Chapter 58:


The Master and The Slave

Years have passed.Bookmark here

A fully-grown young woman with double braided ginger hair while wearing an eye patch over her left eye, let out a small yawn. She leans her shoulder and head against the young girl with black, frizzy hair beside her. The frizzy-haired girl body jolts in surprise while checking the document in her hands.Bookmark here

"Miss Neya?" The frizzy-haired girl said surprised by the elf woman action.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry, Nel... I'm really sleepy. Can I borrow your shoulder a bit?" Neya said with pouty lip and puppy eye.Bookmark here

Nel let out a defeated sigh while the boy that is sitting in front of her let out a giggle, causing his blonde, thick bangs that are covering his eyes to sway.Bookmark here

Nel kicks the boy's foot to stop him from giggling, "Om, don't make me hurt you."Bookmark here

"Okay, okay," Om said while raising both his hand up then continues to sharpen the tip of one of his arrows.Bookmark here

The buildings change as Neya stares out of the carriage window, through the same window she can hear the bustling sound of the city. She can smell the delicious smoked beef that is coming from the market outside of the carriage. Her stomach growl while she let out a quiet groan.Bookmark here

"I want some food!!" Neya moan.Bookmark here

"We can't get some, Miss Neya. You are on a diet," Nel said.Bookmark here

"Nel... Pretty please," Neya plead with her puppy eye.Bookmark here

"We could get some fried lettuce on the way," Om suggested.Bookmark here

"Don't encourage her," Nel scold.Bookmark here

"Oh, come on, Nel. Loose up a little. Miss Neya has been in three different meeting with the King of Materna, the King of Targia and the trade ship captain from the dock since she left Outcast Sanctuary," Om reply.Bookmark here

"Fine... Princess Caretena is going to be pissed if she found out. You are supposed to watch your weight because you have a dance to attend tonight," Nel said.Bookmark here

Om knocks on the wooden wall behind him to signal the driver to stops the carriage. The carriage stops then it rocks back and forth as something heavy get off the carriage. The door open and reveal a cyclops woman that is standing on the other side of the door with a giant smile on her face.Bookmark here

"Why are we stopping, Chief?" Vizrez ask.Bookmark here

"We are going to some fried lettuce. Let's go, Vizrez," Neya said as she walks down the carriage step.Bookmark here

"Oh, can we get some chocolate cake along the way?" Vizrez ask.Bookmark here

"Sure," Neya said as she walks toward the plaza market along with Vizrez, Nel and Om.Bookmark here

"Miss Neya, since we have some time to talk. I want to know who are you going with to the dance, Kinnith or Vel?" Nel asks after she reaches closer to Neya's side.Bookmark here

"Nel... Why do you have to remind me?" Neya said.Bookmark here

"Miss Neya, you can't run away from it, sooner or later you will have to pick. Kinnith is so handsome and caring at the same time. He always emits a mysterious vibe when he is around while Vel has this rough look on the outside, but he actually a softie in the inside. A lot of woman in the camp are actually interested in him. So, which one you pick?" Nel asks.Bookmark here

"I don't know, both of them seem busy with their life, Kinnith with the Academy while Vel is training those new recruits. I don't want to bother them," Neya groans.Bookmark here

"If I were you, Miss Neya. I would pick brother Vel, he is so cool with a bow, and I can guarantee that he will take care of you," Om cut in on the conversation.Bookmark here

"Of course, you would pick Vel because he is your mentor," Nel said while rolling her eyes to the side.Bookmark here

Om let out a grin as he breaks away from the two of them, Neya smile as she saw the banter between the boy and the girl. She leans closer to Nel and whispers "So speaking of my love life, how about yours?"Bookmark here

Nel cheek rosy up as her lips pouts when she whispers back, "It's hard, Om is a little dense."Bookmark here

"Hang in there," Neya said while she pats the girl's head.Bookmark here

"So how about you, Vizrez?" Neya ask.Bookmark here

"I'm great actually, Venhana and I are going on a vacation next month," Vizrez said proudly.Bookmark here

