Chapter 29:

Chapter 10: The Will of Fire and The Curse of Hatred Part I

Naruto: The Tale of Yuki Uchiha Volume 1 and 2

Chapter 10: The Will of Fire and The Curse of Hatred Part I

For once I woke up early, fully rested. And they said I needed a human alarm clock. I stretched as I stood up; it was still night out but judging by the faint light that shined through the window, it would soon be morning.

Tayuya and Sui were still sleeping, and it put a smile on my face. Sui held onto Tayuya as if she were a body pillow, and Tayuya didn't seem to mind as she murmured in her sleep.

"D-did I…. do good…? L-lord Orochi…"

Hearing that made me scratch my head. I had been ignoring it for a while, but it did make me question why Tayuya talked about the legendary Sannin—now missing-nin—Orochimaru. We really haven't had the time to discuss things like that, but now we did. I didn't know much about Orochimaru except for his feats during the Second and Third Great Ninja War and that he was exiled from the Leaf Village years ago.

She said she was an orphan taken in by Danzō but then why is Orochimaru the only one she talks about?

"Why are you staring at us?"

I jumped back, falling over from the suddenness of hearing Sui's voice. "I uh… thought you two were cute sleeping together."

"Perv." Sui sat up with a yawn; her white negligee slightly slid down her arm, giving me conflicted emotions. On one hand, I wanted to pull it up as a respectable boyfriend but on the other hand—

"And you're still staring…"

I went with option three and turned away from her flustered. "I-I wasn't staring! I—"

Sui's soft-touch shut me up as she wrapped her arms around my chest, sitting her head against my shoulder. Her black hair shimmered against the waning moonlight. Between the strands of hair, her mismatched colored eyes stared at me in a way that made the pace of my heart quicken.

"Doe-ki. Doe-ki. Doe-ki." Sui whispered the sound of my heartbeat in my ear. "You know, I've always wanted to wake up like this."

"You have…"

"Mmhm, It's nice waking up from a dream to another one—"

"Instead of a nightmare." I placed my hands over hers, staring at her pursed lips.

"Reality is a better word." She leaned forward.

"But this is real." I closed my eyes.

"Hey! Don't you fucking dare kiss while sitting on top of me!"

My eyes shot open as I felt Sui's body rock to the side, and our heads collided, ruining the moment. All because Tayuya was in between us, Sui had to cross over her to get to me. Tayuya, you cockblock!

"Ow… my head." Sui said, laying on the ground.

"Serves you right, Sis." Tayuya stood over Sui. "I'm in the middle for a reason."

"Yuki… Your plans suck."

"They don't suck." I rubbed my head. "They just work extremely well."

"And you!" Oh god. "Didn't I say that I'm not letting Sis date a wuss?"

"I thought we agreed—"

"I allowed hand holding you fucking pervert not kissing." Tayuya shook her head with a sigh. "What am I going to do with this pitiful brother of mine."

"…" I didn't know what to say to that. I just had a realization of how hard life was going to be with Tayuya, the oppressive big sister. "Today's going to be a long day."


After that, we got ready for the day, and as Hiruzen-sensei said, we all ate breakfast together. They forced me to make them Ichiju Sansai or One soup and three dishes. Basically, I made rice, miso soup, some fish, and eggs. Though that time, no one questioned my ability to cook, so it wasn't too bad. Konohamaru even gave me a compliment of it being the best breakfast ever. The kid's not so bad. Even though I hated how clingy he was with Sui.

"My grandson is right. It reminds me of Biwako's cooking." Hiruzen-sensei said, finishing his cup of green tea.

"That's the second time I've heard you say that name, but I've never heard of her." I said, cleaning up the table while Tayuya and Sui washed the dishes. Konohamaru had already left for school, all energy-filled, so it was just us four.

"You probably wouldn't have." Hiruzen-sensei let out a deep sigh. "My wife died during the Nine-Tails Rampage; you were too young to remember."

