Chapter 30:

Chapter 10: The Will of Fire and The Curse of Hatred Part II

Naruto: The Tale of Yuki Uchiha Volume 1

Chapter 10: The Will of Fire and The Curse of Hatred Part IIBookmark here

"That bastard sent us a clone…" I said, fanning away the last of the clone's smoke. My Sharingan should have noticed the difference in chakra when we were in the cemetery but—Bookmark here

"Not the whole time," Sui said, trying to reassure me. "He only swapped out with one when he went to get the chakra paper."Bookmark here

"So for the last hour."Bookmark here

"Yup."Bookmark here

I sighed, giving up. "At least he gave us a lesson plan."Bookmark here

"Yeah… have you opened yours?"Bookmark here

"No why?"Bookmark here

"He was pretty thorough with mine."Bookmark here

Sui had already opened her scroll and read through it. The instructions on her scroll were indeed thorough like it went over Sui's apparent weaknesses and what she should do to fix them. One of which said to spend an hour a week at the hospital for exercises. Wait, is our medic going to be front lining? That sounds like a bad plan.Bookmark here

"He wants you to learn medical ninjutsu?"Bookmark here

"Apparently, I'm assuming since it would help me mold my chakra better…" Sui bit at her thumb as she began to get lost in thought.Bookmark here

I ran my hand through her hair, reminding her not to think too hard as I walked up to Tayuya. She was sitting down in the grass, staring at her scroll, muttering insults. I wondered if checking on her was a good idea, but I did say I'd help her with practical things—Bookmark here

"That old fuck knew!"Bookmark here

"You ok… Tayuya?"Bookmark here

"Do I sound ok Yuki?" Tayuya shot me her usual glare.Bookmark here

"You sound the same actually—"Bookmark here

"Go fuck yourself…" Tayuya sighed, leaning her head against her legs. "He says I can't use my curse mark anymore and that I should have it sealed."Bookmark here

I sat down next to her and placed my hand on her back, only to receive a sidelong glare. Anyone else would have backed off immediately, but if I had comforted Yukino when she was down, then maybe she'd still be here.Bookmark here

"I don't need your pity."Bookmark here

"Well, it's a good thing I'm not pitying you."Bookmark here

"Really?" She stared at my face. "Because it feels like you are."Bookmark here

"It's called comforting, Tayuya-neesan." Sui wrapped her arm around Tayuya and leaned against her.Bookmark here

"I'm not crying, so I don't need to be comforted!" Tayuya made excuses, but she never pushed us away. It looks like I have two idiot siblings.Bookmark here

"You don't have to cry to be sad." I leaned my head against Tayuya.Bookmark here

"You two… You don't understand. Without my curse mark I'm—"Bookmark here

"Weak?"Bookmark here

"Useless?"Bookmark here

"I'm not weak!" Tayuya shot up, knocking us back. "And I'm not useless!"Bookmark here

"Exactly." Sui and I said at the same time, getting up.Bookmark here

"So why are you–" Sui placed her hand on Tayuya's shoulder.Bookmark here

I placed my hand on her other shoulder. "So worried about–"Bookmark here

"A curse mark." We said together.Bookmark here

"Honestly, I don't even know what a curse mark is." I said, admitting that I didn't actually know what we were talking about. I assumed it was those black lines that gave her that sudden strength boost, but I wasn't sure.Bookmark here

"It's the markings on her neck." Sui pointed at the three spiraling Ls, confirming my suspicions. "A cursed seal created by Orochimaru."Bookmark here

"And how do you know about that?" Tayuya said, raising an eyebrow.Bookmark here

"Danzō."Bookmark here

Tayuya clicked her tongue. "That fucking rat betrayed us."Bookmark here

"I did no such thing."Bookmark here

I recognized that voice. The world slowed down, sending chills down my spine. With four earth kunai and four wind kunai in my hands, I prepared to attack the man I despised.Bookmark here

Danzō stood tall with his cane in hand, hiding his crippled arm as if he was taking some kind of morning stroll. "And if you could refrain from calling me a rat when you listen to a snake. That would be much appreci—"Bookmark here

I threw out my kunai, preparing my fireball Jutsu; there wasn't going to be anything left once I was done with him. Improvised Style: Dust-styled Atomic Dismantling Jutsu!Bookmark here

