Chapter 1:

Upside-down for you, right-side-up for me

I was born literally upside down until...

It was on the 9th of September that my mother gave birth to me and by some mysterious force, I was born with a curse that turned my world upside-down, LITERALLY.

I had a dream in my sleep, a dream about my school days when I was still an Elementary schooler. 

I was introduced like an odd ball for just being upside-down unlike everyone else who are right-side up for me. Before I entered the classroom I can hear them murmuring about me until I entered. They went silent and looked at me like I was unnatural even though I am normal through and through, well, except that I am upside-down for them of course. 

"Hello everyone, my name is Jake Hammerfall-"

Yeah, my last name is weird, but it's understandable because my parents owned a construction company.

"As you can see, I am just as normal as you are so please treat me well, thank you."

Cringed and irritated by my introduction, one of my classmates threw a ball of paper at my head and to everyone's surprise, the ball bounced back on to the ceiling of the room and then silently fell at the moment the ball of paper stopped rolling on the ceiling. 

After a while of that interaction, the whole classes' expression of fear and confusion became joyful and giddy.

I was then accepted by them and treated like a normal person and for that I was very happy as it was my first time interacting with other people my age.

Then, a few days jumped by, another transfer student came to our school and luckily to our class. 

That transfer student was my childhood friend, Sarah who gave me hope and also the cause of my trauma.

When she introduced herself in front of everyone, everything was normal.

"Hello everyone, my name is Sarah-"

And then she stared right at me and continued with confusion,

"I just transferred here with my parents, we came from the city and are now living here within the Vacili street"

As she mentioned the street name, I then thought,

"Wait, they're the new neighbors that my parents were talking about?"

She continued,

"Please take care of me" then bowed.

The teacher then proceeds to pick a seat for her and then,

"But before that teacher, can I ask something?"

"Yes, what is it dear?"

As the teacher replied, she holds up her right arm pointing straight at me and asked

"Am I the only one seeing that?!"

Our teacher giggled and said,

"No, He is just your normal classmate here my dear."

"Oh, of course he's just my normal classmate-WHAAT?"

The whole class then bursts into laughter because she looked confused by the whole situation. But by her curiousness, our classmates including me answered her question bit by bit and she became close to everyone and to me like it was all natural.

Another days went by, as we found out that we really are neighbors,

"Whoaw this is amazing! Your house is amazing, you're amazing!" 

She was amazed by how our house that was refitted and adjusted just for me to live a normal life.

"I know, my parents really takes care of me and I'm grateful for that" 

as I have said that to Sarah, unbeknownst to me, my parents heard me across the living room near the door and cried a bit of happiness.

"Mom, Dad, my friend came by to say hello."

"Hello, my name is Sarah, I live next door. I am friends with Jake, nice to meet you."

"Oh my, you're welcome to come by anytime Sarah"

"Thank you ma'am, I have some gifts for you."

"Ohh? You're so generous! Thank you my dear and please feel free to call me Mom too if you like."

My mother smiled and got cheeky

"It's just a token of appreciation from my parents ma'am, I mean Mo-"

After that interaction, I interrupted them,

"That's enough mom you're embarassing me, come on let's play in my room Sarah"

"Call me if you need anything dear!"


As my mom said that, I gestured and we went to my room and played...

She came to my house almost everyday to play with me by playing video games (Video games that were costum made and adjusted just for him to play with his friends or his parents because his parents are super rich) and sort.

Some weekend later, Sarah became bored playing video games with me and had an idea.

ring, ring, ring


"I can't do that, I'm afraid I might fall to the sky!" 

Even though I am scared she still insisted and said,

"Don't worry, I've got an idea."

In order for me to go outside with her, her idea was that I wrap my waist with the other end of a blanket and the other end at hers' and that should atleast hold me down with her, it was so stupid but we still did it.

"Now, for the moment of truth."

As Sarah said that, she stepped outside while holding the blanket connected to me and continued,

"It's your turn Jake!"

My heart raced with fear and my ears felt hot as she said that, then she said.

"Hey, look into my eyes while you step outside you hear me?"

I nodded nervously and slowly stepped outside the door of my house being upside-down and all. 

At this point, no one can stop these two stupid children for his parents were out on a business trip.

Ring, Ring, Ring

As I slowly bring out my foot right out in the air, I felt a pull towards the sky and then looked at Sarah's eyes and bring out my other foot outside and closed my eyes. 

When I did that, I fell towards the sky but suddenly stopped as Sarah and I are connected by a mere blanket.

For a while I closed my eyes because I was scared and felt the shaking of falling and rising to the ground and then I hear her shouting,

"Hey Jake! Open your eyes! Look at what am I doing!"


As I opened my eyes, she and I were like floating just above the ground and the reason was that she tried to jump to see if she could somewhat float.

And they did. 

"Hahahahaha this is fun!" 

While laughing hard, she franticaly jumped as soon as they land.

"Stop that Sarah! Oooy!" 

Shouted my lungs out and my eyes became teary because of fear and regret.

It was all fun and games until we heard a tear.

It was from the center of the blanket.

"Sarah! Stop! Wait! Did you hear that?"

I asked. Then she stopped jumping..

"Heard what?"


"Oh no"

I then quickly grab the blanket towards Sarah, and she grabbed and pulled me down. As we are getting close to each other, the tear became larger and larger.

"Almost there hurry!"

"Yeaaah I know!"

As I was so close to her hand, the blanket was almost torn apart held together by an almost thin cloth of the blanket. 

"Come on! Grab my hand!"

I closed my eyes and was prepared to accept my fate until,


"Got you!"


Ring! Ring! Ring!


A minute later


While dizzy, I still opened my eyes and to my surprise, my head was layed on the lap of my childhood friend and she said.

