Chapter 0:


Elem the Elemental Hero

Hundreds of years ago in the times of old, monsters began wreaking havoc across the world. The humans of old having no way to combat these hideous fiends, looked to The wizards of old for their guidance and support.

“We shall not take part in human matters, you have to learn to face your own problems”

The humans pleaded with the wizards, seeing no other way to fight these mighty foes, but the wizards refused to give them support.

For 3 years the monsters ruled over the lands until a brave young man tried to step up to face the monsters. With nothing but a shield and sword in hand it was a hopeless battle. The monsters cut up his clothes with their long black claws, chewed off one of his legs and used snake-like creatures that came out of their backs to wound his arms, leaving him for dead after they were done.

“Not like this… I still have more fight left”

The young man was not ready to give up just yet, but the situation was devoid of hope, until the wizards of old showed up and used the spit of god to heal his wounds and even reattach his leg.

“You have a kind heart, young one, if you’re willing to shoulder the burden of saving all of humanity. We will grant you the power to do so.”

The young man, filled with hope, sat up, scratched the back of his head and gave a thumbs up.

“Well when you put it like that, there is no way I can say no!”

Thus began the ritul to fill the young man with power, a lot of wizards were sacrificed to pull it off. When the power finally entered the young man’s body, a shockwave of elemental energy shot across the world, filling newborns with strange never before seen power.