"Ah." Was all I could say since I didn't know how to respond to that. I only heard the stories about the Nine-Tails attack being this giant demon fox larger than the village itself. How it killed the Fourth Hokage and many others. The rampage only stopped because it was sealed within a boy my age… Naruto.

There was a tap against my head as Hiruzen-sensei went to smoking his pipe. "I didn't tell you that to get you down. I told you because you remind me of why she gave her life in the first place. So that the next generation of ninja can live in peace." He blew a ring of smoke in the air and smiled. "And enjoy things like a homecooked meal."

I stared at him, taking in his words before digging through my pockets. "You know Hiruzen-sensei, you're inspirational."

"Ahahaha, I wouldn't go that far—"

"But." I shot my hand out, and the wires sprang forth, wrapping around the pipe in his hand. "Quit the smoking!" Flicking my fingers back, I successfully captured it.

"…" Hiruzen-sensei just stared at his empty hand. "You're playing with fire, boy."

"Sui, Tayuya, what do you guys think of Hiruzen-sensei's smoking habit?" I called to the girls for support, knowing they had my back.

"The Third Hokage should set a better example for his students." Sui said, drying off her hands while Tayuya shrugged her shoulders.

"We'll all die eventually, so if the old man chooses to die like that, so be it."

"See Tayuya understands… Ahahaha, ok, I'll try to stop." Hiruzen-sensei finally got the picture when Sui and I had our respective Byakugan and Sharingan active. "However, I make no promises. I'm old you know."

I tossed the pipe to Sui, who crushed it with her hands.


Hiruzen-sensei's blank face lasted the entire way to the Konoha Cemetery. Why we went to the cemetery? I had no clue, but Hiruzen-sensei recovered once we were in front of a sculpture of a red flame. On the plaque were the words written: Hokage.

"Why are we here?" I hated the cemetery; it brought back memories I didn't want. I spent a lot of time there before and after my family died. I kicked at the ground, frustrated that I knew the names on most of the tombstones there.

"Chin up, little bro." Tayuya said with a soft punch against my shoulder.

"You know Sui's a tomboy, and even she isn't this unladylike."

Tayuya shrugged her shoulders. "Crybaby."

"Just saying Yuki. I wouldn't consider myself a tomboy." Sui said, glaring at me.

"Ahahaha. Settle down Team 9. Let me give you a lesson." Hiruzen-sensei pointed at the fire sculpture. "Can anyone tell me what this represents?"

"Hokage?" Tayuya answered first, reading the plaque.

"That's what it says but not what it represents."

"The chakra that burns within us?" Sui said, giving a better answer.

"Close but incorrect. Yuki tell them."

"If you knew I knew, then why even ask?" I said, walking towards the sculpture.

The red on the sculpture was darkened, covered in dirt and grime. I ran my fingers along the cubed base that the fire sculpture stood on top of. Half dusted too.

I sighed as I stared up at the tall flame. The memories I thought I had locked away returned, washing over me like a breath of fire. The world slowed down, and yet I was warm.

"Tayuya. I'm disappointed you don't know. Dad talked about it a lot."

I heard Tayuya click her tongue while my back was turned. "As if I listened to the things Ryu went on and on about."

I laughed, wiping the tears from my eyes that most definitely came from my laughter. "Yeah, he was long-winded, probably because he spent his days surrounded by the dead. What a stupid man."

"Yuki!" Hiruzen-sensei's voice was stern. "Do not insult the dead, especially your father. There are few Uchiha like him who would humble himself for the good of the village."

"I know. God damnit. I know." I closed my eyes and did the hand signs drilled into me from birth. "And it's all because—" I shot my head back and aimed for the sculpture, feeling the fire within me that burned my soul.

Fire Style: Great Fire Ball Jutsu!

A large flame emerged from my mouth, engulfing the statue in an orange blaze. I heard a gasp come from Sui, but Hiruzen-sensei didn't move, only giving me a slight nod. He believes in me even though I haven't done this in years.

