Chapter 19:


BTCOA but it's clean and full of wholesome cuddling

A/N: Just a few disclaimers. Up until now, Alex and Noah were interchangeable, and Lexa had been chilling in the ether. If you notice, It says [Alex] even though I never changed perspectives. This marks when Alex becomes her own entity and Lexa returns.

More on this in a bit.


When she says Lexa, I feel a tug on my consciousness. My thoughts become less jumbled, and for a second, I can't remember anything, not even my own name or age.

[Alex] Suddenly it all comes back. She turns to look at me. "Alexyou okay?

I blink. Something feels different, but I can’t put my finger on it. “Yeah, I'm okay…why?”

“You looked kind of distant and puzzled for a second, like you were trying to remember something…

“I forgot everything for a few seconds…I didn't know who you were, where I am, or my age…but I'm okay now, promise!”

She looks at me worriedly. “Okay…

She snuggles me. (◠ω◠) She smells amazing!

I take a deeper sniff. We start rolling off the couch. Oh shit...

As we try to correct it, we get tangled up. She lands on her ass and tweaks the base of her tail. Then I land on top of her. She yelps. As I extricate myself, she looks at me with eyes full of tears and kicks me in the stomach, a lot harder than I thought was possible. I bend into a c and fly backward, arms in front of me, sliding on my ass into the kitchen until I slam into the inch-high threshold of the kitchen and go airborne, going headfirst through the door of a cabinet, smashing it and several glass casserole pans and getting buried up to my knees in the cabinet, glass flying out and slashing my clothes and exposed skin. My back slams into the back of the cabinet and I feel a sharp pain shoot through my back to my heart. Damn…how deep is this cabinet?!

Vanilla was carrying her plate to the sink and I almost hit her on the way past. She screams and covers her mouth. Her plate falls, glances off my knee and smashes on the floor, adding to the trail of glass. I use my hands to pull myself out of the cabinet, cutting myself even more, then pull myself up with the counter, bleeding heavily. As I climb out, I feel something pull out of my heart and back. She screams. I groan. “Uhnnn…how bad is it?”

I wince. Several shallow cuts on my face make talking painful. Blood slowly forms droplets that turn into slowly lengthening streams of blood.

Not that bad… She squeaks.

“Don’t spare me please…I legitimately need to know.”

She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, then opens them and looks at me. “You look like you were tied to a snowmobile, dragged through a field of broken glass, and then got a bottle and a door broken over your head. How’s it on the inside?

“Like she bruised my diaphragm and stomach. If I’d been against a wall, she might’ve ruptured them.”

I take a deep breath and don’t manage to fill my lungs more than halfway before breathing out, tears streaming down my face. “I think she broke a few ribs…everything hurts…”

The world turns yellow and starts spinning. I see black at the edges of my vision. She pales and carefully guides me over to the chair she was sitting in, putting me on her lap. She pulls out a few pieces of glass and the bleeding worsens. I look at it. “What…normally, these would’ve already closed up…”

My stomach growls, and it hurts. “Maybe that’s why? After all, you haven’t eaten since…when?

She gets up and sits me down. “Since before I died…About an hour before, to be specific.”

She walks to a plate with a delicious-looking omelet on it. “Microwave or stove?

“Stove, please.”

She places the omelet in the pan Chocola used to cook it and re-heats it. “Did she leave the stove on?”


She sets it back on the plate, grabs a fork, puts that on the plate, then sets the plate next to me on the table. She leaves. I register movement in the corner of my eye. I turn and look up to see Chocola in the doorway. Her hand flies to her mouth and her eyes widen in terror as she sees the extent of the damage. She looks at the river of wood and glass. She takes a few steps into the room. “Alex, I’m re-KYAAAA!

She screams in pain as her tail goes taut and she’s yanked out of the room. I hear a slam from just behind the doorway, out of sight. I focus, ears turning toward the sound. “Vanilla-chan, I was just about to-

I hear a slap that makes me wince in sympathy. Vanilla hisses in a low voice, trying to keep me from hearing what she’s saying, but she fails. The words make my blood run cold. “Haven’t you done enough?! Alex is in there dying, because of you! Who knows how long it will take her to come back if this kills her, or if she will? Get out of my sight.

Chocola starts sniffling. “Onee-Chama, I-

She abandons all intention of hiding it from me. She’s yelling now. “You’re no sister of mine. Get. OUT! And never come back!

My heart freezes. “Uwahhh!

Chocola lets out a huge sob and runs out of the room.

I yell after her. “Chocola, wait!”

But she’s already gone. Vanilla walks in with a first-aid kit. I look at her and sense that she’ll either snap at me or start sobbing if I bring up what just happened. “Jeez, does everyone have one of those?”

I gesture to the kit in her hands. She shrugs, sets it on the table, then looks at my untouched omelet. I see a quick flash of fire in her eyes. “Not hungry after all?

“I don’t wanna move, it might make the bleeding worse.”

