Chapter 50:

Chapter 50: Happy Times.

The Master and The Slave

The wooden door opens, revealing a densely packed interior of a tavern complete with a long wooden counter with barrels stacking on each other behind it, beautiful barmaids with revealing cleavage and patrons, half-drunk from drinking ale. It's not a true tavern without a lively music playing in the background while drunk people are singing along to it.Bookmark here

Nesto took a step inside along with Neya, Venhana, and Caretena.Bookmark here

They were immediately greeted with raised wooden mugs fills with foamy Ale and joyous cheers by Vizrez, Digia, Lilia, Grie, Melud, and the rest of the humans along with the group of Wolics that they met earlier. Nesto gaze falls on the boys sitting on the stools with one of their eyes swollen from the punches that were exchanged between them. They both had a sulky look on their face, Nesto guesses that nobody wins the fight, that's mean he lost a coin.Bookmark here

Neya look at them both with a worried face, "What happens?" She said as the elf girl walks in fast pace toward them.Bookmark here

Venhana walks to Nesto's side and whispers a question, "Did she know about the fight?"Bookmark here

"Nope, and I bet she doesn't know why they are fighting. I love my master, but she can be a little dense about romance," Nesto sigh.Bookmark here

Venhana let out a small chuckle, and said, "Young love. Oh, I miss them."Bookmark here

"I'm going to find myself a drink and a seat," Caretena said her manner seems gloomy.Bookmark here

Nesto stops her tracks by lightly chop the top of her head with his hand, and said, "I know what you are thinking, and don't worry about it too much. I will be fine."Bookmark here

Caretena let out a groan. "I can't help it," She said as she walks away to find an empty seat that is away from the crowd.Bookmark here

"Don't worry, Nesto. I will keep her company," Venhana said, and she follows after the sulking princess.Bookmark here

Neya examine the bruise on both of the boy's eyes, "Nothing happens, they both hit a pole at the same time," Melud said while trying to contain his laughter.Bookmark here

"It's nothing, I'm okay," Kinnith said with a smile, so he doesn't worry the ginger-haired elf girl.Bookmark here

"No pain. Will heal." Vel said with a similar intention like the elf boy next to him.Bookmark here

"Are you sure?" Neya asks, as concern still accompany her expression.Bookmark here

"They're fine... Sometimes boy's get hurt, but they will manage. If you really want them to feel better why not you gave them a kiss on their bruise, that will surely make them feel better. Am I right?" One of the Wolics said.Bookmark here

"What? A kiss... No, I couldn't... They won't want me to kiss them... I'm not like the other girls... Forget, what I said," Neya said as her cheeks grow red while she twirls a lock of her hair.Bookmark here

"Chu, chu! Just do it," Digia comment at the back with a toothy smile on her face.Bookmark here

"Do it! Do it!" Vizrez chants.Bookmark here

"Chief, you can do it!" Melud cheers.Bookmark here

Whistle and cheers can be heard from the rest of the group behind the two boys, under the great peer pressure, Neya's mind begins to swirl, and her heart begins to beat irregularly. She quickly lay a small kiss on two of the boy's cheeks in front of her, then she hides her face in both of her hands while highly regretting what she did.Bookmark here

The two boys jaw drop while they felt astonished at what happens earlier. Vel places a hand on his cheek that was caress by the elf girl soft lips, his heart pounds wildly while his mind shows a future that he wants.Bookmark here

Kinnith began to feel his lungs closing up while his brain tries to make sense what just happens. With a happy grin, he stands ups, and walks to the counter while saying, "I'm going to get something to drink."Bookmark here

Vel also stood up and walk to the door while mumbling, "Air... Think."Bookmark here

Did Nesto just witness Neya laid a kiss on the two boys, it's not the anger that he is feeling right now, but he felt relieved because the elf girl that he cherishes so much had conquered her own fears. She touches another person directly with her skin, she did it.Bookmark here

Nesto rushes to Neya, hugging her from behind, and lift her up while swinging her around the tavern. The elf girl let out a yelp of surprise while the man lifts her up in the air and twirling her around the room.Bookmark here

"You did it, I'm proud of you!" Nesto cheers.Bookmark here

The crowd is confused at what happens, but seeing the silver-haired man in happiness make them roar in a joyous tone.Bookmark here

"Nesto!! What is going on?!" Neya shout.Bookmark here

"You just kiss two boys without feeling nausea or fear," Nesto stops and said.Bookmark here

"I did... I did... My fears it's gone, we did it," Neya said while the silver-haired man turn her body around, so he can clearly see her.Bookmark here

"No, you did it... I'm proud of you," Nesto said, and smooch the elf girl foreheads.Bookmark here

Nesto lifts her up to his shoulders, and he yells out, "Let's celebrate to our heart content!"Bookmark here

The tavern went wild with approvals cheers after they heard the man statement. The door opens causing the tavern to stop they cheer while they all look at the door, surprised to see the elf that is standing in the doorway.Bookmark here

It was King Orpheus with an unamused look on his face. He took steps in and a few of his knights enter the room, wearing fully steel armor with weapons ready by their side. The Knights stand beside the king, always vigilant of their king's safety.Bookmark here

The patron looks at each other while wondering why is the king here. With a flattened lip, he asks "Are we not here to enjoy ourselves?"Bookmark here

"We are enjoying ourselves, My King," one of the patrons answers.Bookmark here

"Then why stop? Bartender, one of your finest Ale for me, and for all the people in this tavern!" King Orpheus said with a prideful smile on his face.Bookmark here

"Coming right up, My King," the bartender said with a merry voice as he serves a hundred ale for the people in the tavern.Bookmark here