My lungs started to burn; the fire was too hot. Yet knowing the Hokage trusted me, for some reason, it allowed me to trust myself. I can do this. Because I'm—I opened my eyes, embracing the warmth of my Sharingan—An Uchiha!

The orange flames reeled back in, calming down and molding itself until it became a purple spark that laid in the palm of my hand. It didn't burn or catch my clothes on fire; the chakra just sat there resembling that of the sculpture.

Staring at the statue, I smiled. My fire didn't melt the sculpture, but rather, it washed away the years of neglect reborn anew from the ashes. I turned around, holding out the fire, and spoke.

"This is the Will of Fire."

Hearing the words come out of my mouth reminded me of my fathers when he first showed me what fire could do. Ironically enough, I loved being in the cemetery not because of the dead but because of the love people had for each other long after they were gone. It was… sweet.

"As ninja of the Leaf Village. As people of the Leaf Village, we're all one large interconnected family that loves, cherishes, believes, and protects one another. It is why we push ourselves to help those in need and risk our lives. Not for money or power but for our family."

As I spoke, memories like vignettes of the Uchiha permeated throughout my mind and the names of people I had never met. Yet died so that I could live.

The founders: Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha. The second Hokage: Tobirama Senju, and the fourth Hokage: Minato Namikaze. The unsung heroes whose tombstones rested in this graveyard long before I was born: Kushina Uzumaki, Obito Uchiha, Rin Nohara, Biwako Sarutobi, and many others.

"The ones who are no longer here, the ones who still live today, and the people who have yet to be born. We all carry the Will of Fire within us."

I breathed in, remembering the last step. Doing as my father had done before me. I walked up to the Third Hokage, who held out his hand. A part of my purple fire jumped into his hand, and it bloomed to life as an orange flame. Figures that's his chakra color. I walked over to Sui, who stared at me with a wide eye.

"I didn't know you could do this." She held out her hands, and the fire burned blue within her palms.

"I'll be honest, I thought I had forgotten." I said, walking over to Tayuya. I guess I can't let go of my feelings that easily.

"I'm ok." Tayuya clenched her fists.

"What? Don't trust your little brother?" I said, teasing her.

"I'm not like you guys. I don't believe in this bullshit." Tayuya backed away from me. "Hell, I'm sure it'll burn me anyway."

"Tayuya, it won't burn anyone who's a part of the village." I walked forward, and her eyes widened.

"Stay away!" Tayuya slapped at my hand, missing entirely.

I still had my Sharingan so she would never hit me. I knew why Tayuya was scared, but it was also why I had to show her. With the purple flame in my hand, I held onto hers. Our hands intertwined as she stared at me in horror.

"Let go!" She struggled to get out of my grip, her fingers fidgeting.

If it was hurting her, I would have let go, but I just laughed since it wasn't. "Tayuya look."

"What! Fucking—How?"

Typically, when your chakra intermingles with someone else's, it produces a new color, but in this case, the flame that was our chakras just burned brighter. Which meant:

"Our chakra colors are the same." I said with a smile watching the violet color glow.

"B-but I thought—"

"You don't have to believe in it to have it. You just have to care about someone enough to be willing to lay down your life for them." Hiruzen-sensei said, clapping his hands as his fire put out.

"Wow Tayuya, you must be pretty angsty." Sui said, laughing.

"Wh-what does that even mean?"

"Sui has this strange idea that anyone with purple chakra is all dark and brooding." I said, letting go of her hand, ignoring the pain that came from her tight grip. "Tayuya, you're a terrible hand holder." My hand was covered in scratches as if I'd been attacked by a cat.

"Shut the fuck up! It's your fault for forcing me!"

"Well, I'm glad to see we still have someone who can do funeral rites." Hiruzen-sensei ran his hand through my hair.

"I refuse." I said bluntly.

