Chapter 5:

Gossips: Dynasties

Routing in the three-dimensional space

I hate modern days juniors.

Scientists have reworked the genome, improved everything while maintaining basic structure and backward compatibility.

Biologists have created autonomous nano-machines that flow through our veins, that maintain and support our bodies.

Engineers have been able to connect our brains and eyes to computers.

We are free from the chains of evolution, now we have every opportunity to take over the space with blunt force. And you know what?

All SAFs are suffering from staff shortages. There's no way to lower the bar even more - even mutants without augmented eyes are welcome! But we should have been able to put a military escort on every single civilian vehicle!

The building of the Dyson Swarm is going 90 years already. And they'll be building it for another two hundred years. It should have been done in ten years!

The Astro Expeditionary Corps is so afraid to lose just one vessel, they’ve been checking and rechecking the coordinates of a future blind pinhole, trying to reduce risks to the impossible minimum. Damn, they must be dying by the hundreds, discovering dozens of new systems!

Why so little of youngsters are rushing to space? Everywhere you go you will find a hereditary military man, hereditary engineers, hereditary biologist!

My engineer's great-great-grandfather commanded my great-great-grandmother! Katz's HQ battle station dispatcher is the daughter of my son, who is from A-SAF, serving on LRG-type vessel.

One infinitely huge bloody dynasty.

K-SAF Academy.
Anonymous mentor.