Chapter 12:


Lost souls: Road to Godhood

"So for what are you waiting? Just knock on the door Luz. Or are you scared?" chuckled Liv, his newfound elf sister, as she looked down at Luz in amusement.

Shaking his head, Luz replied: " I'm definitely not scared…"

"So why aren't you knocking then?" threw Liv back, not letting him finish his sentence.

Luz merely gritted his teeth before answering her question as nicely as possible instead of telling her what was really going through his head.

"WELL, you see… I don't even know the person. Shouldn't you knock and introduce him to me?"

Their bickering continued for a few minutes, and it seemed like none of them wanted to knock on the door. Their quarrel was so loud that the annoyed owner of the house rushed down personally from his laboratory to take care of the noise.

An irritated 25-year-old man ripped open the squeaking door while cussing loudly: "LISTEN HERE, YOU LIL SHIT. EITHER YOU KNOCK ON THE DOOR OR GET THE FUCK OUT OF…"

Before he could continue, Liv cut him short by shouting: "WELL, THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR NOT BOTHERING INSTALLING ANY NOICE REDUCTING MEASURES."

The man didn't even bother glancing at Luz, and his stare remained on Liv before he slowly moved his hand towards her face.

"Wait!? What are you going to do!?" stammered Liv, breaking the intense eye contact she had with the man seconds ago.

However, the man had a grin going from one ear to the other as he grabbed her rosy cheeks.

The man pulled up the whimpering elf and cursed: "You are just getting the treatment you deserve for still being so lenient on your studies as a goddamn 23-year-old brat."

Liv whimpered: "Please…Let me down. I didn't mean it like that. I swear."

The man merely shook his head, replying in amusement: "and what if I don't let you down?"

"Then you will regret it," replied Liv, before shouting loudly: "SEXUAL HARRASSMENT."

Furious and embarrassed at the same time by her action, the man immediately threw the girl into his tower before kicking the door closed.

"Have those two forgotten that I exist?" grumbled Luz, flabbergasted, slamming both fists together.

Fortunately for him, the gods answered his prayers, and the magician immediately opened the door before dragging him inside as well.

The mage carried two younger mages, each with one hand, the stairs up, and Luz felt like a child as he couldn't escape the grip of that monster. He released his grip only after climbing the stairs and reaching the reception room.

The two young magicians fell with a thump, and the man merely commented in a cold tone while glaring down at the two: "Tell me, greenhorn, what's so important that you didn't want to discuss it outside? And who the hell is the other greenhorn?"

Liv remarked with a grin: "I knew that you wouldn't be that stupid. Anyway, I need your help, my dear uncle Simon.~"

"No. I don't want to help you. Just ask Master Brian to take care of it." replied Simon without batting an eye. Master Simon knew from the moment he saw her smile that her request would not be a simple one. Participating in her bidding wouldn't do him any good.

"WAIT, AT LEAST HEAR ME OUT," shouted Liv in desperation on her knees as she mustered a puppy look on her face in hopes of changing Simon's mind.

He wasn't really swayed by her innocent puppy eyes but rather by his own curiosity and replied: "Fine… tell me. I'll try helping you as much as possible."

Master Simon slumped down onto a wooden chair and gestured for the others to join him.

As the others joined the table, teacups began flying from the room before gently landing in front of them. Luz was amazed by what was happening as Master Brian filled their teacups with tea from midair. To his surprise, no drop landed on the white silk tablecloth.

Liv reached for her porcelain cup and told Simon, who was taking a sip of tea, about Luz's problem.

"To keep it short, my dumbass brother used the teleportation spell and strained… well, probably cracked his mana core."

Simon spat out his tea in shock before yelling: "ODEBUS. COME HERE. IMMEDIATELY!"

"Sorry, Liv. Did I understand it right that this greenhorn used a teleportation spell?" asked Master Simon with a raised eyebrow as he mustered Luz.

The latter felt a shiver run down his spine as it felt for him that no secret of his body was safe from his greedy eyes.

Master Simon had a carefree demeanor even though he looked like a zombie whose body was running on nothing but caffeine, as one could clearly see the bags under his arctic blue eyes. His glances felt as if he could see right through one's soul. As for Simon's face, there wasn't really anything else remarkable as his skin bore no scars like the one from butler Alfred.

Well, Master Simon also had short blond hair. But as the narrator, I believe that's not something too remarkable. Blue eyes and blond hair… just like the master race.…WAIT, that's the wrong novel. Please forget what I just said. Anyway, let's continue.

As Master Simon was thinking about how he could help Luz, a flying and shrieking monster shot across the room and landed on his shoulder.

"Ignore that creature," commented Master Simon with a sigh, and after a quiet minute, he stated: "Well, Liv. I'm going to scan Luz mana core, and after that, I might think about a solution. You can leave the young man here and continue whatever you were doing."

Liv nodded before whispering into Luz's ears: "you gotta take me out to dinner as compensation for saving your life, young lad.~"

"Well, I heard it," commented Master Simon with a dry voice before adding: "If I end up saving Luz, he gotta take me out to dinner and not a brat like you."

Seriko Lee