Chapter 1:


Ai no shiki: 4 seasons of love

"Hey, you!" A little girl, around the age of 6, flinched at the loud voice and whirled around, only to tense. Under the intense gazes of group, some of whom she recognized as her classmates, she meekly waited for them to continue. Her hands busy in her long, golden hair.Bookmark here

"Can you wash these too for us, Kiyo-chan?" The taller girl in the group referring to the rags in gesticulate manner. She was using her nickname to intimidate her with familiarity, but...Bookmark here

They were told by their warden to wash it together. Her words are the rules here. She can't possibly go against them!Bookmark here

"Um...but...I...Miss Yori said..." Kiyomi felt her words die in her mouth when she saw one of the girls glare at her. Hate and anger, such ugly feelings... she felt sickness pool in her stomach.Bookmark here

"You mean, you wouldn't do it? Even for friends?" Their words hit a chord. She knew that they knew her weakness. It was a dull move on their part but effectiveness is all that matters in the end, right?Bookmark here

Feeling small, she lowered her head and nodded slowly.  Their joyous cheer and halfhearted 'thanks' reached her ears. When the door closed behind them, it was just Kiyomi in a dim room. Bookmark here

It was always like this; they left her behind all on her own. But she couldn't mind, her teacher had told them to never turn your back to your friends, she said they bring you happiness. Her face breaks into small hopeful smile. Bookmark here

She would rather do all work alone then have them hate her. After all, they were all she had to call her own. Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

"N-No...Please don't," They turned deaf to her agonized pleas.Bookmark here

"Just sight of you disappoints me, Kiyomi, and weren't they too?" Anything but this. Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

There's nowhere to run
I have no place to go
Being left with no choice
But have to surrender my heart, body, and soulBookmark here

...Bookmark here

A girl, no more than 7 years old, was standing there, looking like she won a lottery . By the way the curve of her lips wavered (for a slightest moment), the boy knew that he looked less than happy seeing her. Bookmark here

And really, why wouldn't he.Bookmark here

"Pig...It's past midnight now, yes?" He tried to keep irritation off his tone as leaned against the door frame. Pretending having not heard him, she grabbed his hands, her cool azure eyes crinkling in joy. He could tell that grin anywhere. When such excitement and happiness burned in her sparkling eyes; it meant only two things. Bookmark here

"Yes, but it's totally worth it!" He blinked, once and then again, waiting for her to continue. Bookmark here

A very dramatic pause. He knew of her ways and how she'd yield soon.Bookmark here

"We are going out, finally!" Ah that's why.Bookmark here

"When?" It seems her years of pestering for trip to their parents wasn't completely futile. Bookmark here

"THIS SUMMER! Can you believe it? It's lake Matsuri!" She skipped past him, through the door and plopped on the bed, rocking side by side. He, raking his hand through his dark hair, just closed his door behind him. "We'll have so much fun, shortcake!" Bookmark here

Her face broke into teasing smile when his eyes twitched at the pet name.Bookmark here

Kaede sighed a breath that spoke of his suffering when his sister giggled. She had been so loud in her announcement that he was worried their parents might hear them from their room. They wouldn't like to see her with him at this hour.Bookmark here

"And when did you hear about this? You could have waited for morning." He didn't bother hiding his disdain at her for his ruined sleep. He meant his words, but...Bookmark here

"This morning; I overheard them talking about the tickets father has brought for us." He gave her a look, lifting a brow. Bookmark here

Face burning, she turned her nose in the air. "They know that I know, but when I asked them to let me see you, they refused...again, and I wanted to share this news with you so badly too..." Her lips pursed in a pout that rose warmth to his heart. Bookmark here

"I missed you, meanie..." She murmured faintly, pink dusting her apple cheeks. 
Bookmark here

He missed her too, but he needn't admit it. Bookmark here

"I know." He didn't say anything anymore and just watched her watch him. She was accessing him over, alert for any signs of discomfort. He looked fine, and he felt the same. Her presence was all he needed at times. Bookmark here

"Kaede, I-" The door behind him slammed open, drawing both the occupant's attention, breaking Miyuki's speech.Bookmark here

"Kaede, Miyuki, this is third time this week," Voice stern as her face, the siblings saw their mother standing by the door. Their father glanced at them over her shoulder, brows knitted and mouth drew in line. They didn't know if they were the cause behind the weariness in his eyes.  Bookmark here

"Miyuki, I thought we had come to an agreement, yet you didn't listen. You never listen," Miyuki abruptly sat upright from her lying position when the older women's eyes landed on her. The sharp, glaring set of eyes behind the thick frame of glasses added more coldness to her profile. Bookmark here

Miyuki bit her lips, unconsciously, settling her eyes on her mirror image that was her brother. His eyes softened at her reassuringly, urging her to speak up.Bookmark here

"I wanted to see him...and the news...I haven't talked to him in many days, my brother," It was a heartfelt reply but the women's eyes never softened at her. Bookmark here

"But he is not well, Miyuki. Do you wish to worsen his health?" This earned a flinch from the twins. One glaring down, other had protest on the tip of her tongue. The women wanted to take her words back but didn't let the feeling win over her logic.Bookmark here

"O-of course not! Why do you-"Bookmark here

"Mom, please, I asked her to come." Kaede cut in, voice thick.Bookmark here

"You are at fault too... you should know better than putting strain on your body," Their mother's silver eyes softened at the downcast look on his baby face.Bookmark here

"I'm really oka-" He doubled over in a coughing fit, grabbing hem of his mother's floral night dress. His mother was quick to kneel beside her, pulling him into her embrace, rubbing his back and running circles to sooth him. Bookmark here

