Chapter 1:

Chapter 1 The Morning

The relationship advice club

The relationship advice club

Relationship ah strange word, right? Some are in or were in one and some will never be in one, it can hurt you but also make you happy. You can make good memories with it but can also create bad ones, and yet it’s everyone’s dream to be in one. To go on dates, spend some time together and have fun. Of course, that is also my dream to finally be in one, the dream every boy has to have a cute girlfriend and maybe even be able to marry her and create a family together. Well, I always dreamed of it ,, dreamed ,, because lately the girl that I had a crush on confessed to me, I can remember everything she said like it was yesterday. Class was finally over and as I wanted to stand up, she was there standing beside me and said my name. Fuun could you please come with me for a second, hearing her say that some would say I felt nervous or scared or exited but no. I just stood up and followed her we both went on the rough of the school before she stopped. Yo-you see I-I don’t know why but every time I you see my heart starts to beat faster and every time I’m able to talk to you I get exited did she say. Fuun this is something I wanted to tell you since I had these Fellings. I-i love you, I love you fuun said the girl with eyes that had the word scared written on them.

,, you see I-i also have these Fellings for you, whenever I saw or talked to you my heart started to beat faster. Every time I saw you, I felt this strange Felling before I finally knew what it was. It was love, I also love you Yuna. ‘’

We both looked at each other, and I could see tears rolling down out of her eyes, I went to her and wiped them away with my hand before she closed her eyes, and I could hear my heart beating faster and faster and faster. What is happening did I say before my hands started to sweet, I planned this day since I first saw her for the first time, went through every possible scenario 25,000 thousand times and yet I still don’t know what do to. Kiss her go on, these were the only words that went through my mind as I closed my eyes and got closer. I could feel her breath and as I got closer also hear her heartbeat going faster and faster.

,, I love you yuna. ‘’

I love you too Fuun said Yuna as she moved her head forward before our lips touched each other, it was a weird taste it tasted soft, cold and hard he same time. It also tasted fluffy and- wait fluffy?









Ha, a dream like usual, I can’t describe how much I love to get ripped away from my beautiful dream world where me and my beloved Yuna already had plans for our wedding and wanted 3 children. I loved to wake up early in the morning, I mean who doesn't? it’s the best thing in the world right? I opened my eyes and saw how my Yuna changed into a white pillow, that I was holding tightly still kissing it. Well at least your no leaving me or try to hurt me right pillow did I say as I was staring at him before letting out a loud yawn. Well, its 6 pm time for my daily misery to begin, I got up and sat on my bed before I put on some socks that I got from my small cabinet next to my bed. I put them on, got up and stretched myself and went to my closet, got my school uniform and put it on. I turned around, made my bed, left my room and headed to the bathroom where I brushed my teeth before leaving it heading to the staircase.

,, heyy nii your awake? ‘’

Ahhh and there goes my precious morning peace that I loved, just being able to wake up fully without having someone to yell GOOD MORING in your face with their overly friendly voice is just the best. How can there even be people who enjoy Mornings? I mean what’s so good about them anyways. Being Forst to wake up at 6 pm like me go to school do the exact same thing you did the day before then come home play some games, sleep and repeat that again tomorrow. And when you think that you survived school and thing that from now own your life will change the hard realty of being an adult will hit you in the face like a train, so I was happy that I was still able to go to school before being thrown out into the wildness of having to earn your own money and to work your ass of for it. I think you were already able to see what type of person I was some would call me a pessimist, but I call myself a realist.

,, heyy nii hurry up breakfast is ready. ‘’

Yes, yes, I am coming did I say before I saw my worst enemy right after waking up, my cute and famous little sister Hanako but I just called her hana she is 15 years old and goes to the same school as I, the Ishiyama Highs Hool. She isn’t really smart but was at least friendly and cheerful to everyone, she was pretty much my light and whenever I had a bad day, she always cheered me up.

,, Good morning nii looking tired today like usual I see, mhhhh today I would give you a 6 out of 10 haha. ‘’


You see I'm not good at waking up early I simply need my sleep, this already started when I was going to kindergarten. Because of this my mom would often give me ratings on how tired I looked based on my look, just to moke me a little and well Hana saw mom as hear idol so I fully blame her on how Hana treats me.

,, and you look as happy as always even this early, Hana I really envy you for being able to do that you now that right? ‘’

Hahaha yes I know, now come one I don’t want to be late to school again because of you hurry up mom has already prepared dinner for us said Hana before she rushed down to the kitchen to greet mom. I slowly followed her and saw a table full of my favorite dishes. Rice, miso supp, fish and toast.

