Chapter 7:

6. naughty bathroom scene. two dudes sitting in a bathroom, five feet apart

Lost souls: Road to Godhood

When Lewis opened the door, warm steam immediately escaped the room, and Luz was excited for what awaited them.

The two entered the room, and what awaited them was overwhelming for Luz but probably underwhelming for my readers since it wasn't a roman bath. But it still retained some qualities of it.

As the steam slowly began to faze, and their view was no longer limited, Luz immediately stared at what awaited them.

The walls and the floor were out of white marble that was filled with cracks that only could be felt. The room was around ten square meters big and could be separated into two different areas. On the right side of the room were some toilets that looked like they were from the Middle Ages, while on the left side was the place where one could wash.

The washroom was actually pretty empty, and except for a couple of marble cubes with soft edges big enough to lie on, there was nothing unusual there. There was also a stove in the corner of the room with a large bowl of water above it.

By now, the two reached one of the marble cubes, and Lewis yawned loudly: "Time to take off your clothes."

Hesitantly, Luz asked while taking off his torn linen shirt, "Are there any curtains here?"

Lewis chuckled before giving him a frank: "No," as an answer. But he immediately followed up with: "Well, I'm not gonna look, that's for sure."

Luz sighed and took off his clothes before throwing them onto the marble stone.

"Damn, I really went inside the room with a bloodied shirt," muttered Luz after gazing az his clothes.

Luz's body, on the other hand, was not really extraordinary. He was not thin, that's for sure, but he was not fat either and did not have pronounced muscles. As Luz sat on the marble stone, questioning himself, 'what the hell he should be doing now and from where he is supposed to get the water,' he felt a sharp pain in his chest and groaned loudly.

After leaving Luz to his own, Lewis made his way towards the stove, where he pressed a few buttons to activate a mana crystal embedded in it.

"Hot water should be ready in a few minutes, muttered Lewis to himself while filling up the

"Yo, Lewis, how old are you," shouted Luz while sitting there awkwardly, trying to open a conversation.

"I'm 16, so ehm Lucifer… how long have you been a slave before getting bought?" replied Lewis as he tried to remember the newcomer's name.

His age shocked Luz as the former expected the petite man, who was half a head shorter than him, to be at most 15 years old.

Both his eyes and hair were hazel with a slight tint of red, which wasn't really dominant. But after starring at the young lad's face a second time, Luz really wondered: 'Is that kid really 17? His face was quite immature as it did not possess any masculine features. Hopefully, puberty changes that.'

Luz seemed to have fallen back into his thoughts as he caressed his short beard.

"Luzifer?" asked Lewis, as Luz's gaze still hadn't moved from his face.

Luz was snapped out of his thoughts and immediately apologized for his rudeness before correcting Lewis with an amused undertone.

"Well, I may look like a devil such as Lucifer because of the sticky blood on my body, but fear not, my name is Luz. As for your other question-,"

But before Luz could continue, Lewis cut him short.

"So my guess was right, and it really was blood. Is it human blood or the blood of animals?" asked Lewis. Before Luz could answer, Lewis immediately added: "Wait, forget it. I shouldn't be asking such sensitive stuff since we don't know each other that well."

"Nah, it's not that sensitive. But as for the blood, it's a mixture of beast and human blood. Do you want to hear the story behind it?" Luz casually replied while laying on the marble stone, awaiting his water.

Lewis gulped before commenting: "Well, maybe you truly are Lucifer. Anyway, but please continue, brother Luz."

"Well, I ended up in a forest, and I found a bitch whom I trusted too much, as naive as I was. Well, she seduced me, and while she did that, I realized that men were approaching us. But as brilliant as I was, I immediately pressed my knife against her throat. I threatened them that I would kill her if any of them took a step further," narrated Luz proudly while adding some lies into his story.

"Oh, and what happened afterward?" Lewis asked curiously.

"Well, I got hit by a big log against my head and fell unconscious. A day later, I woke up, chained by five chains, while my mouth was also sealed.

That wasn't enough for me to lose hopes, and I still managed to kill like three in such a state before I escaped," Luz continued nonchalantly.

"So did you escape?" asked Lewis with sparkling eyes before asking another question shortly afterward: "How did it feel to kill a human?"

"I escaped for hours before I got caught by one of these bastards who came back with Master Brian. The latter stole my kill," Luz replied with a sigh.

"As for your question, well, it was my first kill, and I wasn't so keen on killing anyone. But if something stands between you and your survival or future, one has to take care of it. Especially if it's something of such a magnitude. Maybe I will regret it, maybe not, as only the living can still regret their actions," continued Luz.

'If he doesn't see me like a cool and wise guy, I don't know what else,' thought Luz with a smile, and Lewis immediately jumped up while cursing loudly.

"What happened?" asked Luz as he was ready to help Lewis.

"It's nothing. I just forgot the water on the stove, and it should be at boiling point," admitted Lewis as he ran towards the stove.

Lewis closed the stove before filling two buckets with the boiling hot water.

As he walked back, Luz shouted across the room: "Yo, Lewis, what kind of person is Master Brian and also, tell me more about you too."

"One after the other. If we continue to stay so long here, some peeps may think that we are doing something naughty here," replied Lewis with a wink, making the half-naked Luz red.

"But I think it would be best for the narrator should answer your question in the following chapter," replied Lewis, whose eyes turned white.

⌜Author note: the last sentence is a joke, just in case someone takes it seriously.⌟

Seriko Lee