Tall, brown hair. 16. Sophmore.
A recluse in person, a presence felt online. I watch a lot of anime and read a lot of manga and other books.

registered at: May 03, 2021
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    A good for nothing who love writing a stories that been dreamt to be love by other.
    Just trying to make stories. Feel free to give them a read and leave a comment, thank you.
    The novel editor is poorly designed, the Discord is toxic, and the exposure is nonexistent.
    Light novel author, typographer, and lover of all things yuri. Not much else to say. If you would like to support my work by all means, feel free to donate to my ko-fi. Truth be told, I never cared for writing. I always hated it — even now I still dislike it, but it’s not as bad. Still, there are times where it can be fun.
    Currently on hiatus! sorry if my english is not very great! English is not my first language.
    Hello there! I am just someone with a lot of ideas. If my stories do well, I take it as a plus. I work on a few different platforms and my stories often feature dark and grim settings with no real villain. Oh yeah, they also feature overpowered female characters.
    I write Light Novels....really badly xD
    Hi! I'm Dinriacirthi,i'm a fan of ecchi and magical things,i'm new at here
    I'm a bit shy and I always thought writing was funner than art. So I tried writing my first novel on here :)
    Amateur, I upload drafts and then write random one-shots that either end abruptly or continue depending on how I feel. (And of course the readers.)
    みんなさんこんにちは! Welcome to my Honeyfeed! I'm a 26 year old dreamer (I dream of being a writer, but I'll settle for literary editor), who wears socks mostly patterned with eggs and has one too many jumpers. I have many goals, mostly of writing many words (to finish a 50k novel during NaNoWriMo 2022), to finish things (to qualify to the finals in ONC22), and to stop procrastinating and start things (to participate in a Honeyfeed contest). I also write on Wattpad @nebokerugirl1 ありがとお。きょねにほんでかいます
    I like overpowered protagonists and overly meta jokes
    Hello! My name is Kenny or Moxie (whichever you may prefer to call me) and I write (usually fantasy) stories! I hope you enjoy them! he/him
    I'm a Honey's Anime staff writer and general lover of all things nerdy.
    Hello! I used to be on Honeyfeed way back then but had to retire due to some personal stuff. Now I'm back and I hope to enjoy all these brand new changes and new additions the page has to add. You can find me at RoyalRoad as well!
    Ko-fi's linked in the description, please buy me coffee Aspiring writer since 20th May, 2021. (Just putting it here so I don't forget)
    I am a lazy kitten, hoping for my playmates to arrive soon. I will be posting my novels here, hoping to become a rich kitty soon... Support this Kitty here~
    Heya! My name is Brandon. I'm a professional author who writes stories inspired by anime, manga, and Japanese light novels. I'm also a big fan of fantasy, sci-fi, romance, and ecchi. Yes, I like fan service. It's a guilty pleasure of mine. I hope you all will like the stories I put on here.
    I'm a rather young artist I love to draw and paint, but I'm also very passionate about being able to create new stories It's only that I'm a bit embarrassed to share them, so publishing them here has become a real challenge for me: on one side I have to like them and after editing them they still have to capture my attention I hope you enjoy what I write, and if you do, you can also find me in Deviant art and Wattpad:
    A yuri gal with a penchant for writing fantasy, Eldritches, and queer romance. Most of my current works are short stories, but I hope to build up to writing longer tales. In the meantime, please enjoy a carefully crafted buffet of romantic fantasy~!