty) then Bell will hound me more about getting a job.

Goodbye NEET life, goodbye slow life.

“That’s a great idea! You’ll be able to meet more people your age and make some friends!”

Neve kneels on the couch in excitement, peeking over the back at Bell. Her mouth is wide open with excitement at the thought of meeting new friends.

“But what if she ends up biting someone?”

Neve gives me the darkest glare I have received since I reincarnated in this world – pure nightmare fuel.

“Neve no bite.”

I let out a little laugh.

“You literally bit Bell within seconds of meeting him.”

The little vampire sits back down on the couch and crosses her arms with a pout.

“That was only because she didn’t know what was going on and much about this world, she’s grown and she’s changed Hiro – much like yourself. Heck, when you came here, I was a little afraid of you going out into regular society.”

I am brought back to the journey I have been on since I’ve been here and the sort of person I used to be. The sort of things that haunt my dreams, the disgusting bloodsucker who murdered people, not to mention the absolute weirdo I must have come across as to Bell, the first person I met.

It’s hypocritical of me to think that people can’t change and adapt to the situation, and I shouldn’t be trying to stop Neve from living the life she wants. Not everyone is like me, happy with the silence and the existence of being alone.

“You can go to school Neve, Hiro just doesn’t want to have to get a job – he knows I’m going to force him once you’re gone every day.”

He’s right, of course.

I raise my hand to interject, maybe even protect a bit of my reputation here, but I can’t.

If getting a job is what I must do for her to be who she wants to be, then that’s what I will do. Also, I can’t forget I did promise Bell this ages ago, it’s not my fault Neve just appeared out of the blue! Okay?

I promise I’m not just a useless NEET!

Neve stares at me with balled fists, anticipating what I am to say next as if Bell’s approval wasn’t the thing she wanted in this situation.

I place my hand on her head and smile.

“I guess we are going to have to start looking for a school then.” 

Abraham B. A.