Chapter 4:

Interlude: Meeting Report

A Terrible Evil Villain And Their Destiny

As the robed figure watched Bryson leave the room, the robed cleaned up the tea set for a while. After some time, the robed figure collapsed onto the floor and curled into a ball, screaming silently.

Plume of light and flower petals appeared in the middle of the house. Zarall, the god of guidance appeared in the middle of the old messy room.

“I heard you just met the Coldwater boy. How is he?” Zarall asked the still screaming robed figure.

After a while the robed figure stopped screaming and rose back up. Brushing themselves off and pretended that the last minute did not happen. Fixing their clothes they replied, “I- he was… different from what I expected.”

“How so?” Zarall asked.

“There was that layer of diabolicalness with him. But… he doesn’t seem like a terrible person. You might have been right in helping him.” The robe figure reported.

“That is good to hear. Though it is curious that he got here first.” Zarall mused.

“About that… I believe it was due to whatever the stranger did to him as he was sent here.” The robed figure said.

“The stranger, as in the person Afa made a deal with?”


“Unfortunately, Afa never asked many questions about this stranger, and I have no means of meeting him, so currently all information I have is based on the archives.” Zarall said giving a small, frustrated sigh.

“I’m still not sure what he will grow up as.” The robed figure murmured.

“Oh, we will be watching and helping where we can.” Zarall said before turning around. “Though at the end of the day, it will be his decision, not ours or Afa’s. Now come, let’s go back.” With that the two disappeared in a plume of flower pedals.peared in a plume of flower pedals.