She cuts a piece off of the omelet, spears it, and looks at me. “Need help?

I weakly nod. As the fork approaches my mouth, I lean forward and, with a Kanna-style ‘nom,’ the food disappears into the cavernous depths of my mouth. I look up at Vanilla cutely, mouth still on the fork, and blink. Then, I make a face of bliss. (◠ω◠) She giggles, the stress melting away. “You look like Kanna when you do that!

I pull away from the fork. “No, it’s cuter when she does it, but I accomplished my mission.”

She pauses. “Which was?

“Easy! Making you laugh! You must be stressed…I figured I’d help a little.”

She giggles again. “You’re right. I needed that. Thank you.

I feel my head clear a little. I look at my arm. “I’m healing…but slowly.”

She feeds me a few more bites. My weakness disappears and my head clears. When the omelet is gone, I feel almost human. Or, as human as if I can feel, being a dead pincushion. I look at my clothes. They’re bloodsoaked. “Heh…I’d almost forgotten that I’d bleached my clothes…”

She puts the plate in the sink and opens the kit. I feel my ribs begin to mend as she spreads a rag on the table. Slowly, she pulls out the glass. Every time, the wound closes seconds after being opened, and each time a wound heals, I get a little sleepier. She has a determined look on her face. The constant Plink! of a piece of glass or wood being added to the pile is hypnotic. Finally, just as I start to doze off, she snaps me out of my trance. My ribs are healed, and it’s easier to breathe. “I’m gonna take your shirt off, okay?

I nod. “Wait, let me make it easier. I might fall asleep, though.”

She helps me stand up, then sits down with me sitting on her lap, sideways. I hug her, then will my shirt and bra to appear on the counter. They melt into specks of white, red, and pink light in various shades. As I watch, the colors bleach again. They reform, folded and bleached, on the counter. However, they are still shredded. I will my skirt to do the same. This leaves me in just panties. Vanilla blushes. I look at her, eyes half-mast. She looks at my boobs, eyes wide with wonder. “So that’s what they look like…

I lean into her. “Don’t make me slap you…” I say sleepily.

She giggles, cuddles me, and starts picking wood and glass out of my hair, scalp, neck, and shoulders. It’s not like mine are anything special, compared to most of the people here…So why…?

Because, Alex-chan. In my eyes, they’re perfect.

Wait, you heard that?!

Mhm. Telepathy works both ways…you need to work on not letting others hear thoughts like that…you’ll get better, promise. Unless…you wanted me to hear it?

I blush as I fall asleep in her arms.

[12:58, the void of sleep] The tug takes solid shape. It’s me, but with aqua hair in braids, and…sexier. DD cups, curvier ass. The kind strangers will grab in public and get slapped for doing so. Eyes with the pink irises only anime girls can have. “Who are you?”

I’m Alexa, Lexa for short. I’m you, but all-female. Rest, I’ll cover for you.

*A/N This discrepancy is purposeful. You'll see later.

“Thank you, but not right now. I’ll hold out as long as I can,” I say, trying not to feel that my femininity had been slighted.

If you wish.

[1:00 PM] [Vanilla] Alex shifts in her sleep. I examine her back and pale. On her back, there’s a scar of a puncture wound. There’s rust on one side, suggesting the wound went past her spine into her heart. I hug her tight and start crying. No…She can’t die…not without us saying goodbye, and not from this. Please be vaccinated...

*A/N I wrote this before I made faeries immune to disease, but then decided not to remove it because it would be too much work to re-write. I decided to ignore this. Maybe later...?

Carefully, so as not to wake her, I stand. I carry her to the living room and lay her on the floor. I walk back to the kitchen, grab her clothes, and sit next to her. She’s shivering. Steeling my nerves so I don’t try anything, I dress her. When I’m done, I pick her up and carry her out of the room. Where should I take her? Probably Azukis place.

I walk to Azukis apartment and gently kick the door. Coconut answers it. She’s wearing a tank top and jeans. She looks at Alex and her face lights up. Her tail starts swishing and she licks her lips, staring at Alex’s ass. Azuki walks over. She grabs Coco’s tail and yanks. “Kyaaaaaaaa!

Coco falls to her knees. “Keep your perverted hands off her, Nuts!

Alex buries herself in my shoulder and mumbles. “Leave me alone…I wanna sleep some more…

I glare at Nuts. “Great, you woke her up.”

It was Azukis fault!

“If you hadn’t been planning to do something, she wouldn’t’ve pulled your tail!”

I turn to Azuki. “Is it okay if she stays here? I need to restore the apartment.”


She looks behind me. “Wheres Choco-

She stops when I glare at her. “I don’t know, and I don’t care! She’s the reason Alex is like this!”


I lay her on the couch, then storm out of the room.

I walk into the room, then go to the kitchen. I stop when I see Chocola’s uneaten omelet on the counter. Tears well up in my eyes as I stagger to the table and collapse into a chair. I start sobbing. What have I done?