Chapter 2:

Rik & Gavin filler "Watermelon"

World Break: Shattered Reality

Rik and Gavin both come from West City, one of two major cities C.U.G own. As the war between the Yin and Nara becomes worse, more and more people/families are moving out of the city to have a safer life. Rik is a middle aged man with a family of 2 both boys, his wife suggested they move and Rik agrees. As Rik gets his family together for the big move there's 1 more person planning on doing the same thing and his name is Gavin. He’s 25, works a dead end job, no family, friends, anyone. He struggles to sleep, work is all he can think about “How am i going to pay rent? What am I going to eat? Will I get fired?” Are all questions Gavin asks 24/7. The next day Rik and his family begin the trip towards C.U.G, they pass by Gavin. Rik’s wife says “Isn’t that one of your co-workers? You're not going to say bye?” Rik “I don't know that kid, he's a good worker but he always looks sick, almost dead…”. Gavin approaches his job, a small smile appears on his face “Time to get to work!!!!”. He takes 1 step …………BOOM, the whole building explodes. Gavin is sent flying backwards, he looks up, no words leave his mouth, tears begin, he drops to his knees slamming his fist into the ground. Help makes their way towards the explosion, people screaming, sirens blaring, people approach Gavin “Are you Alright Sir? Were you hurt?” Gavin looks at them and speaks with the most serious tone “Wh.. wh…. Where am I supposed to work now? I Have nothing!” The people around him slowly walk away “Yeah he’s crazy.” Gavin walks home, when he enters his apartment he looks around, no pictures, no décor, nothing. He sits down “If I don't get my money up I'll lose everything. EVERYTHING!” He starts getting paranoid, he stands from the chair and begins to pace his crib he started at 5:00pm and continued until 9:00am. “I got it!” He says “All I have to do is find a new job so I can get my money up and keep all my stuff. Now what job to look for?” He remembers hearing someone at the job saying there's some good/new job in C.U.G that are hiring, So that's his plan, head to C.U.G, find a job, and work some more.

3-5 months later

Rik “Well, the job really isn't what I wanted but it does pay well, Boss Man gave me a nice shift and I got benefits for me and the family. The catch I guess you could call it, is that I sell Cubed Watermelon, weird right? O, and I also get to bring home some too, lowkey it's a really good job!”

Later That day

Gavin “Time for me to head to work, it's 4:30, it takes me about an hour to get there, same as the last job.” Gavin starts to get ready. He makes himself a bowl of cereal and counts the number of spoons it takes to finish the bowl. 14, “damn, my high score was 9 (average bowl size) well let's finish up. At 5:00pm he heads out the door. “Should make it there in 45 mins, let's go!” He picks up a medium jog for 45 minutes until he gets to the job. As he enters Rik walks out, Gavin says “Aye can i talk to you for a second Rik?” Rik “Yeah, what's up bud?” “You trying to change shifts, the morning shift is so much better, and you have the afternoon to do shit!” Rik”.................. No, I spend the afternoon with my kids and wife, I need those hours sorry.” he turns and starts to walk away….. Gavin “Well then, let me ask again. You're going to change shifts with me okay!” Rik turns around “ Boi, what you trying to do here ain't right, now you better watch ya mouth here me boi!” Gavin goes for a quick jab, but Rik blocks it, then steps back and takes off his jacket. Gavin “ okay I see you old man, lets see what you got I have 10 mins, Rik “TF, 10 mins, i finna beat ya ass boi!”

10 mins later

Rik damn it really did take 10 mins, you alright kid? Gavin ``yeah it's all good I'll get you tomorrow.” He slowly gets up, and goes inside the store. Rik “wtf, is wrong with that kid.”