"Eight trigrams: Palm Rotation!" A blue rotating sphere of chakra destroyed the tagged kunai heading for Danzō. Once the sphere died down, Sui was revealed standing in front of Danzō, her Byakugan active. My eyes widened as she protected him, I thought things were different now, but I guess not.Bookmark here

"Yuki, don't make me hurt you. Attacking Danzo, a citizen of the Hidden Leaf Village, is something we can't do as Leaf ninja." Sui got into her gentle fist stance.Bookmark here

I laughed as I did the hand signs. "Wind Style: Whirlwind Sprint Jutsu!" With my body light and wind blowing my clothes around, I spoke. "You know. I had almost forgotten that you kept the two separate." I got into my own gentle fist stance, mimicking Sui.Bookmark here

"Your footing is wrong." Sui uncovered her Sharingan eye, unfazed by me copying her. Just like I knew my wired kunai wouldn't work against her all-seeing eye, she knew of my Sharingan's copying skills.Bookmark here

"Is it?" I moved my foot slightly forward. "Better?"Bookmark here

"Better—"Bookmark here

My hand collided with her forearm blocking my strike. Tch. I shot my left hand forward and she dodged to the side. The blow whizzed past her face. I pulled back, sending out my right palm once more. Another miss and another until she countered with a palm strike aimed at my chest. I knocked it away, a smile formed on Sui's face. She sent another strike. I blocked it with my forearm, giving her a smirk.Bookmark here

"You know you're supposed to shoot chakra out of your body when you strike?" Sui said, holding my gaze.Bookmark here

"As if I could learn that from just watching your body movements."Bookmark here

The Sharingan only helped me copy things I could see externally but something like how she was manipulating the chakra I couldn't do. The most I knew was the general area of where she was emitting chakra, like in her hands or what kind of nature it was. In the Gentle Fist's case, I'd have to actually be taught how to shut down chakra points.Bookmark here

"Enough." Danzo's cane tapped against the ground, reminding me of why I was fighting Sui.Bookmark here

I gripped onto Sui's arm; her eye widened as I swung her aside. "Though, I don't have to use the Gentle Fist." I dashed forward at Danzō and rocked my head back. "Fire Style: Great Fireball Ju—"Bookmark here

I ate the dirt as I was restrained to the ground. Two ninja I had never seen before appeared. From the glimpses I had, they weren't even dressed like ANBU. They didn't wear grey or masks but rather a plain black outfit for the one guy in front of me and a red outfit for the other guy that held me.Bookmark here

"Lord Danzō, should I use it." The ninja in black pulled off his glove, and his skin oozed a purple goo. What the hell?Bookmark here

"If you believe you can control it. Go ahead."Bookmark here

The ninja stepped forward only to be blocked by Sui, who stood in front of me. "Danzō, The Third Hokage will never let you get away with killing his student."Bookmark here

"Blame yourself for his death. You told him too much and now look." Danzo pointed his cane at me. "He's unstable. I knew I should have developed a seal for you."Bookmark here

I tried to get out of the red ninja's grip, but he was surprisingly strong and prevented me from using my hand signs. The red ninja even made sure not to look into my eyes whenever I tried to glare at him.Bookmark here

"Step aside Sui; I wouldn't want you to get hurt." The ninja in black said with no real emotion in his voice.Bookmark here

"Torune, I'll kill you if you take a step closer." Sui's deep blue chakra flared around her as she spoke. "Lightning Style: Lightning Cloak 50%. Do you really want to try your luck again, bug boy."Bookmark here

"Lord Danzō, what should I do?"Bookmark here

"Impressive Sui. But a tool that does not listen is not a good one. I may not have a seal on you, but I do have one on your brother. Should you keep this up, I'll kill him."Bookmark here

"Her brother! That's low even for you Danzō—" I felt the chilling touch of steel against my neck.Bookmark here

"Just give the order Lord Danzō." The red ninja held a short blade against my neck, drawing blood.Bookmark here

"Maybe this will serve as a lesson to you Sui. I have no need for disobedient tools. Do it Fuu."Bookmark here

Shit, no choice! Lightning Style: Chakra Mode—Bookmark here

"Wait!"Bookmark here

Before I could activate my Jutsu that would incapacitate me in mere seconds, Tayuya's voice rang in my ears, causing everyone to stop.Bookmark here