When they arrive at the center of the plaza market, they were met with a beautiful small size statue of a man with no face, but have a ponytail, wears a butler's uniform while holding a staff. The statue stands proudly as it looks up at the sky, people can sense the peaceful aura that it gave off.Bookmark here

Neya remembers that this spot once had a Yana statue, they must have brought it down after the last war.Bookmark here

To people, the statue resembles no one they know because it was designed to pay respect to hundreds of men and women that die during the last war, but even if no one recognizes who it is, Neya knows who he really his. She bought a single Claryfair flower from a merchant near the statue, and place it amongst the flower that decorates beneath the statue, where names of the dead are carved into the pedestal.Bookmark here

Nel and Om gave Neya some privacy while Vizrez walks up to elf girl and place a comforting hand on her shoulder, "It's too bad that we can't find his body."Bookmark here

"It's fine, It's just a body. Besides, his soul is already with the one he loved," Neya said.Bookmark here

After Neya pays her respect to the man that she owes her life too, they went shopping for foods at the market. As Neya wanders around the market, she realizes that she had gotten herself separates with her group. While she tries to find her groups, she notices a familiar black hair girl enters an old building.Bookmark here

She couldn't get the girl off her mind, it's like she has seen her before, but she couldn't remember where. Without a second thought, she follows the black-haired girl into the old buildings. When she pushed the old door open, it squeaks loudly as the door swing to the side then her eyes are met with a big, rectangle, open space in the middle of the building, and hallway with column encircle it.Bookmark here

Neya recognizes what this old building used to be, it is a training school for gladiators, but since gladiator fight is banned by the king, the owner must have abandoned this place. Proof by the decades-old of neglect, the wall has lost it color after years of rain and heat. Visible holes in the roof can be seen from where Neya stands while grass has grown in the cracks of the wall and floor.Bookmark here

She walks to the middle of the open space, where a garden table and several chairs stood around it. The table looks new compared to the rest of the buildings, she turns her head when she heard the squeak noise of the door opening.Bookmark here

An older human woman with gray hair, brawny built bodied with a stack of heavy sacks over her shoulders stands in the doorway. She looks at the elf girl surprised by the sudden visitor. Neya then sees a couple of small children are hiding behind the woman leg, an elf, and a human. The children have no resemblance to the woman, so the woman couldn't be their mother.Bookmark here

"You both go on ahead and fetch some tea for us while I talk to our new visitor here," The older woman said to the kids after lowering the heavy sacks off her shoulders.Bookmark here

The kids run toward the kitchen in a hurry, the woman then walks closer to the elf girl and extend her hand for a handshake. Neya took her hand with her own and felt the tight squeeze from the woman before letting go. She was pleasantly surprised by how strong the woman is despite her age.Bookmark here

The woman took a seat at one of the chairs near the garden table and said, "Please take a seat."Bookmark here

After hearing the woman words, Neya took a seat facing the woman, the woman then asks "You're not from the gang, right?"Bookmark here

"Gang?" Neya let out.Bookmark here

"Yes, the Moonsky gang. The one who has been collecting protection fee from this area," The older woman said,Bookmark here

"I'm not from any gang, I accidentally wander in here," Neya said.Bookmark here

"I see, if you are not from the gang, then welcome to Sunrise Home for the orphans. My name is Adosinda, I'm the caretaker of this humble abode," Adosinda said proudly.Bookmark here

"Adosinda? Where did I hear that name before?" Neya said.Bookmark here

"I used to fight in the gladiator arena before it was banned," Adosinda said.Bookmark here

"I don't think it was that... Never mind, maybe it will cross my mind one day. May I ask, why did you open an Orphanage?" Neya ask.Bookmark here

"After the war and the new law, a lot of kids become parentless, and they need a new home. I thought to myself, why don't I open one, and I did. I came back to the Kingdom and buy out my old gladiator school then turn it into a place for orphans to call home," Adosinda said.Bookmark here