"Thank goodness you're awake!"

She hugged me tightly and asked her,

"Why? What happened?"

Not realizing the situation, as he looked around her, the scenery looked weird to him even though they are currently back at his home. 

"Sarah, how the heck are you upside-down too?"

"I'm not upside-down stupid, you're right-side-up with me!"

"No no no no, that can't be"

As we got up, weirdly enough for me, I tried opening the door to outside and then...


As my vision of the outside got clearer, I realized that I trully am turned right-side-up and got really amazed by how much has changed just by being upside-down all my life until this moment.

"Is this what you see everyday Sarah?! This is amazing!"

"Lol, I know right? Look, I am very surpirised too that you suddenly fell on me! I was like, shocked there!"

"Really? Though I am very glad and thankful that you're here Sarah"

As I almost cried out of happiness she interrupted me and said

"Oh come on enough of that! Let's celebrate this event by playing outside!"

"Yeah! But first to be sure"

We decided to try my idea and grab a rope and we both tie each other on our waist like playing a train game.

"It's like we are playing a train game! Nice idea Jake!"

"Yeah thanks! Though I don't have an idea what's this train game you mentioned."

"You silly, let me show you!"

We then went around the street connected to each other by holding hands making sure that I stay right-side-up while having fun.

By the time we went home my parents were panicking because I was not in our house. 

"I'm home!"

My mother then quickly went to the front door and looked up and searched for me.

"Mom! Down here!"

When she looked down on us, she fainted.


"Dad hurry! Mom collapsed on the floor!"

My dad then rushed on where our voice was and then

"Honey, what happened to you? Jake what happened to her?"

"She looked at Jake, sir and then she went like that on the floor"

"Why though, Jake's just normal as I can see-"

My father also fainted by the shock.

Minutes later when they woke up, they scolded us for doing that stupid thing that lead to this moment and relaxed a bit when explained the situation. 

The night was almost up, so they let Sarah go home after we had dinner and surprisingly I stayed right-side-up even though she was no longer with me, so my parents were glad that happened.

Until morning came.

I found myself lying at the ceiling of my bedroom. 

"Ahhhh, it was just a dream..."

I got up, gone down stairs(went up in his perspective)and let my parents know that my curse was back.

As you'ld expect, they were saddened.

So they decided to ask Sarah's parents for help, which they agreed. 

The next day...

"Good morning, Sarah!"

"Good morning, Jake!"

She then lift up her hands trying to reach me, 

What is she doing?

Being surprised and confused, I reached her.

This time, awake, conscious, and nervous, I began to float slowly towards the ground while holding hands with her.


The sound of my shoe hitting the ground.

This is real?

My day was brightened again and I learned that Sarah really is my angel.

"Are you two tied up together now?"

"Yes" "Yeah"

"Okay then, take care both of you, I love you Jake"

"Okaaay, I love you too mom"

"We'll be going Ma'am!"

We then walked and held hands together towards the school while being tied up together by some red colored rope.

"Are you okay, Jake? You looked pale."

"Really? I guess I'm just nervous. Imagine the faces of our classmates in our school."

"Yeah, can't wait to see their faces."

When we both arrived, our school-mates stared at us in confusion until we entered our classroom and then.

"Good morning!"

"Sarah, good morning."

"What's that on your waist? Is that a rope?"

I slowly entered the room looking kind of shy and then.


"Is that you?"

"Whoaw, so this is your face right-side-up!"

"Touch me!"

Everyone in the class was shocked and amazed. Everything was so bright to me that whenever I looked at Sarah, my day became even brighter.

W-what is this feeling?

And so the following days went normal until..

"Guys, guys, aren't Jake and Sarah looked like lovers when they're together like that?"

"Oh yeah, how stupid am I to not notice that?"

It was recess time when someone called out Sarah.

"Hey, Sarah. Aren't you embarrassed that you two looked like lovers?"

They then ran away from her.

Sarah's joyful expression dissapeared and then turned around facing away from me and went silent.

"Hey, Sarah are you fine? If you're embarrassed by this, I can tell my mom that we should stop this. I've had my fun already."

"We're fine."

As she replied, the following days are again normal but those following days are the days where she's acting weird and silent around me like she's making her distance with me and then..

In the next morning, when I am ready to go, she's already at our front door waiting. So I opened the door and held my hands up. 

Looking at her, she seemed down and was not making an eye contact with me and then she said,

"I don't want to be seen together with you anymore!"

She then ran towards her home without looking back. 

Heart broken, I still uttered her name.


It was then that I realized that I loved her...


My whole vision then turned black and then woke up from my dream.

5 years later

I again found myself hanging on my bed nearly touching the ceiling as I woke up.

"Ugh, what a nightmare.."


"Mom! Your delivery is here!"

"Can you get it Jake? I'm kinda busy here!"

"Well, wheres dad then!?"

"He's in the comfort room!"



"Geez, alright already!"

When I opened the door,

"Yes? This is hammerfall reside-"

Being upside down as I am, I was the one who was shocked instead when this person suddenly grabbed my hand, and I instantly began to float towards the floor and went unconscious.

As I gained conscious a minute later, I opened my eyes a little and heard.


Who's this beautiful person?

"Get up already sleepy head"

Why am I laying on her lap? This feels familiar somehow...

When I got fully conscious, I immediately got up and bumped her head and fell down again.


"Ow, what the hell man? Are you crazy?"

As I looked up, I see a beautiful girl on her knees having short blond hair, wearing one tiny earring, a peached colored jacket and an above the knee skirt.

And as I fully see her face, I recognized it and mumbled.


I also just realised that I was right-side-up again and thought,

Yeah, this is the girl that turned my world upside down... literally.                     (In his perspective)

-End of chapter-