Chapter 96:

Fiona Finishes the Fight with Flora 2

The Nonpareil of Resh (Act 1)

Flora yanked her fist out of the floor and shook it off.

"Your little chat annoys me," she spat as she slowly closed the hand. It was broken, but she did not intend to let the four opponents realize.

"Lady Fiona!" said Simeon.

"Your orders, please!" said Siegfried.

"We will do our best to follow them!" said Sinatra.

Fiona thought of what she could say and settled on:

"Don't die."

The trio chuckled.

"We picked a difficult princess to follow, huh," Simeon chuckled.

"I'll say, but by the oath of the Princess Fiona Fan Club, we will carry out her wishes," Sigfried said through his chuckles.

"Guys, Flora's charging," Sinatra interrupted them.

Flora quickly began to charge across the conference room. She swung with her unbroken left fist at Sinatra, but the miner suddenly disappeared in a red flash and reappeared just out of Flora's arms reach. In what seemed like the same moment, Simeon and Sigfried appeared behind the warrior and struck her in the back with their pickaxes.

Flora ignored the blows and glared at the blue princess who was watching the battle closely.

You're getting a good feel for it, but the way you move them is still stiff. Sun suggested in Fiona's mind, but she didn't know what to do with the advice.

"Just help me move them around more rapidly," she said.

Flora angrily charged at Fiona, but the princess quickly disappeared in a flash and appeared by Simeon and Sigfried. Flora came to a sudden stop and turned around. The calico warrior began to curse her weak Needaimus as she stared at her broken right hand.

Fiona took a deep breath and zapped each of the fan club around Flora. They struck her at three different points, and Fiona zapped them out of harm's way before Flora could land a blow.

The Calico Bentulousian began another charge at the blue princess, but Fiona disappeared again out of harm's way.

Fiona quickly reappeared behind Flora and kicked her squarely in the back. At the exact moment, all of the trio appeared and began to strike the warrior as well. The damage they were giving was light, but it was slowly wearing the calico warrior down.

What followed would look like, to an outside observer, a series of red and blue flashes around Flora. Each member of the fan club and Fiona herself would disappear and reappear around Flora and strike her as hard as they could. Meanwhile, the giant Bentulousian warrior recklessly flailed as she tried to fend off the attacks. The damage was starting to add up, and the continual flashes of light began to make her feel dizzy.

The light show and moving opponents kept moving around Flora so quickly and precisely she had no idea if she would ever land another blow. That is until she grabbed Simeon's right arm by sheer chance. Both he and Flora were unprepared, but she quickly reacted and snapped his arm like a twig before Fiona zapped him out of harm's way.

Fiona gritted her teeth as she put the shouting Simeon on the other side of the room. At the same time, she struck Flora's back as hard as she could. The light show continued, but the other Fanclub members were thrown off for a moment, and a moment was all a trained warrior like Flora needed.

In no time, Sigfried's left arm was shattered. Then Sinatra's right leg was broken. Both miners were zapped next to Simeon on the other side of the room, and Fiona quickly appeared next to them. Her heart sank as she saw them painfully hold their broken limbs.

"Don't worry about us; finish her off," Simeon said through his pain.

Fiona turned back to the calico warrior. Flora was breathing heavily and trying very hard to stay standing up. The combined attack of the four had almost knocked her down.

Fiona zapped in front of the weakened warrior with a blue flash and shoved her strongest uppercut into the warrior's elongated chin. As far as Fiona could tell, Flora seemed unfazed by the blow, but after a moment, she fell straight back onto the floor and made a loud thud. The calico warrior was out cold, and Fiona let out a sigh of relief as well as a small laugh.

Then Fiona's purple eyes widened, and she ran back across the room to the fan club.

"Are you three okay? What am I saying? Of course, you aren't. I need to get a medical team, oh, but they are probably still fighting...." Fiona began to pace back and forth as she spoke.

The fan club began to laugh in a loud and honest way.

"Look, guys, I think the whole forearm is shattered. I bet this is the most impressive one!" Simeon gloated.

"No, no, she got my upper arm and twisted it; I think I have the best wound here!" Sigfried added.

"You're both wrong; everyone knows a leg injury beats an arm injury any day," Sinatra finished.

The fan club trio began to argue who's broken bone was the most impressive of the battle as they sought to seek a 'winner.'

Fiona stopped her worried pacing and shook her head as she looked down. She pressed her fingers to the center of her forehead as she lamented.

"My fan club is made up of idiots," she said with a sigh.

"Princess Fiona, don't say that!"

"That could be considered very rude!"

"You should apologize to idiots right now!"

Fiona looked back up to see the trio smiling at her with wide grins. She made a small chuckle and shook her head.

"Just wait here while I get someone to treat your wounds."

"Actually, you should probably restrain Flora first!" the trio shouted in unison. Fiona made an ah-ha expression and quickly ran to the unconscious warrior. She frantically began to look around for something that could restrain Flora in case the calico warrior woke up.

The Princess Fiona Fan Club smiled as they watched the awkward princess tie Flora's arm together with some rope that had been used to keep the chairs together. Moments later, shouts from the battle outside the room indicated the fight on the second floor had been won by the miners. Backup for Fiona came pouring in as they sought to take on Flora next. They were pleasantly surprised to see their princess had already won the fight.