Chapter 4:


World Break: Shattered Reality

ARC 1- ANBU ARCBookmark here

YeaR 204(Month 5)Bookmark here

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Narrator- 2 hours north of C.U.G, 100 invited government officials gather. The end of winter is near as the sun rises off in the distance providing a lil heat, Drew stands shivering “Fu..Fuc… F..FUCK It’s cold!” Drew wipes his nose and starts to look around to see if knows anyone. He checks behind him and sees the guy that pressed Ay, Drew calls for him “Mr. Leon!” Leon turns around “Aye, I remember you. You're that smart kid!” Drew laughs a lil “Yeah, Ay can be kinda stupid sometimes, but anyways you got invited too Mr. Leon.” Mr. Leon “Yeah, I’m here for rank points so that I can rank up. But if I’m being honest It looks kinda boring, like who tf are these people……”(he continues to talk shit for a bit) as a few more people show up Drew checks the time, It’s 7am the event is supposed to start soon. A few more minutes pass and in the distance a loud noise can be heard, The 100 guest start to look around, trying to find where the noise is coming form. One guy yells and points south at the sky “Hey, what the fuck is that!” Everybody looks up and in that direction, It’s a massive flying ship coming from that direction. As It draws closer a figure Is seen to jump off, in a matter of seconds the figure smashed into the ground. As the snow and dust mixture settled, the figure became visible. Drew starts to feel an over amount of Materia, the figure speaks “Well, nice to meet yall again, let's keep the introductions short this time. I’m OG current leader of C.U.G, today is the day to show your strength, passion, and heroism.” Drew starts to think to himself “Damn, all my training and I’m still nowhere near his power, It’s like he has unlimited potential.” Drew starts to get nervous, Mr. Leon pats Drew on the back “Aye, It’s okay. Imma say this, there are far stronger people In this world don’t let one measly leader scare you!” Drew takes a deep breath “Thanks!” OG “Alright I ask that all questions are saved till the end. Alright, yall have been individually invited to this event to show off your hard work and to show you're ready for more! I’m creating a team with a special task at hand so do your very best! Time to explain the event so listen up, I'll only say this once Mr. Leon!” He looks up and smiles “I’m Listening OG sir” OG picks up where he left off “So, the task at hand is a 100 man battle royal, (the crowd starts to whisper), Everyone should have gotten a coin with their invitation correct?” All 100 participants pull out their coin and raise it in the air. OG “Good, this coin is worth your very life. The objective of this event is to collect as many coins as you can within a 1 hour time limit. I don't care how you get the coin, just collect and last till the very end. (The crowd starts to get anxious) OG “Simmer down yall, I also have a lil reward for the top 5. The reward is a chance to be selected by one of the S Captains* and work for the private division and help protect the country, this is an excellent opportunity to gain experience in the field and leadership as well. Maybe even some extra promotion points. (the crowd erupts with excitement) a random guy in the crowd screams out “Aye OG sir, let me get this straight. All we have to do is take coins from the others here and last 1 hour? And when you mean by any means do you truly mean that? OG looks at the sky “Look around you, (the crowd starts to look) It's just you guys here, nobody else. There’s nothing stopping you, not me, people, rules, morals, This is a test to see if you can complete the mission no matter what! Now before we start, maybe some motivation will help. CAPTAINS! And in an instant 4 more people jumped from the flying ship, they landed. Drew “WOW, not going to lie. That was kinda cold.” Mr. Leon “Keep watching!” As the 4 captains land, the crowd goes quiet. One of the captains steps forward while the other 3 stay posted behind him. Drew takes a good look at him, he’s wearing a dark gold armor set, covered in cuts and scratches. The man then unsheathes his sword and points at the sky, he speaks “FORMATION! MOVE!” And in an instant, all 100 people formed up in a uniformed fashion. The Captain then takes his sword and thrusts it into the ground, a small crater is made at the point of impact, the man then takes his helmet off and places it on the pommel of the sword. As he stands behind the sword he scans the group of people, he shakes his head and starts to speak “MY NAME IS CAPTAIN J! I’m 1 of the 5 S Captains of C.U.G. Today you’ll be tested not only for strength, intelligence, ability, but also how you carry yourself in and out of battle, your decision making will be very important if you want to make it to the top 5. But if I'm going to be honest, I see no potential in any of you. You should all just die during this waste of time and energy!” Drew gets