Chapter 32:

Chapter 26.5 Lusinda's Status Sheet

Transmigration to the Otherworldly Heavens

Lusinda Chapter 26

Name Eleonora Lusinda Eripmahd

Level 37

Potential LVL 49 (Vampiric Trait)

Race Elder Dhampire (Half Blood)

Titles Bloodworker, Butcher, Fallen Noble, Glutton, Guild Master of Adventurer’s Guild (Velia Branch), Itemwise, Lustful, Master of (..), Noble, Savior, Skillwise, Slothful

Household Eripmahd Vampire Court

Familiars Honey Bat (2), Night Cat (1), Vampiric Mouse (7)..

Harem 3 maidens <Restricted Data due to GDPR>

Statistics STR 18 DEX 29 VIT 71/71 HP

DEF 23 MDEF 19 MAG 47/47 MP

MIND 25 CHA 37 WIS 34

Skills Batfolk Transformation LVL 8, Blood Barrier LVL 9, Blood Manipulation LVL 6, Blood Regeneration LVL 11, Butchering LVL 10, Common Language LVL 5, Dagger LVL 11, Dungeoneering LVL 15, Etiquette (Velia) LVL 9, Harvesting LVL 6, Health Regeneration LVL 10, Living Blood LVL 5, Skinning LVL 9, Stamina Regeneration LVL 6, Vampire LVL 8, Vampiric Domination LVL 7, Velian Language LVL 9

Magic schools Blood Magic LVL 4, Cool Magic LVL 3, Creation Magic LVL 2, Information Magic LVL 5, Mind Magic LVL 7

Spells Appraisal LVL 5, Blood Burst LVL 6, Blood Javelin LVL 4, Charm LVL 7, Confusion LVL 6, Create Familiar (Blood) LVL 4, Freeze LVL 4, Identify LVL 3, Status Check LVL 4

Hobbies Drinking blood and alcohol, Sleeping

Luck High

Status condition Sleepy during the day

Crimes & Bounties none


Dhampire – Offspring of the normally infertile vampire and a mortal. First generation dhampires are considered pureblood. Each subsequent generation dilutes the blood and weakens vampiric traits.

Elder Dhampire – Dhampire of a higher rank of existence.

Honey Bat – Small winged mammal. A bat that feed on nectar of magical flowers.

Night Cat – Nocturnal predatory feline with innate ability to blend in with shadows.

Vampire – Template of any species possessing vampiric traits. The origin of vampires is not clear. They have an unknown relationship with other undead species.

Vampiric Mouse – small magical rodent with vampiric trait.

Vampiric trait – having blood as a part of a diet due to supernatural reasons. The power of a possessor of such traits rises with amount of blood drank. In such cases the potential level is calculated as if the creature has drank up to full stomach of high quality blood on top of reaching its full potential.


Bloodworker – be a master of blood magic. Advanced Class title of Mage.

Butcher – kill enough enemies in a messy way.

Fallen .. (i.e. noble) – achieved by losing certain titles.

Glutton – eat more than half of one’s own body mass per day on multiple days.

Guild Master – be a master of one of the guilds recognized by Heavens. Recognition depends on number of members and popularity.

Itemwise – learn sufficient amount of knowledge regarding various items regardless of Identify and Appraisal.

Lustful - desire others so much it is recognized and scorned by Heavens.

Noble – be of noble birth and achieve nothing more noteworthy. Common Class title.

Savior – save sufficient amount of sapient creatures from grievous wounds/fates.

Skillwise – learn sufficient amount of knowledge regarding various skills.

Slothful – laze around so much it is recognized and scorned by Heavens.


Batfolk Transformation – ability to transform into a batfolk. Shapeshifting Body skill.

Blood Barrier – ability to create shielding made of blood over whole body of the user. Blood may or may not belong to user. Body skill.

Blood Manipulation – ability to manipulate user’s blood. Higher levels allow to manipulate spilled blood as well as blood inside other beings. Body skill.

Blood Regeneration – increase of the rate of regeneration of mana compared to a standard human. Body skill.

Butchering – proficiency in butchering animals and monsters into useful parts. Technique skill.

Common Language - proficiency in speaking, reading and writing Common. Language skill.

Dagger – proficiency of using a dagger. Weapon skill.

Dungeoneering – expertise in delving in dungeons. Technique skill.

Etiquette (XXX) – proficiency in behaving socially as expected and accepted by the surrounding population (in XXX). Rhetoric skill.

Harvesting – proficiency in harvesting (detaching etc.) parts of plants. Technique skill.

Health Regeneration - increase of the rate of regeneration of health compared to a standard human. Body skill.

Living Blood – user’s blood gains life of its own. Spilled blood will automatically try to go back to host. Resistance to poisons, bleeding and blood control skills increases. Body skill.

Skinning – proficiency in removing skin, scales, plumage and other types of natural armor of animals and monsters. Technique skill.

Stamina Regeneration – increase of the rate of regeneration of stamina compared to a standard human. Body skill.

Transformation – ability to shift one’s shape to another. Shapeshifting skill.

Vampire – expertise in being a vampire and utilizing vampiric traits. Body/Racial skill.

Vampiric Domination – ability to dominate beings that have exchanged bodily fluids with the user. Body/Racial skill.

Velian Language – proficiency in speaking, reading and writing Velian. Language skill.


Blood Magic – magic of controlling blood and other life-bearing bodily fluids.


Appraisal – Throne System Magic – displays median price and name of an item or slave/tamed creature – Level Cap: 10 – Notes: lesser version of Identify spell-like.

Blood Burst – Blood Magic – creates a semi-controllable burst of blood – Level Cap: N/A – Notes: the blood may belong to either the caster or the target.

Blood Javelin – Blood Magic – creates and propels javelin made of blood – Level Cap: N/A

Charm – Mind Magic – improves the relationship between target and the caster – Level Cap: N/A – Notes: cannot be casted on self.

Confusion – Mind Magic – clouds the mind of the target – Level Cap: N/A

Create Familiar (Blood) – Blood / Creation Magic – creates a familiar with blood and optionally a corpse of target – Level Cap: N/A

Freeze – Cool Magic – drastically cools down target – Level Cap: N/A

Identify – Throne System Magic – displays information about an item – Level Cap: 10

Status Check – Throne System Magic – displays information about a living being – Level Cap: 10