"How come?"

"The only reason you need someone to do something like this is when the Hokage dies." I glared at him with my red eyes. "I'll never let you die, old man."

"Ahahaha. I should have died ages ago. Do you even know how old I am? I could die from a stroke at any moment."

"That's not funny…" I sighed and relaxed my eyes, thinking for a moment. "Once you've taught me everything you know, then you can die. How about that?"

"…" Hiruzen-sensei just stared at me. "Do-do you know how long that would take?"

"Long enough for Konohamaru to become an adult and have kids." I said, nodding my head.

"You youngsters will put me in an early grave with these expectations."

"No point in arguing with him Hiruzen-sensei." Sui said, shaking her head. "Once Yuki says he'll do something—"

"He does it." Tayuya said, finishing her sentence.

"What the hell… Did you just steal my thing!" I stuck my hands into my pockets, glaring at Tayuya.

"What thing?"

"I finish Sui's sentences, not you."

"Jealous much?"

"Hell yeah, I am."

"Ok, ok, settle down you two." Hiruzen-sensei said, stopping the argument. "Yuki. I like your resolve. As such, I'll do what I can. But now that my students understand what it means to be a ninja. We can move on to lesson two. Which is nature control."


Returning back to Training Ground Three, we sat in front of Hiruzen-sensei, who had these pieces of paper in his hand about the size of a napkin.

"First, we're going to find out your chakra affinities." Hiruzen-sensei noticed our glares. "Yes, yes, I know this may be basic stuff for you, but it is the fundamentals that will make you greater ninja."

"But we already know I have all of them—"

"Do you want me to teach?"

I sighed, shutting up as he handed me the slip of paper. It was called Chakra Induction Paper, and it was something most parents gave their children at an early age. I found out mine when I was three, I think maybe earlier. It was something that only people without parents—I looked over at Tayuya as she stared at the paper, confused. My sensei really is far above me.

"Now emit your chakra onto the paper, and we can all see what your chakra affinity is." Hiruzen-sensei said staring at Tayuya.

All eyes were on her since she was the one who hadn't used any kind of elemental-based Jutsu. Yin style or things like Tayuya's Genjutsu, illusions, or Jutsu's that used the spiritual energy of chakra was outside of the five basic natures; thus was not her actual affinity. There's also Yang style which used the physical energy of chakra, but that wasn't important as that too could not be an affinity.

"Why are all you shits staring at me!" Tayuya shot us all glares as we turned away, trying not to make her nervous. Though, once she went back to focusing on the paper, we returned to staring at her. Tayuya took a deep breath and muttered. "Here goes nothing."

Her violet chakra swirled around her, and a part of it gathered to her hand. The paper was sliced in half, a clean-cut down the middle, which caused us to clap. "Why the fuck are you clapping? What the hell does the paper getting cut even mean?"

We stopped our claps, Sui and I stared at Hiruzen-sensei. I mean, he was the teacher. He should explain it.

"Oh, you want me to explain…" Hiruzen-sensei cleared his throat, muttering about how it's been years since he last did this and other excuses. "If memory serves me right."

He held onto his parchment, and his chakra didn't flow around him, but the slip of paper turned into dirt crumbling away. That signified that he had an earth affinity, which meant he had an easier time using earth-style Jutsus than the others. Hiruzen-sensei is one of the people I heard that mastered all of the elements. A god of shinobi.

"Ok. Sui, you do yours." Hiruzen-sensei said, stroking his goatee. Sui, Tayuya, and I stared at him, probably thinking the same thing. He doesn't remember what the paper being sliced means.

"Sensei, I could just explain—"

"Quiet down Yuki, I'm teaching."

I opened my mouth to say something, but I decided that I should let my teacher teach. Even though it was a waste of time since we all knew Sui had—The paper became soaked as if it was dunked in the river in front of us. All of our eyes widened.




Sui looked at us as if what just happened was expected. "What? My chakra affinity has always been water."

