Chapter 0:

How Magic Came To Earth (Prolouge)

Coloring Daisies : The Adventures Of The Daisies

It was the 2020s. The world was pretty normal. However, one day, people started getting magic all over the place.

Obviously, this shocked people. Prior to that, everybody thought that magic was just in stories. But now, it's real!

Even crazier, mythological animals from different planets started coming to Earth because they were attracted to the new magic. Dragons, unicorns, pegasi, alicorns and other magical animals came to our planet and became the pets of humans, just like cats and dogs.

People realized that both magic and technology can make our lives easier, so because of that, people started combining the two.

Now, the year is 2068, and the world is super dependent on magic and technology. Magic can be controlled by everybody and technology is used in major cities, from New York to Paris.

Xan Ti