The coal haired girl, bug-eyed, jumped off from the bed and hurried to her brother's side. She only managed to touch his shoulder when her tiny hand was grabbed firmly by a larger one. Panic seized her when her deep blue eyes met identical ones of her father. Bookmark here

"Miyuki, he needs rest," His voice was soft and grim, very much in contrast to her mother who spoke in rough and loud tone. "You can see him tomorrow."Bookmark here

"Promise?" She couldn't help herself after seeing pained look in her brother's face. Her heart ached when his small form trembled against their mother's lithe form. Kaede struggled to get up, but he did, and when their eyes met, his eyes crinkled in grin. Bookmark here

"D-Don't worry about me, Pig,"Bookmark here

She licked her chapped lips absently and reached over to ruffle his ebony hair, fondness and anguish melting in her eyes. Bookmark here

"I'll see you tomorrow, Shortcake," She left with the promise in her voice. Bookmark here

But it was yet all the same; they didn't let her. Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

"Can I see go him? It's already 6 months now..." Plead was clear as daylight in her voice.Bookmark here

"He doesn't wish to meet anyone," But she knew it was just her. Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

The scar I can't reverse
When the more it heals the worse it hurts
You gave me piece of yourself, your life
Don't I hate to be distant to someone so close
Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

"He wouldn't be joining us today as well eh..." A 7 year old boy muttered to himself when he scanned the room for any signs of his father. The dining table was already set and his sister, 10 years older than he, was already helping herself. Gorging was more like it. "Y'know if you keep stuffing yourself like that, no one will marry you, sis,"Bookmark here

His offhanded remark only earned him a glare that rivaled the flames of hell itself.Bookmark here

"And who do you think is working her ass off for the food that you're eating three times a day? It's not you so keep it low," came her sassy reply. Her anger dissipated when he kept to himself. Lowering her lashes, Ame returned to her business, ignoring his existence.Bookmark here

The awkwardness in the air was sliced when a third voice joined in. Bookmark here

"Ichirou, apologize to her... this is no way to talk to your big sister," His mother rebuked him as she placed plate before him. "She works really hard everyday for this, you should keep that in mind."Bookmark here

Ichirou didn't reply, but found himself connecting eyes with ones that looked identical to his own. Amethysts. Bookmark here

Ame beamed in triumph when he mouthed her sorry. Behind him, he could feel his mother shaking her head at him in disapproval. The corners of his lips turned up when her fist hit him at the back of his head. Gently of course, it's always gently.Bookmark here

 "You can try working on your apologies, young man," His mother joked with a teasing glint in her amber eyes. Bookmark here

"Please, that'd needless," He brushed off with a wave. His eyes crinkled in a grin. Bookmark here

"Smile any more and I'm gonna to choke,"Bookmark here

His smile slipped just like that. And he was wondering if she died.Bookmark here

 Closing his eyes, he tried to keep irritation off his voice. Bookmark here

"After eating like that it's only natural," To his chagrin, she only gave him a lazy smile. Bookmark here

"Update yourself, kid," That's when they realized what they shared aside their eyes and blood, their glare. Bookmark here

"Low blow," He growled, eyes dilated in annoyance. Bookmark here

"I could say same, kiddo," Another one of her annoying grins. Bookmark here

"You two..." Their mother rubbed the spot between her brows, wearing a crooked smile on her lips. Loud and verbally abusive as they might be, they were a joy and laughter in her life. Bookmark here

A comfortable silence fell between them as their mother served them food. Ame continued with her dinner, asking for refill every now and then, while Ichirou studied the lines on sides of her small nose with narrowed eyes. Bookmark here

'Probably stress,' He thought. Ichirou wanted to ask her if this had anything to do their father but chose better than ruining their dinner. Pause. 'After dinner, it is,' He mentally decided.Bookmark here

"Thank you for the food!" Both the sibling chorused. Bookmark here

"I really loved the curry today!" Ame flashed her thumb approvingly. This earned a chuckle from the older women.Bookmark here

"Um...Mom?" Both the women turned to him; one wearing mask of indifference, other curiosity. Gulping the remains of water, he set down the glass with dull thud. Bookmark here

"When will you be having dinner?" This earned a soft smile from the women the words were directed to. Smile that spoke levels of the weariness and longing. It broke their heart to see her looking so forlorn. Bookmark here

"Once he arrives...He will be here before midnight," She looked heavenwards thoughtfully. The cheer in her voice was heavy and sounded superficial to their ears. Knowing that protests were in the tip of their tongues, she added. "You children don't have to worry, I'm fine." Bookmark here

But she looked all but. Bookmark here

He dropped his gaze on the empty glass, eyes fixed and grave. Ame looked on, jaw set and eyes inscrutable.Bookmark here

That night he heard screams and shouts downstairs but found the door of his room locked, just as every other night he is home. Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

"It's because of you that he left..." She drawled weakly, hunching over in her seat.Bookmark here

"But you're the reason why she died." He countered calmly, his frigid gaze weighed on his elder sister who helped herself with another bottle of beer. Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

We will keep on blaming each other
Drinking and gambling every day and then
Ignoring the loneliness searing their insides
Hoping they will sleep away their night
Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

It drips, drips, drips...Bookmark here

The dripping never stops, nor do their tears.Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

Like the four seasons- Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, they were different. Each had a story of their own, a past that shaped them into the shell that they were now. What happens when these people meet and share joy that they lack in themselves, and pain that is their immortal demons? Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

I hope you enjoyed the prologue. New chapters will be posted once every two weeks. Thank you for reading! Please do leave your opinions on comments.Bookmark here

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