Chapter 7:

VII: The Dragon, The Angel, and the Devil

Everywhere at the End of Hololive [HoloEnd]

November 29, 2022

Kanata woke up from unconsciousness. The last thing she knew was she was banished from the heavens for failing an important task. She was staring at the blue sky when she realized she was falling. She tried to move her wings to no avail. She has lost her stamina to keep her consciousness

"This is it..." she muttered as she closed her eyes, waiting for the end to come.

Suddenly, she felt like she fell on something scaly. When she observed it, she noticed that she's riding an orange dragon. Before she even said anything, she fainted again.

When she woke up, she was lying down on a bed. Looking beside her, she saw an orange-haired girl sleeping on her own arms. As she sat on the bed, it woke up the orange-haired girl.

"You okay?" the orange-haired girl asked.

Instead of answering it, she replied with "Where am I?"

"Don't worry, you're in my apartment. I'm Coco. I was going for a stroll when I saw you falling from the sky. Luckily, I was fast enough to catch you. Say, why is the angel falling from the heavens?" She was asking eagerly but she stopped for a moment and stood, "Nevermind that, go take a rest. I'm going to cook for you," she left Kanata alone in her bed.

'I might be bothering her,' she thought. She looked at her right side and saw a window. 'Now's my chance' she rushed towards the window, opened and leaped outside. She tried to flap her wings but again, it didn't work.

"Come on, move!" this doesn't stopped her from falling

But a second before hitting the ground, she felt like someone was holding her. 

"What are you even thinking??!" As she looked above, she saw Coco holding her. She also saw the wings behind her, similar to a dragon.

"You're.... a dragon?"

"Of course, you dumdum. Why are you still asking about that when you almost fell to the ground? You almost died!" She exclaimed.

"Sorry," Kanata only apologized.

"It's okay." As they landed on the ground, she hugged Kanata. 

"Don't do that again, you fucker." Coco tightened her hug.

Kanata only felt Coco's rapid heartbeats. She hugged back as she started sobbing on Coco's chest.

"Go on, let it out. Oh fuck, my shirt's wet." She looked at the surroundings only to find out that everyone was staring at them.

"Fuck off!" she yelled at them.

After that day, they became friends. Kanata started living in Coco's apartment. They got along with each other. They shared each other's stories. Kanata found out that Coco was the remaining dragon alive on Earth. Because of that, she started living in the city to enjoy her life. She adjusted her dragon body to live with humans and other creatures, because in this world, humans and magical creatures live in harmony.

January 12, 2023

A typical day for Coco and Kanata. After buying stuff from the supermarket, they flew over the mountains to relax. Well, Kanata still haven't recovered her ability to fly again, so she's still riding at the back of Coco.

Suddenly, Kanata saw a girl lying on the ground.

"Hey Coco, can we drop by that place. I think I saw something."

"Okay then," Coco nodded and landed nearby.

Kanata ran towards the unconscious girl, then suddenly, that girl grabbed her arms and flipped her over.

"What the???" Kanata immediately set her foot on the ground and retained her balance. She felt an overflowing stigma all over the girl. She observed the girl, purple hair, a hat with devil horns, and a tail similar to a devil's. She's not mistaken. It's the angel's mortal enemy.

"An angel. What a jackpot." The devil girl said.

"Kanata, what the fuck happened?" Coco yelled.

"Stay back, Coco. I'll handle it. Just watch."

Coco only stood silent as she saw Kanata preparing to attack the devil.

"Manifest the Aura, control it with your own might," Kanata whispered to herself as she closed her eyes. Aura, the opposite of Stigma, is attained using positive emotions. If controlled, it can cast a powerful spell capable of matching the strength of abilities made using Stigma.

"Traceless," Kanata immediately dashed at a high speed towards the devil, creating strong gusts. Coco stepped back because of its strength.

"Not fast enough." Kanata looked above her, seeing the devil dodging her attack.

"My turn. Demonic Realm: Highway to Hell." The devil chanted, bringing Kanata inside her own battlefield. Red sky and an empty road, pretty much obvious from the name.

'So this is Demonic Realm,' Kanata thought. Demonic Realm is an Stigma-based ability that can only be used by demons, people who have connections with both Heaven and Hell, and humans who sold their souls to the demons. It can change battlefields, summon demonic creatures, or cast a powerful skill that can obliterate a city.

"Not bad, devil." Kanata complimented the devil's skills. But inside her thoughts, she felt like the devil doesn't have much strength and still has doubts. She looked at her surroundings, realizing that Coco wasn't dragged inside. She sighed in relief.

"You're thinking about the dragon, right? After I killed you, she's nex-"

"Ring of Punishment!" Kanata threw a glowing ring towards the devil, restraining her.