Moring fuun greeted me mom

Moring mom did I say while I was walking to the chair, sat down and eat breakfast with Hana, before mom turned around.

And how did you rate him today did she ask Hana with a smile

A 6 out of 10 better than last time haha

I see hahah

I didn’t paid attention to neither of them and just eat my food while watching TV and saw the weather for today, a sunny yet cold and windy the day with temperatures up to 15 degrees.

hey nii did you already hear about what happened in school? did Hana suddenly ask me

,, mhh no, what do you mean? ‘’ did I ask her

Oda senpai and his girlfriend broke up just recently said Hana

,, why what happened? ‘’

Well, I don’t know the actual reason as to why, but I heard that they thought that it didn’t Worked between them anymore, so they broke up said Hana before she began to eat

Not working anymore one of the probably most used reasons for a breakup, it’s of course easier to just say it doesn't Worke anymore instead of telling the truth why it doesn't work anymore. Many relationships these day’s miss something that causes so many brake up ‘s and that is the fact that couples simply don’t communicate more and don’t talk about their problems. For what do they think we humans have the ability to talk and to express our felling's, instead they decide to do nothing and just let their relationships crumble.

Like, make uses of this ability that we humans have and talk about problems, if you don’t like something about your partner or anything else regarding him talk to him about that. Or if you maybe fight together over something and now avoid each other, instead of acting like stubborn kids and thing that your right sit together and talk about the reason for the fight and look for a solution. Because if you don’t, you will end up like Oda breaking up because things didn’t work anymore. And while it's true that sometimes it really doesn't work anymore and would be the best to walk different paths, often couples could have saved their relationship by simply communicating more with each other.

Come on you two hurry up or else you gona be late again said mom who was pointing at the clock, so we hurried up and finished our food before we got our backpacks and left the house. We waved back to mom who was standing outside waving at us and left to head to school. Because our school was near our house, we were able to walk instead of having to rely on public traffic which could come late or you could miss it, so being able to walk to school was really useful. By the way I am Fuun 17 years old and go to the Ishiyama Highschool just like Hana and we both live in a small town. There was nothing special here beside 1 thing. Couples who lived in our town were lucky because we have beautiful mountains form where you could watch at night the shining sky full of stars. It was the perfect spot for couples, and it was also quite depressing that i knew that although I was not in one myself. While I was talking to myself, I heard hanas phone

Ring Ring, Ring Ring

,, mhhh who’s that? ‘’ did I ask Hana who was one her phone talking to someone

Ok I will tell it to him yes ok bye, hey nii that was mom she told me that she will come home late again so you’re in charge with dinner. But you should go and buy some groceries after school because I don’t think we have anything left home said Hana.

,, oh, ok-wait you mean we should go and buy groceries after school, right? ‘’ did I ask her

…. Hana

…. Fuun

Ähm well hahaha you see, ähm my friends asked me yesterday if I would like to go shopping with them today after school and I said yes soooo.


I’m really sorry nii

...this brat

,, Thats fine don’t worry I think I will make myself curry tonight and enjoy it. ‘’ did I say

OHH CURRY, I LOVE CURRY THANKS NII YOUR REALLY THE- wait you mean you will make us curry right? Said Hana before she stopped


And I only had a smile on my face which said how about no?



As hana was still begging I saw out of the corner of my right eye a boy walking with 2 girls all of them wearing our school uniform. Now some would ask what’s so special about that it was just 3 friends walking to school together, well this is that you could say if it weren’t for the more than obvious signs. Them looking so attached to him, constantly smiling at him and both holding his hands only scream one thing, something I hated more than anything in this world, something that should have never been created in first place and that is a harem. A mystical word that every boy would dream to have, being surrounded by girls all heaving felling's for you and who all love you. Every boy's dream, right? Well, it kinda was every boy's dream accept mine, I hated harems and just the thought of having one would not let me sleep.

I think the reason why so many people want one is, that they think this is a fantasy world were having multiple girlfriends and women Is totally ok. But what the hard realty of having a harem is that it is a nightmare, let's say 5 girls have all a crush on you what do you think will happen mhh? Do you think they would let them self get fucked by you and all act like your girlfriends or do you think they would all try to get you for themself no matter what It takes. You would always and up in those cliché moments that you could of course explain with a logical reason, but you wanna now that will happen? Instead of listing to your explanation they would start to beat the shit out of you. You would also just act like their playball and be the person they could always let out their emotions on and that is not even the worst thing that will happen. You could also create a yandere that could even go as far as killing so she can have you all for herself or kill you so that if she can’t have you no one can.

