Chapter 1:

Peerless Martial God Chapter 1762 Cyan Dragon Totem

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Among the crowd around the battlefield, Yuwen Hou’s face was the palest. He was in charge of the Ji School Star Group, and such a shameful accident happened at this time. His face, of course, turned pale.

Pu Yang and Leng Xia ranked the fifth and the sixth in the People List respectively. They were also the second and third generals of the Star Group. Besides Ji Wuyou, they were the strongest. However, although Ji Wuyou was from the Star Group, it was because of Ji Chang, otherwise, he will not enter the Star Group. Thus, Yuwen Hou cannot command Ji Wuyou.

Lin Feng stepped on the body of Pu Yang. His face was twisted, and the blood constantly spat out from his mouth. He could have never thought he would be so miserable today.

Not only did he not think that. Other people did not expect that Lin Feng would act like this, either. Pu Yang must hate him. Yang Chuge felt sorrowful when seeing this scene. Lin Feng was really strong. If he was fighting, the consequence would not be much better.

"Hey, it seems that it’s impossible for these people to get the flood dragon. I must persuade him to enter our group." Yun Qingyan said with a smile, and the beautiful eyes twinkling.

"Go away!" Lin Feng kicked off Pu Yang. For a person like Pu Yang, Lin Feng didn't have any politeness and kicked him directly down the battlefield.

"This battle is finally over." murmured the crowd after seeing this scene. Since Pu Yang and Leng Xia were defeated, now the only person in respective of Ji School on the stage was Yuwen Jing. She did not need to fight anymore.

Lin Feng and Tian Chi marched toward Hou Qinglin and Yuwen Jing's battle circle. Although they did not release any Qi, it was just a threat to stand there.

Yuwen Jing was obviously affected by the atmosphere. When starting to fight, she was slightly scrupulous. After all, there were three strong people around her at the moment, not one. However, she could only brace herself to fight hard. She did not even start the fight with Lin Feng and Tian Chi. It was ridiculous for her to surrender. She cannot surrender on the stage of People List.

Hou Qinglin was not affected at all. The Asura Reincarnation Assassination became more and more strong. It raged around Yuwen Jing so that Yuwen Jing have a crisis of reincarnation at any time. The fighting situation became increasingly unfavorable to her.

"Stop!" a rolling sound trembled like a thunder at this moment, and the crowd became scared. The person who spoke up was Ji Wuyou. It seemed he was going to get involved in this battle.

The strength of Ji Wuyou was extraordinary. Some people said that with his current power, it was not a problem to destroy ordinary medium-level emperors. What’s more, he even had the ability to enter the Earth List. However, Ji Wuyou is very arrogant. If he is not sure to rank top in the Earth List, he will not try.

Some people also said that although Ji Wuyou ranked the first on the People List, even if several people after him in the ranking list fought against him together, they would lose. Although this had never been confirmed, it is undeniable that Ji Wuyou is very powerful.

Both Lin Feng and Tian Chi looked at Ji Wuyou, whose arrogance was likely integrated into his bones. It seemed what he said was the will and no one can disobey.

It was the first time Lin Feng had seen Ji Wuyou. He did not recognize who he was. However, even if he did not know, he can still felt the extraordinary strength of Ji Wuyou.

For people who have learned martial arts, some hide their abilities. For others, you can easily see how strong they are. Ji Wuyou is undoubtedly one the latter group, who shows his strength without any restraint.

"Another person of Ji School." Lin Feng saw Yuwen Hou who was next to Ji Wuyou. He was indifferent and ignored Ji Wuyou.

Tian Chi put his palms together calmly. He also ignored Ji Wuyou as if he did not hear his words.

As for Hou Qinglin, he can never be disturbed by other things in the battle.

The people around the battlefield were silent, but the encirclement of the battlefield remained the same. Ji Wuyou’words made the battlefield quiet but did not let the situation on the battlefield change. He was ignored.

"I said, stop!" shouted Ji Wuyou again. He stepped forward and woved like a strong wind.

"Is the battlefield of War King College so casual? Do we have to do whatever you say?" Tian Chi said with a sizzling sound. He was not happy. People of Ji School always obstructed them since they entered the War King College. It seemed you can only accept, can only surrender to them, and cannot be rebellious, otherwise, the strong people of Ji School will continuously come to tease them.

