Chapter 2:


My Devil Is A Beautiful Female

Suddenly a spear goes by the side of his face, grazing him on the cheek.Bookmark here

Roy looks up and sees a guy with black hair, green-eyes carrying a 'spear'.Bookmark here

"So you will never learn to fight like a true man, Takagi?" Roy says with a smirkBookmark here

Takagi replies with a confident laugh "A win is a win!"Bookmark here

As Takagi finished talking, the spear flies back to Takagi's hand.Bookmark here

Roy inwardly thinks 'his ability is always so annoying.'Bookmark here

*Whoosh*Bookmark here

Takagi Jumps from the tree and lands on the ground without having any problem.Bookmark here

He looked like he was falling slowly as if something was holding him up in the air.Bookmark here

Takagi took a long step, thrusting his spear towards Roy's chest who was standing carefree while holding a sword in his right hand.Bookmark here

*Clang* *Clank*Bookmark here

*Whoosh*Bookmark here

Both clash with their weapons.Bookmark here

They step back and stand in front of each other. Strong wind starts blowing from Takagi's direction. But the wind starts to become hotter and hotter. Both of their power are colliding with each other.Bookmark here

"Not bad." Roy comments seeing Takagi's power.Bookmark here

*Sigh*Bookmark here

Takagi takes out a lollipop from his pocket and licks it.Bookmark here

Roy looks at him with a surprised expression and says, "Are you kid?"Bookmark here

Takagi ignores him.Bookmark here

Takagi takes a big step and trusts his spear toward Roy. But this time, the spear is coming with the intent to kill.Bookmark here

*BOOM*Bookmark here

A small explosion happens. Because of the explosion smoke filled up the area. But that didn't stop Takagi from attacking; He continues to thrust his spear forward but his spear hits a tree.Bookmark here

"Oh, that was close" Roy speaks.Bookmark here

Takagi looks up and says with a laugh, "If I had thrusted with a little more force then you would have been done for."Bookmark here

Roy jumps down from the tree but he doesn't land on the ground. Instead, he disappears into thin air.Bookmark here

"Huhh?!" Takagi shouts after seeing Roy disappear right in front of him.Bookmark here

Suddenly Takagi feels a sword in his neck. It was so close that if he moves it will cut his neck.Bookmark here

Roy removes his sword from his neck and says, "Too easy." with a cheeky smile.Bookmark here

Takagi turns around and says, "You win."Bookmark here

Suddenly Takagi goes to punch Roy but stops right before hitting Roy's stomach. A strong gust of wind goes past Roy.Bookmark here

Roy is stunned.Bookmark here

"Anything to say? Mr. Fire Moron."Bookmark here

"You bastard!"Bookmark here

"That's enough." A voice says. The voice sounded like an old man's voice. Hearing that voice, they felt a chill in their spine.Bookmark here

The old man is wearing a kimono, he has long hair and a big bread.Bookmark here

"You guys are pathetic!" The old man says with an angry voice.Bookmark here

"Gramps!" Roy and Takagi say at the same time.Bookmark here

It was Takagi's Grandpa, Atsushi Sho!Bookmark here

"Why are you here?" Roy asks with a confused expression.Bookmark here

"To see, how much you guys have grown. But from what I saw I can say that you guys are disappointments."Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

"What?! Did you even see us fight?" Roy says with a shocked face.Bookmark here

"I saw the complete fight and you guys are WEAK!"Bookmark here

"Anyway, how did you know I was coming?" Takagi asks Atsushi.Bookmark here

"Saika told me you were coming."Bookmark here

"Ohh..." Takagi expresses.Bookmark here

"But I didn't even sense you were here!" Roy says with a curious look.Bookmark here

"A weak idiot like you can't sense my presence."Bookmark here

"..." Roy remains silent.Bookmark here

Seeing the situation, Takagi tries to change the topic. "L-let's go home, I am tired."Bookmark here

They start walking towards their house.Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

They arrive at their house after ten minutes of walking.Bookmark here

"How nostalgic." Takagi says.Bookmark here

"You were literally here last year." Roy says with a neutral face.Bookmark here

"Hey, Takagi! Long time no see." Takagi hears a feminine voice. It is Saika!Bookmark here

Saika hugs Takagi. Takagi's face turns red out of embarrassment. "Sis, stop it."Bookmark here

"Is little Takagi embarrassed?" Saika says while giggling.Bookmark here

Takagi pulls back from the hug. "A-anyway, I am hungry, let's eat." Takagi tries to change the subject.Bookmark here

All of them sit at the dining table to eat.Bookmark here

"Roy?" Takagi says.Bookmark here

"Hmm?"Bookmark here

"Are you going to participate in the 'Knight' entrance exam?" Takagi asks Roy with a curious look.Bookmark here

"Of course."Bookmark here

"You?" Atsushi says while almost bursting out laughing.Bookmark here

"..." Roy remains silent with a neutral face.Bookmark here

"Tomorrow, be ready, I will train you guys."Bookmark here

Roy's and Takagi's eyes sparkle with excitement upon hearing those words.Bookmark here

The next day,Bookmark here

Roy and Takagi are standing on an empty field. In front of them, Atsushi is standing carefreely.Bookmark here

Atsushi takes off the kimono he was wearing and starts caressing his beard.Bookmark here

"Both of you, come at me at the same time."Bookmark here

"Huh?" Takagi says with a confused face.Bookmark here

"No, I am not interested in a 'two vs one' fight." Tagaki turns back and starts to walk in the opposite direction but all of a sudden he turns around and throws his spear which is in his hand toward Atsushi. But his gramps catches the spear with his bare hands and throws it back towards Takagi; The rear end of the spear hits Takagi in his stomach and he falls on the ground.Bookmark here

"One weakling down, now it's your turn, Roy." Atsushi says with a smirk.Bookmark here

Roy starts to run towards his Atsushi.Bookmark here

"Here I go, Gramps!" He throws a fireball towards Atsushi. But Atsushi reflects the fireball; Roy is still running towards Atsushi; suddenly he jumps, "Take this!"Bookmark here

Roy's legs are covered with fire and he tries to kick Atsushi's shoulder but he catches his leg; Roy tries to kick Atsushi again with his other leg but he also catches his other leg. Atsushi starts to swing Roy in a circle; He throws Roy and he hits a wall next to Tagaki.Bookmark here

*THACK*Bookmark here

Atsushi goes closer to both of them and says, "You guys are way too weak. You guys can not pass the examination." He walks inside of the house while saying these lines.Bookmark here

"How is he that strong in his old age?!" Roy says with a baffled look.Bookmark here

"I-I don't know." Takagi replies while huffing.Bookmark here

"I thought I was pretty strong for my age...But I guess I am not..." Roys says with his head down.Bookmark here

...To Be ContinuedBookmark here

⁅ ZonePedia ⁆Bookmark here

Name: Atsushi Sho || Magic: UnknownBookmark here

Name Tagaki Sho || Magic: WindBookmark here

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