Chapter 8:

Isekai and Pom Poms. Part 2

Magical Pom Pom

(Pov: Pommy)

I never did find that boy. Maybe he was late to school too. Cheer said he never saw him but I'm not so sure. I knew I had seen him. I didn't know if he was Axel but I wanted to meet him.

After going through the alley I finally got to school. Yeah, two hours late but still. At least I wasn't the type who skipped the whole school day.

The hallways were completely empty. I could see the classes in session through the windows.

I opened up my locker and put my jacket away. I shared my locker with my best friend Botan. She had her medals for cheerleading and calligraphy on full display. She's very talented.

I'm sorry I'm late again, Botan. Guess I'm hopeless after all.

I giggled to myself.

She had been getting on me for being late to school all the time. Botan use to wait for me outside my house but stopped last school year after I ruined her perfect attendance record.

After I put my stuff away I was going to head to the school office and try my best to explain my tardiness.

"Um, Pommy." Cheer poked his head out.

"What is it, Cheer?"

"You have someone following you."

I turned around and couldn't see anything.

"I don't see an-"

I got interrupted by a meowing at my feet. I looked down and saw Gullivar, he belonged to the old lady I helped out earlier.

"Were you following me this whole time?" I got down to his level. I reached my hand out and started petting him.

"Don't let the teachers catch you. It's already bad enough that you're two hours late but bringing a pet with you will give you detention for a month…"

"Wonder why he likes me."

"Everyone likes you, Pommy."

"That isn't true." I shook my head.

It's true that I have a lot of friends but my mother always told me that it's impossible for everyone will like you.

"Don't be humble. Has there ever been someone you didn't get along with?"

I tilted my head as I thought about it. There really isn't.

"Hmmm. I guess you're right-"

Gulliver scratched my face, leaving three large claw marks on my face.


Gulliver started hissing violently and backed away.

"What's your problem you dumb cat!? Are you ok Pommy?"

"What's wrong, Gulliver?"

I didn't understand what set him off, he was always a very relaxed kitty.

I slowly reached out my hand when suddenly my head started hurting again. This time even worse, it knocked the breath out of me.

I collapsed to the ground and Gullivar took off running.

"Pommy!?" Cheer yelled as he got out of my backpack and walked over to where he could see my face.

Something was drilling itself into my mind. My head felt like it was going to explode.

Axel! Axel! Axel! Axel! Axel! Axel!

That was the only thing I was capable of thinking.

"A...xel…?" I muttered.

"Who's that?"


I started remembering things that I had forgotten.

The first time I met Axel. Our first date at the arcade. Our first kiss on Valentine's day. Our first…

It didn't make any sense.

Why did I forget you, Axel?

I got up to my knees. Tears fell as I fully remembered the most important person in my life. I couldn't understand how I could forget my darling boyfriend.

"I knew we should have gone back home!" Cheer held onto me.

I loved everything about Axel. He was super strong and despite being a bit intimidating looking he was really kind. Everyone at school was afraid of him but they just needed to give him a chance.

At school? Is he here? Axel, where are you? I miss you!

"Pommy, say something!"

All I want is to find Axel…

Darkness fell.

The the whole school got dimmer and dimmer. I couldn't see anything past a few feet in front of me. Cheer was the only thing I could see clearly.

"This has gotta be Ragnaroks doing! Pommy you need to transform!"


"That name again…"

Cheer pushed me from behind until I finally stood up.

"We need to get Botan and Harmony!"

Cheer honked his black nose and illuminated himself. This was one of his many abilities. It was still dark but we could at least see.


The glowing bear led the way as we headed towards Botan and Harmony's class. He eventually had to come and push me to the class door.

"Pommy you need to open the door."

"Will I ever see Axel again?"

"I...I don't know but we need to find the others."

"I need to find Axel…"

I grabbed hold of the door handle and slowly turned it.

Maniacal laughter came from the room as the door escaped my grasp and slammed open.

"That laugh!? Is that Ragnarok!? No...he already beat us here!" Cheer got into a battle stance.


I snapped back to reality. My head was splitting from all these thoughts of Axel but I could at least focus more now.

"Cheer…" I said as I looked down at him. Tears fell to the floor.

"Pommy…? Are you back to normal?"

"What's happening to me?"

All of a sudden a dozen blue translucent arms came out of the darkness.


Without wasting a second, I started to run but one of the arms grabbed me by my leg, dragging me to the ground.

Cheer honked his nose and summoned a small sword and slashed it in half.

"I'll hold them off." He adjusted his top hat.

"No, I can't leave y-"


I got back up and started running again, looking back at him. Cheer flipped around and slashed the approaching arms but when he cut one three more grew.


Moving so fast I could barely see him. Though I could see piles of severed arms getting larger. They laid on the floor for a second before slowly fading away.

It got to the point where he couldn't keep them back and they filled the entire room. They all shot past him.

The blue arms came after me. I tried to start my transformation but they all grabbed onto me.

I flew back towards the room. I reached out for Cheer as he grabbed hold of my hand, holding it as tight as he could. I was being suspended in the air by over fifty arms.


"Hold on! I won't let you go!"

I tightened my grip and tried to pull away. I struggled in fear but I couldn't even budge. I had never been so terrified until a thought entered my mind.

You are going to Axel.

I loosened my grip.



"I'm sorry."

I let go and flew into the void. I saw Cheer get pushed back out of the room. The door then closed shut.

There was nothing. It was completely dark and I was all alone.

But it's ok...because

I'm coming, darling.