salty. He wants to say something, he wants to stand up for his fellow comrades but just before he was able to speak Captain J speaks “But, there is 1 who shows potential, I can say for sure every Captain and OG are going to watch. Zackiray Johnson, step to the front!” Drew, shocked, begins to think to himself “WTF!!! What is Zack doing here? He’s not even 16. How did he get here? Where’s father? WTF!!!” As Zack approaches the front he takes a knee in front of Captain J, Cap speaks “This young man right here, should be what yall strive for. Stand Zack and show them what I'm talking about!” Drew confused as fuck watches, as Zack Stands he turn around. He puts his feet shoulder width apart, Zack starts to scan the crowd and finds Drew towards the back. Their eyes meet, Drew still shocked on how the fuck he got here, gets lost in though. Zack then starts collecting Materia, the snow starts to spin around him, after a few seconds the air starts to get heavier and heavier, his hair begins to flow freely through the air. The crowd was too stunned to speak, all that power coming from 1 person and a kid at that. Captain J taps Zack on the back “AHAHAHAHA! Good shit young man, I expect a lot of good things from you! Now you see what a few years of good training will do, Now let me show you what YeaRs of battle experience gets you!” And in a mere instant, the same feeling from before multiplied. It became extremely hard for Drew to stand let alone breathe, even Mr. Leon was having trouble. Some people in the crowd begin to pass out. OG “Alright, I think they had enough Cap.” Captain J “YES SIR!” And just like that, the overwhelming pressure is gone, Drew starts to think to himself “WTF! Not only is Zack here and strong as hell, but now there's people like this in the world.” Captain J starts to speak again “ That was just a taste of a Captain's power, if you were to put a number to it, I’d say that's 2% of my power! HAHAHAHA!” The other Captains behind them roll their eyes, OG steps forward and speaks “Okay then, the people still standing (about 60-70) you pass the first test. There are a lot of strong enemies out there. We need you to stand strong no matter what! So there will be a 10 minute grace period, you also have a 15 mile radius to fight in. Now good luck, may the strongest warrior stand!” OG, Captain J, and the other 3 Captains make their way back towards the airship. When they reach the ship, a loud voice can be heard from above “ I lied! THE EVENT STARTS NOW GO!” And in that instance everyone went crazy. Mr. Leon “Finally, now let's see what I want to listen to………” Mr. Leon begins to scroll through his playlists, Drew begins to panic a lil “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING MR. LEON, WE GOT TO FIGHT!” But Mr. Leon just ignores him and keeps scrolling, Drew starting to get frustrated fine then I'll just take your coin then, but just before he can prepare an attack Mr. Leon “ FOUND IT! Now we can get to work. Don’t think I didn’t hear you either Drew, let’s save the fight for the end. I want to show you the difference in our power.” Mr. Leon then slides on his headphones and presses play. As all hell breaks loose, battles everywhere with no time to second guess. Mr. Leon “Now then, I just hope someone can give me a good warmup!” He takes both of his hands and reaches into his jacket and pulls out 2 FN’s (FN 509), Mr. Leon “Drew, you want to win right? That kid up there, you know him right?” Drew still unable to collect his thoughts “What the fuck is going on??” Mr. Leon “DREW! Pull yourself together, I need your help. You don’t have time for this. Come on, let's show the Captains they sleep on us!” Drew smacks his face “You’re right, I gotta stay calm, remember my training.” Drew pulls his sword out, it's the Jian that King James gave him before he left for C.U.G. Mr. Leon smiles, “Now then, let's see how you handle the heat." In a matter of seconds a massive brawl broke loose, explosions, gun shots, blood, screaming almost like a massacre. Drew can’t help but to start thinking about Zack, “Is he okay???” As he gets lost in thought 3 random people run up on him. Drew caught off guard “I don't have enough time to block!” but just before they took his head a flash of light and intense heat goes by, there standing in front of Drew, Mr. Leon looks down at Drew with disgust. Mr. Leon says “Drew, maybe I was wrong. Almost thought of you as my rival, I don't have too many of those. How about this, now that I think your weak as fuck lets have some fun! Prove to me that you're worthy of being my rival and maybe just maybe I’ll let you in on a secret too! Drew starts to stand, blood and guts still flying around he starts to speak “Prove myself? How can I do that Mr. Leon?” Mr. Leon smiles and starts to turn up his music, he says “All you have to do is beat 1 person before the event is over. That's all. GO!” He instantly flashes away, Drew quickly looks for him but nothing. Drew “He