"I thought it was lightning?" I said, being the most confused one there. I mean, she could use Lightning Cloak, and she has excellent control over it. I barely even saw her use water style.

"No, I was just forced to learn lightning style. My name is Sui; it literally means water." Sui crossed her arms, pouting. "You'd think my own boyfriend would know my chakra affinity."

"…" I didn't know what to say to that. "Am I at fault for not knowing that?"

Tayuya and Hiruzen-sensei turned away from me, feigning ignorance. They had to be because who would have guessed that. Like sure, I knew her name meant water, and she had a blue streak in her hair… Holy fuck, I'm dumb.

"I knew she had a water affinity. With the way she fought, her movement reminded me of a Naiad." Enma, the monkey king, appeared beside Hiruzen-sensei, nodding his head. "Though, it is sad that it was neglected."

"Naiad?" Sui asked.

"Are you sure you live in the same world as us?" I was also confused about what he meant.

"Do you guys not know what a Naiad is?" Tayuya said to our surprise.

"No? Never heard of it until now." I said with mummers of agreement coming from Sui and Hiruzen-sensei.

A smile spread across Tayuya's face as she stood up. "Well, let your big sister teach my poor unfortunate siblings."

"Did I miss something?" Enma was obviously confused by Tayuya's change of character. "When did they become siblings?"

"Shut up! You overgrown shit flinger and let me teach!"

"…" Enma actually sat down, probably out of shock, muttering to himself. "I'm… Sniff a monkey king… Sniff." Hiruzen-sensei petted his shoulder, trying to comfort his summon.

"Now, no more distractions." Tayuya pulled out her flute and began to play a soft melody that was soothing to my ears. I didn't know she actually knew how to play it but once she set the mood, Tayuya began to lecture. "I'm sure you know that summons like Enma over there exist and that he comes from the Sage regions."

We all nodded because Sage regions were just places where animals, typically talking animals, existed. Ninjas and these animals form contracts with one another, which allowed both parties to help each other. Those who mastered the animal's teachings were called Sages. Thus Sage region… still never heard of a Naiad.

"Well, I'm sure you were only taught about the major ones like Mount Myoboku and Shikkotsu forest since those are easy to find."

And don't forget they're extremely dangerous places that are barely explored for a reason. Which is the only reason we know of their existence. I wanted to remind her that, but knowing Tayuya, she'd take it as a challenge and do something stupid like go there.

"There are more regions than those littered all across the world. How else do you think I got my Doki? They aren't from a region you can find here."

"Wait, you have a contract with those faceless demons?" Enma stood up, which caused me and Sui to also stand up. The world slowed down as I grabbed my kunai. Sui also got into her gentle fist stance. Enma's killing intent was too wild for us to ignore.

"Enma! Cease this at once!" The Third Hokage's voice brought us all back to our senses as Enma's fur flattened.

"Sorry Hiruzen." Enma sat down muttering. "At least that explains how she knows about Naiads. A human going to the Pure lands and a child no less."

"Actually, I've only been to Purgatory, any further, and I wouldn't remember anything when I came back." Tayuya spoke as if that made what she said any less crazy.

"Pure Land? Purgatory? What the hell does that have to do with Naiads?" I hated not knowing things, and now I felt like I was being thrown in for a loop. Weren't we supposed to be finding out our chakra nature affinities?

"Naiads are water spirits, my dumb little brother." Tayuya said, patting my head. "Typically jealous creatures."

"Ok, and couldn't you have just said that?" I said, ignoring the fact she was treating me like a child.

"I could have but showing off that I knew more shit than you. I couldn't pass that up."


"Was I just compared to a jealous water spirit…" Sui looked as if she still wanted to fight Enma. "I'm not jealous, am I Yuki?"

"…" Why was I being dragged into that. On one hand, lying to Sui would be bad, but on the other hand… Sui's Byakugan was active. "Hey, does anyone want to see my chakra affinity?"