"I said stop and you must stop." Ji Wuyou had already set foot in the air, drifting toward the battlefield. The arrogant voice rang in the air-"I said stop and you must stop."

This guy is, as always, arrogant. But apart from his own talent and strength, his brother is all-powerful. Among the young generation of the Holy City, it seems that we can only compare him with Ying Cheng, the Champion of the Celestial Godly University, and Ji Chang never think highly of others. Although Ji Wuyou is younger than Ji Chang, Ji Wuyou’s strength is also amazing, who surprised the whole college when he firstly battled in War King College. Now he ranked the first of the People List, and new students cannot disobey his words.

"I said stop and you must stop."

Lin Feng’s eyes slowly turned and looked at Hou Qinglin and Yuwen Jing who were fighting. The was furious and burst out with a punch. The Purple Chariot screamed and smashed the sky, rushing towards Yuwen Jing at full speed.

"How dare you!" shouted Ji Wuyou. As he stepped out, a shining beam appeared behind him, a cyan dragon among the beams hovered like a totem.

"Cyan Dragon Totem, the soul of martial arts and talents of the Ji Clan. They can use the power of the cyan dragon so that they can possess infinite power like a real cyan dragon body." The crowd was scared when they saw Ji Wuyou's Cyan Dragon Totem. This was the unique talent of the members of Ji Clan. Ji Chang’s power is even more terrible, with nine cyan dragons hovering in the totem light. People said that this is more powerful than the King. With the supreme power of the cyan dragon, Ji Chang can defeat all other emperors.

"Dong!" Ji Wuyou stepped forward and suddenly the sky trembled, like a horrible wild animal, with infinite power.

"This person is very strong." Lin Feng thought when seeing this scene. The Cyan Dragon Totem and this person gave him the same feeling as the frost dragon that he encountered at the twelve shrines, giving people the feeling of infinite power.

Tian Chi’s frowned. He did also feel the strength of this person. He stepped out, and there was a golden Buddha statue behind him. Thirty-six palms were blended together and then turned into a golden Buddha’s palm, blasting out with supreme power.

"Hong!" Ji Wuyou opened his mouth and spit out a rolling sound. A cyan dragon roared out of his mouth. The surrounding air trembled wildly, and the dragon trembled in the wild, screaming, shaking the whole world.

"Open mouth and spit the cyan dragon." Everyone looked at Ji Wuyou and was scared. Some people who had not seen him fighting now felt the power of this person. Ji Wuyou is possessed with such strong power, and his brother Ji Chang would be much more strong. Except for Ying Cheng, there is no wonder that Ji Chang is regarded as the most powerful young man in the Holy City. Ji Chang had the potential to become the next Champion, but it might take numerous years.

"Boom boom boom!" The golden palm was shattered and collapsed into several golden nuggets, which were torn apart and collapsed in every corner of the sky, while the power of cyan dragon was still madly moving forward to engulf Tian Chi.

The huge palm was smashed from the body of Buddhism, and the power was fierce. It collapsed along with the cyan dragon. However, at this time, Ji Wuyou walked forward to Tian Chi and sneered: "You, such a crappy guy, dare not to listen to me. You are seeking death yourself!"

Then, the two palms of Ji Wuyou trembled, and numerous dragons screamed, opening an avenue in the sky and rushing to Tian Chi.

The ancient Buddha golden body was gathered together in a crazy way, and the endless palms were constantly being bombarded. However, the cyan dragon destroyed everything with unstoppable power.

A thorny sword smashed the sky. Tian Chi turned an ancient Buddha into a sword and brandished. Suddenly, the cyan dragon was collapsed, and the blood-spattered as if this was a real dragon, not a magical illusion.

"Get away!" Ji Wuyou punched into the face of Tian Chi. It seemed to be not a fist, but a horrible dragon, with infinite power.

With a banged sound, Tian Chi’s golden light burst, the body exploded, and the corner of his mouth overflowed with blood. Ji Wuyou’s physical strength was terrible, just like a real dragon.

When the two men fought, Lin Feng did not help. This was the battle of his Third Senior Brother. Even if it was defeated, it did not matter. Moreover, when Tian Chi went to war, Lin Feng also understood what Tian Chi thought. How can you feel the pressure of a collision if you did not compete with a strong person of this level?

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