thinks that I can’t beat 1 guy, come on Mr. Leon, have some more faith.” As Drew prepares to battle he starts to notice that a lot of the background noise stopped. Drew “Huh?” The flash of light and heat comes again, Mr. Leon appeared and said “Come on Drew, only a few people are left and they're looking kinda strong. Sure you can beat them! HAHAAH!” And once again he’s gone, Drew starts to think “I need to think of something fast. He must be taking out all the weaker opponents before I can get to him. COME ON THINK!!!!” Mr. Leon “Damn, these new recruits are kinda ass. So much for a warm up.” Drew “GOT IT!!” Drew then starts to look for Mr. Leon, soon to realize that he’s too fast to see, starts to feel for the heat left behind, Drew says “Found him! Now all I have to do is draw him in.” As Drew approaches the area were Mr. Leon is, Zack stands on the side along with another. He introduces himself to Zack “My name is Lorenzo Silva, of the Silva family. Your performance earlier was most excellent.” Zack doesn’t respond and keeps watching Drew, Lorenzo “Well then boy, Don't let that power go to your head you're still nothing more than a child.” Zack still ignores him. Drew comes into range of the heat “Mr. Leon, I know you're here!” laughter starts, the air around Drew hot and heavy, it almost feels like his energy is slowly being drained, Drew “I must get ahold of myself, I can’t lose not with Zack here. Breathe, catch my breath.” Drew slowly calms himself and finds the energy to stand with his blade. Mr. Leon “GOOD! Finally you did something right. Now, how about we turn it up!” A flash of light and heat once again, with Mr. Leon coming forth, he smiles and turns his music up. Drew “No talking I guess, sounds good to me!” Drew takes a low stance “I should stay on defense and wait to counter.” Mr. Leon raises his right arm and says “Fire Materia-Hi no Bakuhatsu!” (Giant fireball/explosion) after he said those words a massive fireball like no other came out the end of his FN, Zack gets ready to jump in to save him but he stops, he looks at Drew’s face and he’s smiling. Almost like he’s enjoying it, Drew keeps his low stance waiting for the right moment to strike. As the giant fireball approaches, Drew says “Sword Skill-Spin!” He then does a rising spin without leaving the ground, almost like a grounded dragon punch. Just before his sword connects with the fireball he turns his blade flat and smacks the fireball to the side, but just before he could relax there were 2 more behind it. Drew quickly takes his stance while advancing forward. He easily knocks the next 2 fireballs away, Zack begins to smile, under his breath he says “You got it big bro!” As Drew closes the gap, Mr. Leon can’t help but smile “You fight like an old friend of mine, Well let me say this…. By using a sword you have guaranteed my victory! HAHAHAHA!” The snow, grass, trees, and even the air set a flame, the heat starts to grow Mr. Leon “Now, it’s my turn to let loose! Fire Materia-Netsu o Aageru!” (Raise Heat, Raise the temperature of all fire based attacks significantly) Drew’s shirt is drenched in sweat, Drew “Yo…. Damn..bruh can…. you like…” unable to get words out Drew gives up and starts to think “Why bother he can’t even hear me, I don't have much time this heat will kill me before he does!” Mr. Leon prepares another attack “If you can survive this, I shall call you my rival! FIRE MATERIA-HI NO BAKUHATSU!” A fireball that words can’t even describe formed in front of Drew. Drew “Holy shit. HOW?” But Drew didn’t leave any time to think he just acted. He took a deep breath, the air burned his lungs, he took a wide stance with a 2 handed grip on his sword. Drew lets the sword drop to his left side “Sword Skill-Slash!” Drew’s sword collides with the fireball and becomes engulfed in the flames. Zack calls out “DREW!!!” Lorenzo starts to laugh “You speak for him, HAHAHAH. He’s the stupid one who went and challenged a FC.”(Rank-First Class). As Zack makes his way towards Drew, he stops and starts to wonder why the fireball stopped moving forward. Mr. Leon walks towards the fireball laughing “Wow, you really are him huh. Well then this name should ring a bell, Xavier Nara.” Drew, fighting for his life, hears the name “How does he know master? I’ve got to make it out!” Drew has stopped the fireball's momentum by continuously slashing away the fire, if he were to stop for even a second he would be burned alive. Zack starts to notice the size going down, Mr. Leon can’t help but get excited, he takes off his headphones “Drew, no need to answer I know that you're busy but uhhh, it's time to end this, but the good news is I shall call you my rival!” Drew “I was thinking the same thing, well the let's end it part!” Drew comes bursting out the flames, but Mr. Leon was already ready, Mr. Leon “Sorry kid, seen this before.” And another fireball comes out the end of his FN, Drew out of options braces for impact. As the fireball connects