I held the piece of paper in my hand, and my purple chakra sprang forth from my body. When it reached the paper, instead of it crumpling up into a ball to show I had a lightning affinity or bursting in flames to show I had a fire affinity like many other Uchiha. The paper just vanished. As if it had never existed, which caught everyone's attention.




"Um… wait. What can I say?"

I ignored Enma's attempt to join in on the three-word game we had going on, showing off the palm of my hand. There was truly nothing left of the paper's existence; not even a speck of it remained.

"It's really gone." Sui said amazed, and with that, I had successfully avoided being sent to hell.

"Yup, apparently this is what happens when the paper can't decide what to show." I continued to move my hand around in case they thought I had done some kind of magic trick.

"Wait I remember now." Hiruzen-sensei stroked his goatee as he stared at me intensely. "You were the cause of the deforestation incident ten years ago!"

"Ha-ha, my bad." I scratched my head, vaguely remembering sitting in an empty patch of forestry when I was younger.

"Do you have any idea how long it took to get those trees regrown?" Hiruzen-sensei's eyes twitched. "We're still in debt with the Fire Daimyo over that…"

I thought for a moment, and I just couldn't pass up on a chance to tell a joke. "I guess you could say I made them, disappear."

The Third Hokage lunged at me only to be interrupted by Tayuya, who stopped him in tracks.

"So, what's my chakra affinity? We never really answered that question."

Recovering his sanity, Hiruzen-sensei cleared his throat. "Yuki as punishment, you tell her."

I gave Tayuya a thumbs up for the save. "You have a wind affinity because the paper was sliced by a blade of wind. Which makes sense considering you use sound-based Genjutsu." I stared at her flute with my Sharingan eyes, confirming it was chakra-infused. "You should be able to channel it through your flute. Once you learn the hand signs."

"Are you telling me I'd have to play and do hand signs?"

I looked at Hiruzen-sensei since, for once, I didn't have an answer for that.

"Yes, unless you learn how to simplify it." Hiruzen-sensei said actually teaching us something. "But with your current chakra control, you should be able to do both. Especially after you three begin your daily routine for the next month."

"The next month?" We all said, staring at him.

"What? Don't worry, it's easy. After assessing you three's performance and seeing your affinities. I've already devised a personal training regimen for each of you. Enma the scrolls."

I just realized that Enma had a large scroll on his back, and he unrolled it on the ground. Hiruzen-sensei did some hand seals and placed his hand on the scroll. "Release!"

Three scrolls appeared, one blue, one purple, and one black. Enma handed the blue one to Sui, which she could hold with one hand. Hiruzen-sensei handed the purple one to Tayuya, who needed two hands to fully carry it. While the black one, which I assumed was mine, they didn't pick up. Looking at its size, I'd have to carry it on my back, sadly.

"Why is Sis's smaller than ours?" Tayuya asked. Which was a good question. I knew why mine was the largest; I had the most options, but Sui, considering she was already good at lightning style without it being her affinity. She could probably learn as much as me. Why was hers smaller than Tayuya's?

"Simple. Sui needs less instructions than the rest of you. Honestly speaking, out of the three of you, she is the only one who doesn't need teaching." Hiruzen-sensei eyed Sui then me and nodded. "But since Danzō requested she be on the team. I accepted it."

The Third Hokage placed his hand on Sui's shoulder where he muttered something I couldn't hear. Which was strange as I was usually an amazing eavesdropper. Yet after not hearing what was said, Sui just nodded as she spoke.

"Don't worry, I'm fine."

"Good." Hiruzen-sensei glanced at the morning sky and clapped his hands. "It looks like I have to go back to focusing on those papers. I'll see you three at five for you to continue your office duties. Also, don't forget to complete those missions you have today."

With that, Hiruzen-sensei disappeared into a puff of smoke along with Enma leaving us with the teaching scrolls to deal with.

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