Chapter 4:

Massacres Retribution

Blade: Forsaken

As the woman was running towards me, I noticed something in her hand. It was a small bottle. Everyone in the crowd was staring at her, some even tried to hold her back but she dashed past their arms. Some even started yelling at her to stop. I must have provoked too much fear from my acts, I Should have held back a little. But this small glimmer of hope that someone believes in me makes me feel better.

I quickly went to the cliff edge and slid down towards the bottom where everyone else was. As I hit the ground everyone took a few steps back away from me. The woman came closer as she squeezed herself out of the crowd. Her eyes were filled with fear but despite that, she still dared to give me the potion. I took it out of her hands and she slowly backed away from me.

I opened the potion and gulped it instantly. Nothing happened for a moment, but shortly my body began to change. My hair returned to its normal length and colour, my ears extended and my eyes turned back to yellow.

Everyone was gazing at me while I transformed back into my normal form. Some were terrified, others were amazed.

I would hope that they won't try to call me a traitor for joining sides with the humans. Even though it wasn't to harm my kind.

The young woman seemed to look relieved to see that I was one of them. Behind her, a lot of the crowd seemed relieved, however, some weren't so convinced. Those who weren't started to grow loud won't let any of my words come out. Some began throwing stuff at me and calling me a fake, a traitor and a quisling.

"I'm not here to harm you, but if you don't want my help, I shall leave, those who do wish for my help can receive it. I won't force you to like me or to trust me, that's something for you to do yourself."

Everyone went silent the moment I finished. Some mumbled around, others began backing off.

"If you want to come with me, I shall offer my all my power to protect you. I will wait here, gather your stuff and come to me if you want to. If not, I'll leave on my own in 10 minutes."

Not many seemed too thrilled to know that I wasn't going to leave instantly. Either way, I stuck to my word and I sat down on a rock waiting. Many had already packed up and were leaving, I was starting to lose hope that anyone wanted my help. I guess there's no helping it.

I got up and started walking back to my horse.

"WAIT!" A soft yell called out for me.

I turned around and saw the girl from earlier and long with a small group standing behind her.

"We saw you trying to help out during the attack, and how you didn't hurt any of us. They noticed that you instead pushed them away and attacked the humans. Despite the fact you came here to kill us, you didn't, you are one of us and you remembered that. It made me happy when you said you're one of us." She explained

I tried to reply but she didn't give me a chance

"I wanted to believe you so that's why I gave you the magic reversing potion. I thought that if I was to give it to you and you turned back others would believe in you too, but most thought I was just forced to do this by you during the battle. Those who are behind me now are those who noticed what you did and believe you. I hope you can live up to our expectations!" She finished explaining.

She looked at me with a cheerful smile. What can I say to that now?

There isn't anything I can say other than

"Thank you."

I turned back around and started walking.

"Get moving, we don't have all day."

Finally, I have begun to make progress. This is a small step towards saving the country. We travelled out towards the North-Western coast