"Danzō, if you kill him. Lord Orochimaru will be pissed and break the deal. You know he wants an Uchiha."Bookmark here

"I can always give him Sasuke."Bookmark here

"Then I'll tell the Third Hokage you're working with him."Bookmark here

"And who do you think he would believe? You. The one with proof of working with Orochimaru. I could kill you right now and say you were a spy for him."Bookmark here

"I doubt the Third Hokage will ever believe you over someone with the Will of Fire."Bookmark here

"It seems his pacifist nonsense has gotten to you." Danzō let out a sigh. "I'm ashamed of you Tayuya—"Bookmark here

The two ninja, collapsed on the ground, and as I was released, I noticed that more ninja dressed like them fell from the trees. Tayuya removed the flute from her lips, her long red hair flowed down to her feet, and horns grew from her head. She was in her demon form, or what was it called again—Bookmark here

"To think you willed stage two even in my presence. Orochimaru, that damned snake tricked me." Danzō was somehow still standing, seemingly unfazed by Tayuya's Genjutsu.Bookmark here

"Trusting a snake was your first mistake. But maybe making a deal with the devil will be your second." Tayuya glanced back and sighed, blowing into her flute once more.Bookmark here

That was when I noticed the blood that dripped down her arm as one of her Doki fell from the sky, landing with a crunch behind her. This one was at least 4 meters tall, with its entire body wrapped like a mummy. Staring at it, I noticed how its feet were stained in red, and for some reason, I held my breath.Bookmark here

"I wanted to refrain from killing you shits. But it looks like you have some dumbasses that think they're clever." Tayuya spat at the ground as she walked forward. The aura she gave off was different from when she transformed in her room. That was her holding back, and this was the real Tayuya. She killed someone without even breaking a sweat, treating it like swatting a fly.Bookmark here

"He really did improve the curse seal." Danzō nodded as he dismissed Sui to let Tayuya walk past her.Bookmark here

"If you're talking about Anko's shitty excuse for a curse mark, then yeah, it's straight dogshit. But we're not here to talk about that, are we?"Bookmark here

Even with Tayuya standing in her curse mark stage two form and her massive Doki behind her, Danzō didn't flinch. While my legs wouldn't move even though I wanted to. I was afraid of her, but he was right there. Fear and hate overlapped each other as my thoughts piled on.Bookmark here

I wanted Danzō to tell me from his own mouth. What the hell is the Uchiha Coup de tat? Why the hell was his chakra so many different fucking colors? Why does the aura he give off feel familiar yet unknown? I wanted answers, but more than anything, I wanted to kill him.Bookmark here

2Bookmark here

Those thoughts triggered a memory that I wished would have never returned. A memory of my father and sister talking, the argument that strained their relationship.Bookmark here

"They're eyes are gone." Yukino said.Bookmark here

I remembered how water dripped on the floor as she hid her gaze from me. I was supposed to be asleep, but I had a hard time sleeping alone. So my mother and father decided to sleep with me for the night since Yukino took a long time coming home that day.Bookmark here

"That's what happens when bodies decay." My father said as he got ready for work. It was extremely early as there was barely any light in the room.Bookmark here

"We buried them yesterday." Yukino said, reminding me of the funeral we had that morning prior. The last one that sad was Shisui's, which was a year before.Bookmark here

"Yeah, we did." The air around my father changed as he realized what Yukino had done. "So, how do you know their eyes are missing."Bookmark here

"Does that matter? What's important is we're being grave robbed, and you're too soft to do anything." Yukino matched my father's gaze, no longer hiding her anger. "Siding against your own clan. We all know it's Danzō who's behind it all. We should just kill him and get it over with."Bookmark here

"Do you hear yourself right now? First, you disturb the dead, then you accuse your own father of being soft when I just don't want to see any more people—"Bookmark here

"See any more people what? Die? Because if that's what you were going to say, I hate to break it you, but we live in a world where people with eyes like mine exist." There was a scarlet glint of light that came from Yukino's eyes. "I know that's what you're really afraid of. I know you're scared of what makes us an Uchiha."Bookmark here

"Yukino! Put that out!"Bookmark here

With that, I felt the heat rise within the room as sweat beaded down my face. It felt like I had a fever and could barely breathe, feeling the suffocating chills from the black flames she produced. My mother held me close, protecting me from the fire. Telling me "everything would be ok" as she always tried to shield me from the world in her arms. But she could never shield me from my sister's eyes. Those red eyes that spiraled reminding me of scythes.Bookmark here