"Tis but a scratch," the devil instantaneously broke the restraint. But after breaking it, she realized that Kanata's in front of her.

"Divine Judgment," Kanata grabbed the devil and threw her above. After reaching the highest point, she teleported above, grabbing the devil again and smashed her to the ground.

"Holding back, eh?" the devil taunted but she suddenly coughed blood.

"Surrender now. We might be mortal enemies, but the heavens banished me already, so it's not my job anymore to fight demons."

"Shut up!! Demonic Realm: Euphoric Suffering!" The devil casted, locking Kanata inside a black cocoon.

"You can't fight back against my spell." Black blades appeared around the cocoon, slowly contracting towards it to stab Kanata.

"Prepare for your end-"

"Die." Kanata said behind the devil. She then held the devil's neck from behind.


"It's just a mere clone." As the devil slowly looked behind her, she noticed Kanata's halo was missing.

The battlefield started to fade. After that, she let go of the devil.

"Kanata!!" Coco yelled and hugged her.

"You, angel. Why didn't you kill me?" the devil muttered.

"As I said earlier, it's not my job anymore to fight devils like you. I don't care anymore if Heaven and Hell destroy each other. And looking at you, it seems like it's your devil instincts that make you fight against me, despite your body being unable to fight in your current state. So..." She knelt to the ground and lent her hand, "Friends??"

The devil blushed, "Is it okay to be friends with a devil? I almost killed you and your friend."

"You're the one who's holding back, plus you're too tired to fight back."

"Yeah, right." the devil only replied and fainted.

"Let's bring her home, shall we?"

Just like what Coco did to Kanata, they let the devil named Towa live inside her apartment. Funny enough, Towa was also banished from Hell for failing to enslave humans in a village.

"We're not so different, y'know." Kanata said.

"Uhm... Sorry for what I d-"

"Don't be. Okay, scratch the angels versus devil thingy. Friends?" Kanata lent her hand again

"I don't deserve having friends, I'm a devil. You're an angel. It doesn't blend well."

"I already said. Scratch everything the bible had told about the angels and devils. Plus, I need to see everything a devil can do. So, let's be friends, NOW!"

Towa sighed in defeat as they shook each other's hand, "Yeah, yeah. But one day, I won't lose against you- OUCH!!!!" Towa screamed as Kanata tightened her hand.

"You will not see that day, stop being a tryhard," Kanata smiled with an irritated face.

"Hey dragon, help me. I feel like my hand's being crushed by a boulder."

"Call me Coco," Coco said as she violently patted Towa's back

"You're killing meee!!!"

March 25, 2023

"Do you think you can fly again?" Coco yelled from the streets.

"WHAT??!!!" Kanata yelled back from the rooftop.

"I SAID, DO YOU THINK YOU CAN FLY AGAIN?!" Coco yelled again

"WHAT??!!!" Kanata barely heard anything.

"She asked if you think you can fly again," Towa said.


"These couples," Towa facepalmed.



Kanata leaped from the building, gliding herself on the process. Before reaching the ground, she flapped her wings, lifting herself up.

"YOU CAN FLY AGAIN!" Coco celebrated from the ground, grabbing the attention of nearby people.

"WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT, MOTHERFUCKERS?!" She yelled, making them leave the scene. 

Kanata felt joy when she regained her ability to fly.

"Finally.." Kanata let out a sigh of relief.

"Congratulations, Kanata," she looked beside her, seeing Towa also flying with her devil wings.


"Y-you're welcome..." Towa blushed and took a view at the sky.

"Want to reach the heavens? You're more of an angel than a devil"

"Shut up."

They both landed beside Coco. Coco immediately hugged Kanata.

"You finally did it, Kanata."

"It's all because of you, Coco," she hugged back.

"Let's celebrate inside." Towa held Kanata's hand.

"A dragon, an angel, and a devil, huh?" The three of them glanced at the person who spoke.

"Who are you? Step back, Towa, Kanata." Coco commanded.

"No, no. I'm not fighting against you three. I'm Moona. I want you to join our group," The person requested. She then lent her hand. "Do you accept it?"

"Yes," Coco shook her hands. "If you win against me!"

Coco threw Moona in the air. She then leaped to chase her, attempting to grab her and bash her on the ground But before she could catch her, Moona was already floating mid air.

"Eternal Domain: High Tide." Moona casted, dragging Coco inside her own battlefield. Eternal Domain is similar to Demonic Realm but it consumes Aura instead of Stigma.

Inside the domain, Coco found herself on the seashore, dimmed by the night and the only light source was the moon.

"What the fuck is this?" Coco asked with a confused tone.

"Coco, am I right?" Moona appeared in front of her, walking towards her.

"Yes, you're right." 

