Chapter 16:

A Late Invite to The Best Dance

Dance of The Wind With A Flower

Yamato went to the main office as one of the men called him. He found Eita that he fell asleep on the table.

“Yamato-sama, it’s good to see you here,” one of secretaries whispered with a crying voice. He seemed so tired in anyway. Yamato greeted him and tried to wake Eita up.

Yamato forced him to go home. At first Eita resisted to go home by sleep but then he walked to the auto park by swaying. While he was leaving, “My God! I will never complain that Eita-sama doesn’t do his tasks on time. If I continue to accompany a hardworking Eita-sama o week more, I will die from working,” the secretary whispered.

Yamato chuckled and “If being a workaholic was a nature of him, I couldn’t guess how our family would get bigger,” he answered. Then he wished good night and left there to catch Eita.

After Yamato parked the car, he turned to his back to wake Eita up but he saw that Eita was awake already. He was watching outside. However, he was too lost in thought to notice that they had come home.

“Yamato...” he muttered. Yamato turned to him again. “Could you hear his situation, how he is?” Eita asked by watching outside from car window. “I heard he had not gone out of his house yet.” Yamato answered. Eita didn’t say anything back.

Since Yamato’s patient run out, “Call him, at least!” he said. Eita didn’t answer again. He got out of the car. He leaned on car and lit a cigarette. He gave his first smoke to air and “I can’t count how many times I intended to call him and did not dare to call.” he said by staring into space.

He lost in thoughts for a while. Then he smiled sorrowfully and “I can’t dare to see him, either. I’m afraid that he will look at me as if he is looking at a murderer who can’t control his anger.” he added.

While he was listening to Eita, Yamato came next to him and leaned on the car just like Eita. He lit a cigarette, too. “You say so, but... You’re already a murderer who can’t control his anger.” he said.

“Yeah...” Eita answered with a sorrowful voice. Since Yamato was waiting a slap to his head because of his teasing words, he got surprised to Eita’s acceptance.

Eita held his cigarette on between his lips and looked at the sky for a while. He was not sure he was regretful or not. Whenever he remembered that day, in each imagination of that day in his head, result was always killing. He was never being regretful to destroy a thing which harmed Ando. But he was feeling sorrowful whenever he recalled Ando’s begging about not to kill that man. What if Ando didn’t love Eita anymore? What was he going to do?

Yamato’s voice made him to get out of his thoughts. “That day, Ando-san cried until he got home,” Yamato said. “I know,” Eita answered. Then he stared Yamato blankly. He realized he hadn’t seen Ando after he put his top cloth on Ando’s face. But how could he know that he was crying? By his voice? Furthermore, he had never seen Ando was crying, either.

Ando’s expressions when he was happy, angry, sleepy, crybaby or enjoying sex in Eita’s arms. Eita was being able to remember all of them. However, even though he had never seen Ando’s sorrowful tears, he could remember them easily when he was trying to imagine. A spark flashed in his memory.

Eita continued to look at Yamato with a surprised expression. He stared him so long that he forgot to smoke and ashes of the cigarette on his lips fell down. He finally remembered when and how he met Ando for the first time. He bowed and held his head. He started to smile.

Yamato looked at him as if he was looking at a crazy man. Eita came to himself and “Nothing...” he said. “I’m going to sleep,” he added and thrashed his cigarette. After Yamato watched him for a while, he went after Eita.

“You know he got especially injured in his face,” Yamato said. “I know,” Eita muttered. Yamato gave a sarcastic tone to his voice and “If my lover didn’t call me when I had bruises on my face, I would think that they found me ugly and didn’t want to see me,” he said.

Eita stopped walking. He was caught like a deer in the headlights. If Yamato’s words were true, that would tell why Ando has not called him yet. Eita turned his face to Yamato and looked at him with flashing eyes. Yamato always liked those eyes since they were children. He started to smile. Eita entered in house immediately. While he was running to the bathroom, he tried to call Ando by trying not to bump maids.

Ando thought to sleep after reading more. He looked at the watch. It was passing nine in evening. He thought it was early to sleep. He had never thought the time was passing more slowly when he never got out of his home. He left his book on the table and sighed once. “I wonder what he is doing right now,” he thought. He took his phone and sat on his bed.

He wanted to call Eita and ask how he was. He bent over and put his elbows on his knees. As soon as he held his phone with his both hands and touched his forehead with it, his phone rang. Eita was calling.

The call was opened in his second ringing. Since Eita didn’t wait to be opened right away, he swallowed once. When he entered in bathroom, he called Ando’s name. He heard a swallow sound, too. Then he heard a lovely voice and smiled. “E-Eita... I... I’m so glad that you’re calling me.”

Eita closed the bathroom door and gave his breath with relax. “I wanted to make you happy sooner but forgive me for my foolishness,” he answered. They didn’t say anything for a while. Then, “How are you?” both of them asked at the same time. Then, “I miss you so much,” both of them said at the same time. Then both of them chuckled.

With the relief he felt, Ando threw himself on the bed and sighed. Then he got silence for a while.

With the relief he felt, Eita bent down the ground and sighed. Then he got silence for a while.

“I want to see you in a way,” Eita said. His words were like an order than a request. Ando’s bodyguards were sensitive about his safe right now but Ando thought he could elude them. He wanted to see Eita but he didn’t want to show his bruised face to him.

“B-But...” he stuttered. “If you will say no, I’ll come to your house.” Eita said. Ando gave up and “I want to see you, too,” he answered. When he heard where Eita wanted to meet, he got excited more.