Chapter 10:

Comprehension and Apprehension

White Parasite

The girl ducked as Luna came from behind her, barrelling into the woman with their furry body. When the fox landed from this attack, they had morphed into their humanoid form.

"This is starting to become out of hand," Luna addressed the magical girl in green, then the one in blue, with ever-cold eyes.

"Out of hand? You've got that right, Senhor Luna. If these police are after me, then Paula must do you say this in your English? Blagged?"

"Blabbed," the girl chipped in, smashing the broomstick into her torso simultaneously. "Even still, what's your motive?"

"A peaceful world for Paula and myself. Us and us alone. Isn't that what anyone and everyone wants, senhora?" Natalia raised a forming water orb above her head using one hand, using another fully-formed one to shoot a stream of water and break Christie's broomstick with the other.

"This motive appears to be perfectly full of good intentions. There is nothing wrong with it," Luna verbally analysed this previous statement while the woman snapped the broomstick by the pole, close to where the bristles were tied. Unbeknowst to Natalia, Christie had only just created a net and had used the broom to set up a position where the net would be triggered.

Bullets came flying from the policemen's guns and Luna created a shield from bulletproof glass to protect themself and Christie. The lady smirked when the gunfire penetrated multiple points on her left side, including a clean hole through her hand and a half-penetration through the lower forearm.

She held the injured arm to the light. Already, the white blood cells and bright red blood could be seen at work, causing some of the policemen to scurry.

Natalia created a moat around her while the others were distracted, but she did not see that she had simultaneously triggered the net (the one Christie had created earlier) to fall.

The girl sent her triumphant fist into the air and grabbed Luna, who gazed into her eyes with a slight reluctance.

"Hey, if you want to learn about humans you have to learn about this too!" she complained to the humanoid figure. Christie brought her fist back down and stuck it close to Luna's hands. "So, this is what humans call the 'fistbump'. Place your knuckles on mine." The humanoid cocked their head but nonetheless did as they were told.

"What a pointless human activity..." the figure in white mused, staring out at the setting sun that was only just disappearing over the horizon.

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