3Bookmark here

"Danzo!" I screamed out.Bookmark here

Delving into the depths of my soul, I remembered why I hated him. He was the one that ruined my family, ruined my life. He destroyed my reality making me live in a never-ending nightmare long before Itachi killed everyone. And it was. All. His. Fault.Bookmark here

It's his fault. It's his fault. It's his fault. It's his fault. It's his fault. It's his fault. It's his fault. It's his fault. It's his fault. It's his fault.It's his fault. It's his fault. It's his fault. It's his fault. It's his fault. It's his fault. It's his fault. It's his fault. It's his fault. It's his fault.Bookmark here

My mind repeated the same words over and over and over. I didn't know what happened; I still don't know what happened. The world was a deep red like blood, and I could barely see anything, just the faded colors of flickering flames. The closest one was blue... I think. The other prominent one was purple… I think. But the one clear color was black. It reminded me that a single person couldn't have black chakra.Bookmark here

The pounding in my head grew louder, repeating the lines. It's his fault. It's his fault. My legs, no longer afraid, moved as I stepped forward, wading through the crimson world approaching the dark flame. None of the colored fires moved except for the black one.Bookmark here

It went into the air and shot something down at me. It was a wave of some sort with a greenish color; its chakra blew around freely, reminding me of wind style. Yet it was the slowest use of a wind technique I had ever seen.Bookmark here

Walking forward, I tilted my head as the wind slammed into the floor behind me, shaking the ground.Bookmark here

The black flame made a noise I couldn't hear and fired off multiple colors, reminding me of a fireworks show. If only the colors weren't washed down with red, I could have smiled.Bookmark here

Instead, I just walked forward, moving my body ever so slightly, watching as they missed entirely. I never took my eyes off the black flame as it returned to the ground. My thoughts still repeating: It's his fault. It's his fault. It's his fault.Bookmark here

The black flame seemed to create something akin to a wind blade as it ran at me. Though it took so long, way too long, and the pounding in my head kept beating me down, it hadn't stopped, and I had enough of it. I had enough of the screaming. I just wanted peace.Bookmark here

So I ran forward, closing the distance in mere seconds when that thing was taking its sweet time. Up close, I could see that the black flame was actually a rainbow of colors mixed together due to it being attached to—Bookmark here

"Danzō!" I screamed out once again, grabbing hold of its arm of wind with one hand, and with the other, I pierced through the center of the flame. I felt a warm pulse in my hand.Bookmark here

Badum. Badum.Bookmark here

"Kill him!" She said.Bookmark here

"Yuki!" She said.Bookmark here

"Shit." She said.Bookmark here

All the voices screamed out something, and I didn't care; I just wanted to breathe again.Bookmark here

I squeezed and felt it burst.Bookmark here

4Bookmark here

The chilling heat faded as my mind calmed down. My eyes started to focus, my hands stained red, but there wasn't a body.Bookmark here

"So that's where the Shinigami hid them." I was surprised to hear Danzō's voice, and when I looked at him, he was unscathed. But then whose blood is this?Bookmark here

"Sui! Tayuya!" I called out their names, scared of what I had done but was relieved when I saw them. They both stepped out of the tree line on the outskirts of the training ground. Tayuya was still in her transformation, and Sui dashed into me, tackling me into the scorched earth.Bookmark here

Scorched? With that thought came the clarity that the landscape was grey as if it had snowed ashes. No green, no brown, no blue, just a desolate grey. What happened?Bookmark here

"Yuki!" Bringing me back to reality was Sui's crying voice. I had forgotten she was holding onto me. She felt… she felt like nothing.Bookmark here

I wrapped my arms around her ignoring her sudden yelp, terrified of not feeling anything. But by some miracle, she was warm. Sui was alive, and so was I. The rolling sensation of tears falling down my face returned as I held onto her. Clutching at the fabric, pressing against her body, I never wanted to let go.Bookmark here

"It's ok Yuki. I'm right here." Sui held onto my face staring at me. She looked fine until I noticed her bandages were gone.Bookmark here