"I don't wanna fight you. I'm just here to search for people like you, to save this country from falling against the enemy of the state. Will you help me?" Moona's eyes started to glimmer as bright as the moonlight.

"I... I don't understand," Anxiety kicked in due to confusion.

"Here, lemme help you." Moona then laid her forehead on Coco's forehead.

Suddenly, a burst of events started playing inside Coco's head. It's like watching the future. No, it showed what would happen in the future. Until a frame stopped, showing her, Kanata, and Towa, lifeless on the ground.

"No..." Coco fell on the wet sand, horrified by what she had seen.

"I'm not here to scare you either," Moona then knelt, "What I showed you is your future. But with the right move, you may change your fate."

"Did you just show me that to force me into joining, you motherfucker?"

"No. I'm not forcing you. But as I said, that would happen if you don't make up your mind."

Moona then held Coco's hands, "Japan is in danger- No. The world is in danger. The enemies aren't just humans, but also creatures having the same abilities as yours and others."

"I will help you if you win against me," she stood, positioned in a fighting stance. Scales of a dragon started building up on her arms and her cheeks.

"If you say so." Moona's aura started to change. The domain felt heavy. Suddenly, she disappeared.

"Don't hi-"

"Behind you."

When Coco turned around, she felt a painful jolt in her stomach. After that, she was thrown away on the wet sand.

"You piece of sh-" Before she even finished speaking, she received an uppercut, so strong that it lifted her up in the air.

"Take this! Searing To-" Moona didn't let her cast any spell as she followed up with a jab.

Before she fell on the sand, she received an elbow strike behind her.

"That hurts-" She received a kick on her left cheek.

"That's i-" Moona suddenly appeared in front of her and launched a long knee strike.

"SEARING TORRENT," Coco finally casted a spell, opening her mouth and launching a firestorm towards Moona.

"Lunar halo," Moona blocked the fire with a glowing barrier.

"My turn," Coco dashed towards Moona, grabbed her neck and smacked her to the ground.


"You're dead!" Coco prepared herself to launch another firestorm but Moona kicked her stomach, freeing herself.

"Dragon Fist." Coco's fist started flaming and threw a jab at Moona, but she blocked it with her two arms. The punch's strength threw her backwards.

"This is your end! Searing Torrent!" Coco launched another firestorm towards Moona. After the firestorm cleared up, she noticed that Moona's missing. As she looked above her. She realized that Moona was already floating.

"Eternal Domain: Moonlight Sonata." The moon started shining so bright that it blinded Coco's vision. It then launched a beam towards her. After the beam has ended, she saw Coco kneeling with her hands on the ground, catching her breath.

"I lost..." Coco muttered.

Moona landed in front of Coco, "So, will you accept?

"I hope I'm making the right decision. I'll accept your offer," Coco sighed and shook her hand.

"You won't regret it."

The domain faded away, both reappearing in front of Kanata and Towa. Noticing Coco's scratches, Kanata immediately hugged Coco.

"What did you do to her?!" Kanata yelled.

"Calm down, Kanata. We have a new job now."


Present Day, June 29, 2023 

9:19 am

"Until that day, I don't know how you did that," Coco said while munching her snack.

"What? You mean Eternal Domain? Or the part where I beated you up?" Moona seemed clueless.

"No, not that one. I mean, Kanata can do that too, right?" Kanata only nodded in response. "And not the other one where you beated the shit out of me. Let's not talk about that. What I meant to say is, how did you show me the future?"

"I don't know either. My body moved on its own and did its job. It also showed me something." After saying that part, Moona stayed silent.

"Did you die?" Kanata asked with a narrowed eyes.

"No. But it show me a picture of myself, staring at me." Moona rested her head on her arms.

They went silent for a moment. Then suddenly, Botan got an idea, "Can you show me my future?"

"Okay..." Moona agreed.

Moona laid her forehead on Botan's forehead, but after a minute, nothing happened.

"What a scam-" Botan looked at Moona's expression only to see her horrified face.

"Are you okay??" Towa stood and gave a glass of water.

Moona emptied the glass, but her tears started building up on her eyes, "I'm okay."

"Did you see anything?" Kanata asked.

"Nothing." Moona sighed.

"God you scared me, you shitass," Coco scratched her head.

After an hour, Moona and Botan started preparing to leave.

"Here is my address, and also a photo of where you should go," Botan gave a small envelope, containing a note and a photo.

"You should've written the address on the photo instead of using a separate paper." Coco said.

"I don't want to," Botan responded.

"Time to leave. See you tomorrow," Moona waved.

"Goodbye, Moona!"

After they left the building, Botan grabbed Moona's arms. 

"Sorry for failing to show you your future." Moona apologized.

"No, not that. I saw your face, what did you see?"

Moona gave a serious look.

"Endless suffering..."