Chapter 1:

Destined Stars...

あ な た の 目 に 失 わ れ た (Lost in your Eyes)

We just moved to this town, and I already felt so cramped at home. I felt as though I needed to get out and get some fresh air.

I walked past the photo on my desk that was taken in Elementary and had a quick flashback to the times I had then.

I had to get out. The painful regret that ate at my heart was too much to be held inside this suffocating house.

I decided to take a walk around the town and see what places I can get lost in.

The days have always felt long since the old days.

I miss her.

I felt the sun on my face as I walked through the blossoms and gleeful grass that danced in the wind. I noticed him crouched over something, but I couldn’t see what it was from where I stood.

What is he doing?

I slowly walked up behind him and tried to peek over his shoulder. As I leaned slowly into his body, I could smell the scent of spring.

Smells so good.

It wasn’t from the trees or the rippling grass. It was… him.

At that moment he turned so quickly that I lost my balance and…


I looked into his eyes and felt as though I had lost myself in them.


My lips were just inches from his. The scent of his breath was sweet, and I had to grit my teeth to hold back the urge.

Shajiro “Hiro”: Uh hello…

I fell back, startled. I couldn’t help but wonder why I suddenly felt like this.

Saigo: Sorry, I... I…

He looked at me with the purest expression and… smiled.

Hiro: It’s okay.

I got up and leaned down to grab his hand to help him up. All the while, my eyes could never leave his. Something about them has made my mind go blank and calm.

Hiro: Hiro.

Sai: Huh?

He chuckled.

Hiro: I’m Hiro. Saikou Shajiro.

Sai: Oh. Uh… I’m Sai. Omoide Saigo.

He gave me an earnest smile that seemed to light up his eyes and captivate me even more than before.

Hiro: What brought you to the park?

Sai: Oh. I was just taking a walk to clear my head from some things when I happen to see you over here.

Hiro: Oh.

Sai: What exactly are you doing?

And just then did my surroundings become clear to me.


There was a spice and orange-colored calico kitten in a box.

Hiro: Poor little guy. He’s been here for a few hours, and no one seemed to have paid him any mind. So, I thought that I would bring him some food and water.

He looked down at the kitten with such genuine concern and wanting to help. I felt that I’ve seen him the same way.

Sai: Ok, I’ll help.

I pointed to my chest and gave him a big grin. He smiled at me and pounced.

Hiro: Oh, Sai. Thank you. Thanks a lot.

I stumbled back, his arms around me, he smiled.


I didn’t know this kid but for some reason, I felt like we were connected.

Sai: No problem, I got ya’.

He smiled the biggest smile I had ever seen.


For a moment I had gotten lost in his appearance. It took a minute for me to catch up.

Get it together Sai.

Just looking at his features. With the soft and calm of his face and the tenderness to his voice, I was brought back to my childhood photo.

He surely reminded me of the small girl to whom I had given my heart. Why can’t I remember her name?

So many years had passed and so much has happened, since those innocent childhood days when I could run around carefree.

I wondered where she could be. If she could ever forgive me if I were to meet her again?

What she would be like today?

I also wondered why I had thoughts of her while I was looking at him, and surely the fact that things just felt natural between us.

His laugh made my mind spin and I couldn’t help but feel as though, he was just as kind a person as my mystery girl was. My thoughts of the old days swam in my head as I remembered the first time that I had met her.

It was like a fated moment that was supposed to last forever but had gotten cut short and lost in time.

I miss her.

Like jumbled pieces in time, I tried to picture her face so clearly.


With his giggle, I imagined her face as his own. I felt the flushing in my cheeks and cleared my throat.


And like the wind, the memories blew away, and I was once again encaptivated by this young boy next to me.

Why? What is going on?