Chapter 3:

The Cave Massacre

Blade: Forsaken

I dashed towards my so-called friends. From behind I jumped on Nyunyumas back, my daggers penetrated his throat and as I sliced his throat open I pulled back his head to ensure he was fully dead.

I finally felt alive, I was seeking this pleasure for the past 10 years. Since the death of my parents, since the death of my fellow Elven people. This was what I needed.

Those near me looked at me terrified yet confused. I don't blame them, but what they think isn't my concern. I quickly dashed towards the other 3. Doing a quick run along the vellies walls I approached Xi. Luckily for me, none of them had seen what happened to Nyunyuma.

Xi looked like he was having fun slaughtering the remainder of my brothers and sisters. My urge to kill grew stronger. Humans are a curse to the world.

As I was dashing along the wall I quickly flung my daggers at Xi's head, ejected myself from the wall at him allowing myself to instantly crush his skull as I hit him at full force onto the ground.

Thanks to all the panic and commotion, I was able to get rid of Xi without Luz and Goteng noticing, however, that won't last long. The refugees have been fighting back as best as they could but there is little they can do against trained assassins.

There were a few refugees who tried to attack me, since I didn't want to harm my kind, I tried to push them away, hoping that they would get the message. Some decided to leave me alone, others weren't so keen, since I did still look like a human I wasn't going to blame them for it. I fought back and gave them a few hits and knocked them unconscious. I tried my best to avoid any major harm.

Since I was fighting a few of the refugees' Luz and Goteng didn't suspect anything yet. However, they are deemed to notice the other two missing any moment. They shouldn't instantly think it's because of me until they check their bodies. I will have to be sure to take them out before that happens.

I started searching for Luz since he was always easier to beat in comparison to Goteng, who we can easily say was the best one we had in this group. Luz was fighting fairly close to Goteng so getting them away will be hard since they always tend to stick together.

I have been practising a new skill so I guess it's time to finally try this one out.

I grabbed my daggers and poured all of my mana into them. I swung over my shadow to open it and entered the shadow realm. In the shadow realm, I'm able to travel around without being seen, however, my shadow still exists in the real world. It's not useful for one on one combat since if anyone stabs the shadow it will damage me. On the bright side, I can sneak up on people and pull them into the shadow realm in crowded fights like this, where they wouldn't notice a random shadow walking around without anyone being there.

I have been within the shadow realm a few times before, but only a few seconds when I was still learning to use this skill. I am confident enough with my ability to trust myself not to get stuck here.

After wandering around the shadow realm I finally decided to go after luz. I need to make sure that I time everything perfectly so that Goteng doesn't see me grabbing Luz. I slowly approached where Luz and Goteng were. As soon as I found Goteng looking away, I quickly grabbed onto Luz's leg and pulled him down into the shadow realm.

"Huh??? Where am I? What is this place?"

Luz was looking around, confused and disorientated.

"This is my shadow realm, no one can hear you or see you. It's just me and you here." I replied.

"Why am I here? Why can we see the outside? What's going on?" Luz questioned.

"Well, the shadow realm works if you are within shadows, and since shadows still exist in the real world, we can see what is going on there. As to why you are here, I cannot answer that." I explained.

Luz looked at me puzzled. That will be for the best.

"Give me a moment, wait here, I will be back."

"Wait what? Where are you going? Why can't I leave?" He asked, confused.

"Don't worry about it, it will make sense soon."

Before he was going to ask any more questions I rushed out of the shadow realm. Now all that's left is to find Goteng.

"ZENG!" Goteng yelled.

Seems I won't have to be looking for him.

"Where the hell have you been? Do you know where Luz went?" Goteng asked while pulling me away from the battlefield.

"No, I haven't seen him. Why?"

"Well he's gone, he was right behind me the whole time, then one second I looked away and he was gone! Also while I was looking around for Luz I noticed the bodies of Xi and Nyunyuma, I wasn't able to check how they got killed but I'm surprised that the refugees were able to get those two out." Goteng explained.

I couldn't help but have a fat smile on my face when he said that.

"Goteng, you filthy shit. You're so stupid, I love it."

"What are you on about Zeng?" He replied angrily

"I hate you, Luz, Xi and Nyunuma. I never felt so good till I killed them both, cutting a throat open was never so satisfying as this. But don't worry, Luz is still alive. He will wish that he was dead though when he has to see you get killed while he can't do anything. HAHA!"

Goteng looked at me in disgust. Tears were beginning to drop. I couldn't do anything but laugh. I didn't want to waste any more time so I grabbed my dagger. I used a dark magic blade extension for my dagger and beheaded him while he was on the ground crying like a baby.

I kicked the head off the hill and threw the body down to the refugees. I opened the entrance to the shadow realm and grabbed Luz by his head and yanked him out. I held him up showing him to the refugees.

"May I have your attention please! Ladies and gentlemen. Fear not, I am not here to cause you any harm, although I came with these people, I am not one of them. I came here to help you, as I am one of you."

All of them were looking at me, chatting to each other, questioning if I was being serious or if I was lying. Since words aren't enough to get them to believe me, I will have to try something else.

I held Luz out over the valley. It was pretty hard considering how much he was resisting and annoying since he wouldn't shut up.

"See this man here? He's one of the assassins I came with. I swear my loyalty to you, my fellow brothers and sisters through his blood."

As I said that I cut off his head and watched his body drop down the valley. All the refugees watched as the body splattered itself all over the ground around them. They all went silent for a minute and looked back up at me.

Now they either fear me even more, or they have some sense of trust towards me. Either way, the only way to get absolute trust from them is to return to my original form. Since I had to disguise myself as a human I used a transformation magic potion.

"Do any of you have any magic reversing potions? I can prove to you all that I am one of you!"

I looked around hoping that one of them would make some sort of sign. But everyone seemed far too terrified. If they won't trust me, there isn't much I can do but let them go.

"If you don't want to believe me, then so be it. You can go on and leave the country before they send anyone else. I will be leaving myself since I betrayed the guild and will be targeted myself."

As I began to leave, I heard a young woman yelling something. I turned around to see what was happening.