Chapter 186:

Chapter 186: Setting the Stage

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 186: Setting the Stage

Narrator: The Poleon Investigation task force is on the move.

*Zaydra and five angels are walking towards a mountain somewhere in southwestern Harmone, the six of them make up the task force Harmona created to investigate Poleon*

Zaydra: Kerdon, so you are tracking the traces of divine plasma up this mountain?

Narrator: Poleon Investigation Task Force Member – Kerdon.

*Kerdon has slightly slanted blue eyes. He has short bronze hair. He has a tattoo of clashing swords on his cheek. Like some angels, he has white wings. He wears gray-colored armor*

Kerdon: No, it’s more like I can sense it going inside the mountain.

Narrator: Zaydra’s Personal Guard and Task Force Member – Kren.

Kren: Makes sense.

Narrator: Poleon Investigation Task Force Member – Bonetru.

Bonetru: I can cut us through the rocks of the mountains if need be.

*Bonetru has buzzed black hair and green eyes. He wears sleeveless red armor and has tattooed markings on both arms. He has various swords and knives attached to his armor*

Narrator: Poleon Investigation Task Force Member – Ruby.

Ruby: I’ll scout the area.

*Ruby has ruby-colored hair in a ponytail. She has ruby-colored eyes. She wears a very light weight dark red colored armor. Her wings are ruby-colored and not white*

Zaydra: Alright, but do not engage any potential threat.

Ruby: Understood.

Narrator: Poleon Investigation Task Force Member – Sapphire.

Sapphire: I can scan for potential threats from here.

*Sapphire has sapphire blue-colored straight hair. She has sapphire blue-colored eyes. She wears lightweight dark blue-colored armor and she has sapphire blue-colored wings*

Zaydra: Good.

*Ruby quickly moves into the wooded mountain area while Sapphire’s eyes glow and she scans the area ahead*

Zaydra: See any threats?

Sapphire: No, just Ruby.

*Soon, Ruby comes back*

Ruby: I have scouted the area. I found something suspicious.

Zaydra: Then let’s move in.

*They all continue on*


Narrator: In Heaven.

*Harmona is outside and walking towards a temple. A female angel with short, light blue hair follows her. The angel looks like a young adult*

Narrator: Harmona’s Personal Assistant – Diamond.

Diamond: Are you sure about this, my Goddess?

Harmona: Yes. We have to prepare now.

*They start walking up the short stairs to the temple’s entrance*

Diamond: But why?

Harmona: I’ve played my hand when I saved my son. Now the Dark Goddess knows I haven’t fully recovered and will likely launch her invasion within a year.

*Diamond gasps*

Diamond: And you’re sure “that” will work?

Harmona: Yes.

*They enter the temple*

Diamond: Suppose that we still fail to keep the invasion portal from opening. What are our chances in a full-scale war?

*Harmona stops and looks back at Diamond*

Harmona: Zero percent… As we are now, we wouldn’t stand a chance against the forces of Hell in a full-scale war.

*Diamond has a look of fear*

Harmona: So we must stop the portal. If we go to war, there is no doubt I will be killed in battle. Even if my heirs survive, they will not be ready to lead Heaven.

Diamond: But you started leading Heaven at age 34.

Harmona: I didn’t take over in the middle of the largest war we have ever seen. The only heir that could take over in that situation is dead.

*Harmona lets loose a few tears*

Diamond: I understand.

Harmona: Come. It’s time to wake him. Together, we will stop Dakame’s invasion.

*They continue going through the temple*


Narrator: Back with the heroes in Reign City.

*Zeth meets with his five friends inside a hotel*

Zeth: RAG has been taken hostage by some mysterious demon boy. He’s using RAG as a way to force me into some tournament.

Joe: That’s it?

Zeth: I really don’t know why he wants me in it but I need five other people to form a team.

Sasha: You can count me in.

Kurt: Me too.

Emily: Me three.

Joe: Same here.

Keith: I still owe you anyway so you can count me in.

Emily: There was something I need to do but I can put that aside for now.

Zeth: Then let’s go see that boy.

*The six heroes go to where Zeth met the boy on the streets and the boy is still there. It’s also still raining*

Boy: Good, you came with a team.

Keith: What the…? His hair looks like yours, Zeth.

Zeth: Yeah, I realized and I don’t know why. I assume it’s not because he is my biggest fan.

Boy: All in due time, Zeth.

*The boy snaps his fingers and they all teleport. They teleport to some outdoor area where the sky is red and there is a large stadium nearby*

Boy: Welcome to the Undead Underworld!

Zeth: So another underworld?

Keith: Yeah, but this one reeks of death.

Boy: That is because my mother is the Queen of the Undead and she is hosting this tournament.

Zeth: Queen of the Undead, huh?

Boy: Yes, and she absolutely loves death and so do I. You could very well die in this tournament.

Narrator: The Chaos Tournament. The heroes are now in the Undead Underworld and must prepare for the Chaos Tournament. What will the Task Force led by Zaydra find on Poleon and how does Harmona plan to stop the Dark Goddess’s invasion?

Chapter 186 END

To be Continued in Chapter 187: Tournament Preparation

Author's Comment: Did I really reference Pokemon in naming a few characters introduced in this chapter? Yes, yes I did. Though, sometimes I consider retroactively changing their names. The exception being Ruby because I like that as both a color and a name.