"A noble task," Neya comment.Bookmark here

"I'm actually an orphan myself, the gladiator school raises me, and I once raised a weird orphan boy before I left," Adosinda said.Bookmark here

The two kids came back with a wooden tray of teapot and cup. They place it on the table and Adosinda pats their head as a reward while letting one of them sit on her lap. "Where is Sister Alasse?" Adosinda asks the little ones.Bookmark here

"Big sis doesn't want to come out."Bookmark here

"Why is that?" Adosinda asks, and the kids replied with a shrug of their shoulders.Bookmark here

The little one pours some tea for Neya then with a smile and thanks you, she takes a sip of that tea. Her eyes open up in surprised as she tastes the tea, she couldn't believe it, a tear escapes her eye and drips down to her cheek. She let out a smile as she tries to hold in the tear, Adosinda looks at the elf girl surprise by her sudden teary eye.Bookmark here

"What's wrong?" Adosinda ask.Bookmark here

"The tea, it's the same taste. I had someone who I owe my life too and once raise me. He loves to make tea, and his tea tastes the same as yours. How is it possible?" Neya ask.Bookmark here

"Hmm... Could it be? May I ask, what is his name?" Adosinda ask.Bookmark here

"Nesto Fasheir," Neya mutter his name.Bookmark here

"Fasheir... My full name is Adosinda Fasheir. I raised that man," Adosinda said.Bookmark here

"Now I remember, he once told me about you," Neya said as she wipes the single tear away.Bookmark here

"What happens to him?" Adosinda ask.Bookmark here

"He passed away... protecting me," Neya answer, as her smile fall flat.Bookmark here

"Nesto has always put others before himself, that boy... I hope it was painless," Adosinda said as she wipes the tear forming on eyelids.Bookmark here

The kids look at the old woman with worry in their eyes, Adosinda swipes their concern away when she rubbed the top of their head. The door opens again revealing three familiar people, Vizrez, Nel and Om.Bookmark here

"Miss Neya?! Thank the world, we found you. You are late for the meeting with the Queen, lets haste," Nel said while the feeling of relief floods her head.Bookmark here

"It seems my times is up. Adosinda, can I visit here some time, I would like to hear more about Nesto's past," Neya asks as she gets up from her chair.Bookmark here

"I would like to have you come to visit us sometime," Adosinda said.Bookmark here

"Thank you," Neya said as she walks toward her friends.Bookmark here

"Neya!" Adosinda called out, and the elf girl stops then turn her head around, "I still don't know more about you, but if Nesto raised you. He did a good job, and he would be proud of you."Bookmark here

Neya turns her body and bows her head to the woman. When she raised her head back up, a grateful smile appears on her face, then she turns around again and keeps walking toward her friends. They left the building and walk down the street toward her carriage where she boards it.Bookmark here

"Who was that?" Nel asks.Bookmark here

"I will tell you along the way, but for now can we stop at Tinevic first. I want to visit him." Neya said as she stared out of the window.Bookmark here

*Bookmark here

Tinevic.Bookmark here

Two well-kept tombstones stand side by side on a small hill filled with blue flowers that are growing around it, and a single tree stands behind the tombstones. The warm breeze brush against the leaves, peaceful and serene. Such a beautiful day like no other.Bookmark here

Two names carved on the tombstones.Bookmark here

Nesto Fasheir and Eilna Liatris.Bookmark here

A slave.Bookmark here

A noble girl.Bookmark here

A father.Bookmark here

A knight.Bookmark here

A butler.Bookmark here

A lover.Bookmark here

These names are what they used to be. but now they are just two souls resting here.Bookmark here

From afar, when someone looks upon this hill, they will see a glimpse of two souls leaning against each other while sitting under the tree, loving one another.Bookmark here

Finally, together.Bookmark here

-The End-Bookmark here

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