In her eyes, I saw my own. My red eyes had three spiraling black scythes in them as if I had a Mangekyō Sharingan just like Yukino's. But then they divided and shrunk back into a Two Tomoe Sharingan. Until I relaxed them entirely, and they were back to being my jet black eyes. What was that?Bookmark here

"It looks like I'm not the only monster here." Tayuya said as I noticed she was back to normal. "But a little warning next time, little bro. If me and Sui weren't ready, let's just say you'd have more than Danzō's blood on your hands."Bookmark here

I let out a heavy sigh as I spoke my first sentence. "No one else got hurt but him?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, but somehow that rat lived getting his heart crushed, and I have no clue how."Bookmark here

"I-I crushed his heart?" I stared at my bloodied arm, and my glove was soaked. A slight tremble came from my fingers until Sui grabbed my hand.Bookmark here

"Look at me." Sui stared at me with a stern gaze. "Never lose control like that. Ever again. It's my fault for telling you more than you needed to know. And I'm sorry. But never give in to that hate, ok?"Bookmark here

"Sui, this is a lot to take in right now." I said, still trying to comprehend that Danzō lived even after losing that much blood. I even remembered how he didn't have a single scratch on him, but how was that possible?Bookmark here

"Promise me. Forget Danzō. Don't focus on what happened. Just promise me you'll never lose your cool like that again." Sui's hands tightened around my own, and I was sure she was holding back her tears again.Bookmark here

"I promise." I said, leaning my forehead against hers. We closed our eyes, and our breathing slowed until we relaxed. I pulled my head back with a smile. "I mean, with a name like Yuki. How could I ever lose my cool."Bookmark here

Sui let out a chuckle as she pulled me to my feet.Bookmark here

"Sis, how you find his shitty jokes funny is disturbing."Bookmark here

"You get used to them after a while." Sui said, going over to a mound of ashes. "At least the scrolls didn't burn." She dusted off my scroll with a cough, and slightly to the side were Tayuya's and Sui's scrolls.Bookmark here

"Yeah…" My voice trailed off as I stared at the barren landscape. "I'm assuming the reason this place looks like a warzone is because—"Bookmark here

"Fire came out of your body." Tayuya spoke as if that was normal.Bookmark here

"It didn't come out of him; it burned the chakra around him." Sui said, walking back to us. "And can we not talk about it? I'm sure Yuki needs a rest."Bookmark here

"I feel fine actually." I hopped twice and stretched my arms. "Yup, good as new. However, we're burning these gloves." I took off the tainted wear and thought about turning them into ashes.Bookmark here

"Yeah, add more shit for us to clean up." Tayuya picked up her scroll from the floor and read it. She did the hand signs. Tiger → Ox → Dog →Rabbit → Snake. "Wind Style: Great Breakthrough Jutsu!"Bookmark here

She blew forward, and a blast of compressed air shot out of Tayuya's mouth, blowing away a portion of the ashes in front of her. "Well, that's… Hah… A nice trick." Tayuya, after using the Jutsu once, was already out of breath.Bookmark here

"Tayuya, you'll need to pace yourself, especially after you just used up a lot of your chakra." Sui said, closing her scroll. She did the hand signs Dragon → Tiger → Hare. "Water Style: Water Wave Jutsu!"Bookmark here

Sui blew out a wave of water from her mouth, adjusting its flow as she washed away the ashes.Bookmark here

"I guess I'm filling up the craters?" I said, staring at the holes in the ground. They were like pits that were drilled into the ground. Why do I have the hardest job?Bookmark here

"Yesh yoush are." Sui looked at me as she spoke, dousing me in water.Bookmark here

"Sui…" I wiped the water from my eyes. "You need to work on yours too."Bookmark here

"Sorgy." I assumed she meant sorry as she continued to clear the way.Bookmark here

I walked up to the massive black scroll, there were still some ashes on it, but I couldn't do anything about that. Rolling it open, I noticed Hiruzen-sensei had left me with more than just hand sign instructions but also a sort of guide on what I should do if I got stuck. Though, while I was looking for a relatively easy earth technique, I found a passage that said to be wary of the Curse of Hatred. As I went to read more, I heard a familiar voice.Bookmark here

"Chōji! Get back here!"Bookmark here

"I smelled barbeque."Bookmark here

"Chōji, why would barbeque be at the training ground." I heard a heavy sigh followed by the kid's catchphrase. "What a drag."Bookmark here

That's not good.Bookmark here

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