Chapter 1:



Smoke, ash, and fire were the only things Liam-31 could see when he woke up.Bookmark here

Laying down in the rubble, his armor was able to keep him protected from the shrapnel and fire that attempted to injure his body. Dizzy and confused, Liam-31 attempted to move from his position, but his armor prevented him from doing so.Bookmark here

"Run diagnostics..." He spoke, as his armor's visor began to light up, projecting texts of encrypted code before attempting to run diagnostics.Bookmark here

"The armor's core has cracked and is no longer usable. Another core is necessary in order to maintain full use of armor. Find one immediately." The A.I, named ANTI, in his visor spoke, as Liam-31 got up in pain in order to observe his surroundings.Bookmark here

From what he remembered, his plane containing four other Bastion's crash landed somewhere distant from their specified location, and without any means of transportation, meant that survival would not be guaranteed as there is no communications towards the National Space Alliance, the alliance created on the moon in order to reclaim Earth.Bookmark here

"Are there any signs of active Bastion Units in the area?" Liam-31 asked ANTI, as he continued to move around the rubble in order to search around the plane crash.Bookmark here

"Searching...", ANTI spoke. "...No signs of active Bastion units located."Bookmark here

"Damn..." Liam-31 muttered. Not knowing if the other Bastion Units that were with him were dead or had moved from the plane crash, Liam-31 discovered what looked to be the plane's rear, where he was stationed to land from.Bookmark here

Turning on the light from his visor, he stepped into the rear, searching for anything that could help him survive. Without a core for his armor, he would not be able to have full access to his armor's abilities, and without weapons, he would have no means to defend himself from the creatures that roam Earth.Bookmark here

From the distance, he could hear the voice of an A.I. Although full of static, he was able to identify what it was saying repeatedly, "ERROR".Bookmark here

Moving towards the sound of the A.I, he found hope, and also despair.Bookmark here

The deceased body of one of the Bastion units, otherwise known as Owen-84. Bookmark here

His armor was covered in dirt, cracks forming across his entire body. His visor was smashed, leaving only a broken ERROR message to be displayed, flickering on and off.Bookmark here

Liam-31 didn't have any words to say. He knew that Owen-84 was no longer with him, but his gut twisted with sadness, the feeling of losing one of his friends, his brothers, was like nothing else he could have imagined.Bookmark here

With no other options, Liam-31 searched Owen-84's body to look for his armor core, which were located in the back of their helmets.Bookmark here

Liam-31 ripped the core from Owen-84's helmet, taking off his own core to place the new one inside the socket.Bookmark here

His visor flickered with endless amounts of encrypted code, before finally flashing a single green word, "Online".Bookmark here

A small rush of hope filled Liam-31, as with his armor at full capability, he now stood a greater chance of survival on Earth.Bookmark here

Luckily as well, Owen-84 had been holding what looked to be an auto rifle, a shotgun, and a pistol on his person. Grabbing the weapons from his body, Liam-31 left the plane's rear, searching for the best destination to move towards.Bookmark here

"Where am I right now?" He asked ANTI before it started to speak through his visor.Bookmark here

"Location unknown." It spoke, before clearing the visor, only the light illuminating Liam-31's view.Bookmark here

Reloading the auto rifle he held in his hand, Liam-31 had no option but to move west from his position. He was the only unit still alive in his squad, and his mission was still clear as day:Bookmark here

Reclaim what was once Humanity's.Bookmark here



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