And if all those scenarios would not happen you still have to choose one in the end and break the hearts of the rest. While this may sound easy with people you don’t know it changes when they become people that you were friends with for a long time. Would you really be able to break your childhood friends' heart by choosing the other girl although you knew about her felling's? While some would say yes and could do it I couldn’t, which is why I absolutely hated them more than anything else in this world.

Hey nii could you please stop staring at them you look like a weirdo said Hana who looked disgusted

… you know I was about to say that I will also make you curry but I’m not so sure about that anymore

I’M SORRY NII PLEASE I WILL NEVER SAY THAT AGAIN did she shout again but this time people started to look at us like we were some kind of circus attraction.


Thanks, now come hurry up were really going to be late again did she say before switching back to being the cute little sister

This girl... did I say following her while thinking about Oda which reminded me about a question, I was asking myself since then

Is the Pain you will fell after a breakup rly worth wanting a Relationship?

The good memories that you made together has now changed into Poison

that always Reminds you about the Times you were together.

So, is it rly worth wanting one? Knowing that you might have to deal with that pain?

I was never in a relationship myself and never had or experience a breakup, so I didn’t know how It felt and had no real answer to this question. But the reality is that most relationships don’t last forever, some hold a few years but there are also some that only last a few months or even weeks before breaking up.

And while Hana and i kept talked to each other we finally arrived at our school the Ishiyama high school. It was your normal 250 students high school nothing special about it beside one thing, the clubs. For some reason clubs were a big thing here in this school, pretty much everyone was in one well everyone beside me, why should I waste my time in a club when I could go home and play video game or watch anime? The clubs here even all had their own buget which they could spend on stuff they wanted to get for their club. You could also increase the amount you got by applying for 2 rules the first one was that you needed people in your club that means the more people you had in your club the better it was. The second rule meant that your club had to be a serious club that wanted to achieve something, it pretty much needed to be a serious one. The second rule was mainly created because it was thought that some students could abuse this system by simply coming together and creating one while doing nothing in it. There was also a 3rd rule but this one was different it was necessary to even be able to create one. If you wanted to create a club, your idea first needed to get approved by a teacher and by the club president.

The club president to prevent corruption between teacher and student and speaking of him he should arrive soon in his limousine. You may be asked yourself ok but what if the club president was also corrupt? Well, this question is justified if it wasn't for him being the club president, the star of the school and being the crush of every girl. Raito 17 years he was everything I wasn't funny, smart, Handsome, famous, rich, good looking and every time I reminded myself about that fact, I immediately felt like a worthless no one. And soon after he arrived the other 3 idols also arrived all being famous and having their own harem.

The first one was Yato 17 years old he was your typical sport addict, when it came down to sport there was no one in our school that came even close to him and just like Ratio he also reminded me what a worthless piece of shit I was, and the same thing could be said about the other two. Sudo 16 years he was your typical shy, short boy with a cute face who couldn’t even kill a fly but that’s what why the girls loved him so much.

Now remember what I said about people that would be able to brake without hesitation someone's heart even if it was your friend? Well, her he is Natsu the biggest narcist I have ever seen, for him other people were nothing more than peasants and that's also how he treaded them, out of the 4 I hated him the most.

And right after the famous boys arrived of course there were also the 4 famous girls, the difference in them was that they saw themselves as sisters and acted more like sisters instead of friends. Apparently, they all knew each other since they were kids, because of their parents being friends they often played and visited each other so it was no surprise they acted more like sisters.

Hinata was with 16 years the youngest one out of the 4 and was also the worst one when it came to love, and anything related to it. I remember how once a boy confessed his feelings to her. After he confessed, she simply bowed down thanked him and just left... it is said that the boy is still standing there and waiting for an answer to this day.

The second one his Harune 17 years she was considered by the other 4 as their big sister and she was also the one I have a crush on she was everything I liked about a girl. She is friendly, cheerful, helpful, she is pretty much the exact opposite of Sakura. I if I had to describe her, I would say ,, hey my daddy is rich I can do whatever I want just because I look good ,, while the part of her being rich and good looking was true her personality was the worst.

While Harune and Hinata at least said no to confessions she made fun of boys who dared to confess to her. The last one who confessed to her was seen just running away crying and just because she looked good, no one cared about the fact that she was a bitch.

And the last one was sora 17 years old and she was how some would describe her a bock worm. I swear I have never seen her not reading something, even when she got confessed to, she only had her eyes in here book and just ignored the guy before walking away.

,, I don’t get it. ‘’ did I say

Mhhm what's wrong nii asked Hana

,, what's so special about them? I mean do I not look good? did I ask Hana. ‘’


well, you’re funny I quess said hana looking the other way

,, ouch do you really had to say it like that?’’

I'm sorry nii... did she say before we both entered the school...