Chapter 11:

10. I got an older sister now

Lost souls: Road to Godhood

The gentle flipping of book pages was heard by Luz while the elf in front of him put on reading glasses.

What amazed Luz the most in the situation was how well her multi-tasking was. Not only did she take measures and note them down with magic, but at the same time, she also began tailoring. It seemed like she was a god in this place and that everything was under her control.

"So, tell me what happened to your mana core. I'm an elf which is why I have a way easier time sensing mana than regular humans," she explained casually while shifting her stern gaze to Luz.

Luz gulped at the words. 'An elf? I thought these were legends told by the village elder?' shot through his head.

'But if I think about it, I can definitely spot a few differences between her and the average human.' Luz thought while glancing at her body.

The key differences were how her face was shaped, the shape of her ear, and her eyes. Also, their body morphometrically differed from that of a human.

Luz sighed before telling her how he used a forbidden spell that the crisis he faced forced him to use a magic spell that ended up hurting his mana core.

But to Luz's surprise, the story seemed to hit the elf girl on an emotional level, as she immediately hugged the young lad and almost cried.

"My body," groaned Luz in pain as he feared for his bones to crack under her hug.

The girl picked Luz up and took a turn as if Luz were a three-year-old child.

'That must be how my younger brothers felt when I did the same thing to them,' thought Luz while praying that she wouldn't break a bone of him.

"So virtuous," she sobbed loudly and proudly before letting him back on his feet.

"I thought that old geezer had gone soft and started accepting servants who didn't deserve to be here. But I was wrong. That old man still knows who deserves to be accepted."

After stating that, she patted Luz's back softly without putting much strength into it. For Luz, however, it felt as if she did her best to almost break his spine with her patting.

'Are you trying to kill me?' thought Luz while suppressing his urge to ask her that question. In the end, he couldn't do anything against it except grit his teeth and hope for the pain to fade away.

"So, Luz, was your name right?" she asked before turning her back onto Luz so she could focus on her workbench.

"Yes, it is," Luz commented while looking over her shoulder, seeing a lot of colorful materials, which weren't limited to just fabrics. There were a lot of different materials that Luz barely recognized at most 1% of it, ranging from mana crystals to beast hides to beast blood.

"My memory seems to be good," she muttered to herself before continuing with, "Luz, you can call me elder sister or Liv, but I prefer to be called elder sister."

"Ok elder sister," Luz silently replied as his gaze was fixed at the magic happening in front of him.

"Well, since you went through hardships like your elder sister, she'll be putting efforts into tailoring your clothes since my siblings deserve the best," she commented.

'Do I have plot armor or something like that? How else did I win the trust of that emotionally unstable mage so quickly?' wondered Luz before quickly putting these thoughts away in paranoia.

'Maybe she can read minds or something like that. Elves are special creatures overall,' Luz continued thinking while watching how his new elder sister tailored him a few pieces of clothes.

It took a few hours till Liv finished tailoring his clothes, and Luz had by now fallen asleep.

"Young lad, wake up," she commented while pinching the latter's cheek after finding out that he had fallen asleep.

The pinch hurt Luz so much that it jolted him awake.

"Well, that's better," she stated before shifting her gaze back to Luz, showing him five sets of clothes for different activities.

A few sets of clothes began floating in the air, and Evi continued with her explanation.
"Since you'll be working in different places, ranging from the fields to the wet forest to a servant in the estate, I made five different sets.

These sets range from leather armor that should withstand spells from beginner mages to regular shorts and shirts for fieldwork that don't get dirty too quickly. Also, I added a few elements to your servant uniform that shouldn't be noticed at first glance," commented Liv casually before flicking her fingers.

Runes immediately began to light up on all clothing sets, shocking Luz.
Only now did Luz realize that all of these pieces of clothing, from the black leather armor to the black suit to the general attire, had something in common. They all had an insignia on the right chest side, which depicted a golden double-headed eagle.

'that must be the estate symbol,' thought Luz before trying on all of these sets, which fit him.

"Perfect," commented Liv while yawning. "Since we are finished here, let me introduce you to a person who could help you with your mana core," muttered Liv before the two silently left her workroom and left the building.

The atmosphere was peaceful, and Luz saw a few birds bathing in a fountain while children younger than him casually chatted and cleaned the garden there.

Just like inside the estate, marble statues were everywhere depicting scenes ranging from two people fighting to scenes from lost civilizations.

The two walked along a cobblestone path past those servants while Liv introduced him to the estate. Only after a twenty-minute walk did they reach on the outskirt of the estate a mage tower that looked like it was on the brink of collapse.

Upon spotting it, Luz grew uneasy and asked, "Are you sure this is the right place? The building looks like it's going to collapse at any moment."

Liv nodded before sighing loudly: "Yeah, we are right. That bastard is too stingy and neglects maintenance because that costs a lot."

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