The king and his knights take a seat right next to the princess. Just after the king sat at the table, one of the barmaids brings his mug of Ale to him. The barmaids let out a giggle as she receives a thank you and a smile from the king. After the king drinks his Ale, only then the others drink their own.Bookmark here

Music resume after everyone drank their Ale, the merry atmosphere return back to the tavern. Singing echoes throughout the tavern while some of the people are dancing to the melody at the center of the tavern.Bookmark here

The door opens again revealing someone familiar to Nesto; a short blond-haired elf who Nesto recognizes as Aymon; the Amberdall family head chef. He waves at Nesto as he walks to the counter. The silver-haired man waves back as he dances with Neya by his side.Bookmark here

Once again the door opens, revealing an elf wearing luxurious clothing with a grin on his face. The elf is none other than Prince Ariamnes, he had come after hearing a great party is being held here.Bookmark here

"Nesto!!" Ariamnes yell out in glee.Bookmark here

Nesto let go of Neya's body so she could take a rest then he walks toward the prince and clasps their hand with each other. The prince pulls the man closer for a hug without letting go his hand, Nesto returns back the hug.Bookmark here

The night went on and people kept on coming to the tavern to enjoy themselves. A lot of people in that tavern become drunk and drunker especially the king, Nesto, and Ariamness. At first, they were teasing the two boys then out of nowhere all three of them start roughhousing each other until they broke one of the tables.Bookmark here

Neya took a seat right to the princess, she had a somewhat happy smile on her face as she watches her family try to wrestle each other.Bookmark here

"Where is Venhana?" Neya ask.Bookmark here

"She is flirting with the Cyclops woman right over there," Caretena gesture with her heads toward the two of the people she spoke of.Bookmark here

Venhana was giggling like a little girl as she ran her finger on Vizrez biceps, Neya let out a mile and turn her attention back to the princess, " I never seen Nesto this drunk before."Bookmark here

"I have seen it once before, It was before the..." Caretena voice trails off.Bookmark here

"Before?" Neya said.Bookmark here

"Forget what I said," Caretena said.Bookmark here

"He looks so happy right now," Neya comments.Bookmark here

"He is, or he is trying to cast his fear away for tonight," Caretena said.Bookmark here

"What do you mean fear?" Neya ask.Bookmark here

"Don't you remember, Nesto lost his soulmate during the war. People don't just forget that kind of thing," Caretena said.Bookmark here

Caretena statement has built a new-found look at Nesto condition right now, she felt sad and guilty for bringing him back to another war. A frown form and her gaze fall to the table in front of her. Caretena notices the gloomy expression on the elf girl face, she quickly changes the tone of her voice.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry, I was just being a mopey brat. Nesto is fine, he is a grown adult," Caretena said as she tries to lift the girl spirit up.Bookmark here

"No, you are right, it's not your fault. I think I need some fresh air," Neya said, and she walks to the door that leads outside the tavern.Bookmark here

Caretena facepalms herself as she just realizes that she ruins someone else mood with her own gloomy thought. She watches as the ginger-haired elf girl walks out the door, she wanted to catch up to her to make her feel better, but she couldn't think of anything to say towards the saddened girl.Bookmark here

The ginger-haired girl exits the tavern, then she took a seat on the wooden porch. She watches as the drunken people swaying left and right while trying to walk toward their home. Neya rests her chins on her hands and lets out a sigh.Bookmark here

The door behind her opens, and the sound of footsteps are getting closer toward her. She turns around and let out a smile as she saw a familiar face behind her. Nesto head bobs downward with a smile as he walks, and sat right next to her. Neya could see the drunkenness seeping off Nesto from how he moves and look.Bookmark here

"Oof, why are you here alone, my kind miss?" Nesto said with a grin on his face.Bookmark here

"I'm worried about tomorrow, there are so many things that could go wrong," Neya said.Bookmark here

"True... But there are so many things that could go right tomorrow," Nesto commentsBookmark here

"You know why?" Nesto ask.Bookmark here

She looks at him a thirst for an answer while her eyes sparkle with anticipation, and she asks, "Why?"Bookmark here

The man looks behind him at the gaping door and sees a glowing light of warmth while hearing the sound of joy seeping through the gaps. Bookmark here

"It's because you have so many people that cared about you, that they are willing to risk their lives for you," Nesto said as a smile crept on his face.Bookmark here

Neya looks through the gaps and sees what Nesto is seeing; friends, family, and many others. They all here to support her, to see through the future that she had hoped for along with her.Bookmark here

"Your right... how could I be so blind?" Neya ask.Bookmark here

"You're not blind, but sometimes it hard to see it through all that worried that are clouding your mind," Nesto said.Bookmark here

"Nesto... thank you for being by my side for a long time... through pain, misery, happiness, and joy. You have always been there for me," Neya said as her right eye begin to tear up.Bookmark here

"It an honor... no, It was never been for honor or pity. I stay by your side because I want too, you're the greatest master that I could ever have," Nesto said.Bookmark here

Neya reaches out around Nesto's neck with both her arms, she pulls him closer for an embrace, and gently rest her head on his shoulder. Nesto wraps his arm around the elf girl back and pull her closer, but instead of a smile on his face, a frown crept in without the girl noticing it.Bookmark here

The night ended with everyone going back to their rooms, some with newfound mates, others alone, while a few went to the temple to pray for tomorrow before they went to sleep. While for some people like Nesto, they sharpen their weapons, practice their skill, strengthen their focus, and stone their heart.Bookmark here

Because what comes next, is something that none of them could ever prepare.Bookmark here

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