it explodes and Drew is sent flying off further north towards the Johnson’s border. Mr. Leon “Might have overdone it a lil. Sorry kid.” Zack comes rushing forward “Aye, you could have killed him!” Mr. Leon turns around “O, it's you! Well you heard the rules just like me. By any means necessary.” Zack can’t help but get angry, he draws his sword and throws and countless strikes one after another, but now even connects, let alone blocked. Mr. Leon can’t help but yawn “Your brother did better than you. One more thing, your Materia may be strong but don’t forget, Skills can be just as important. Fire Materia-Hi no Nagare.” (Flamethrower) A constant flame spewed from both of Mr. Leon’s weapons, Zack struggled to dodge the heat became unbearable. Zack “So this is how big bro felt. The fact he even defended and had the energy to form an attack.” Zack backs off, he sheathes his sword and turns around “Sorry, I look like a fool. Keep an eye on Drew for me.” Mr. Leon “Of course, he’s my rival! That’s what we do.” A loud alarm goes off, followed by OG’s voice “Time’s Up! Return to the center for the results!”Bookmark here

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The remaining participants return to the center, Mr. Leon “Wow, only 3 of us made it to the end. That's crazy!” Lorenzo walks up to Mr. Leon and says “For just being an FC you sure do have a lot of power, what’s your story? Why haven't you ranked up?” Lorenzo slowly walks circles around Mr. Leon, Dom starts to get annoyed. He answers “Bruh, just shut up. Damn.” Lorenzo shocked starts to go off on a tangent “The audacity! I’ll let you know I'm from the Silva family. You're nothing but a no-name, broke, uncouth, dirty, bit..” just before he could finish his sentence 3 figures fell from the sky, as they land Mr. Leon, Zack, and Lorenzo all lineup. “Very good, that's what I like to see!” Captain J starts to clap and walk towards them, they all stand perfectly still while Captain J looks them in the eye while walking down the line. He stops at Mr. Leon, looks him up and down, and takes a step back. With a commanding voice, Captain J says “Step forward!” Mr. Leon takes a step, Captain J “Name, Rank, Materia!” Mr. Leon “Dominique Leon. Rank is First Class. My Materia is fire infusion, I’m able to infuse weapons/objects with flames but there's a catch sir.” Captain J “Well FC, what’s the catch?” Mr. Leon “The heat of my flames is tied to the music I'm currently listening to, The more hype the song is the stronger my flames. But if the song is ass or even mid, you get the point, sir!” Captain J’s hand covers his face and he shakes his head “FC, what the fuck kind of bullshit is that? So what your telling me is if I smash your stupid little phoneP3 player you become weak ass shit? Right?” Mr. Leon “Well, when you put it that way, yes sir you can.” Captain J yells “GET BACK IN LINE! Fake ass hype man.” Dom steps back in line, Captain J starts to speak “I see that we're missing one, Drew. Don’t know why he lost to that clown over there but, he failed to get a single coin on the other side though he made it to the very end. Well, if I see him again, I have some words for him.” Captain J moves down the line and stops in front of Lorenzo, again he says “Name, Rank, Materia!” Lorenzo starts to take a step forward but is stopped by Captain J “ The fuck are doing?” Lorenzo “I’m answering your questions, sir.” Captain J “Who told you to take a step? Mr. Leon, did you hear me say take a step to this man?” Mr. Leon shakes his head “No sir, I did not hear you say take a step.” Captain J “Huh? Though I was going crazy.” Lorenzo starts to speak again “My nam…” But is quickly cut off by Captain J “Shut up. You don’t listen so why do you get to talk.” Lorenzo stops talking, Captain J moves on to the last person, Zack. Captain J “Name, Rank, Materia!” Zack “Zackiray Johnson. No rank. I have no Materia affinity, I just use it to enhance my offense and defense sir!” Captain J looks surprised, he begins to ask a few questions “So how did you find this event? You have no rank young man.” Zack “Through recommendation, by my father Mr. Johnson sir!” Captain J nods “Mr. Johnson, a scary man indeed. You also said you have no Materia affinity, did your father only teach you to control Materia?” Zack speaks “Yes sir, He showed me complete mastery over Materia. I trained every day, every hour till I would pass out, this is the result of that training. But I still feel like I can do more, so that’s why I asked for a recommendation.” Captain J stands directly in front of Zack, they lock eyes for what seems like minutes. Eventually, Captain J breaks the silence “Young man, I can see the knight's spirit inside of you. You got what it takes, I give you the Rank Third Class. (TC) OG starts to clap and so does the other Captain and participates, Captain J says “We have one more opportunity for you, are you willing to take the next step?” Zack “Yes Sir!” Captain J “GOOD! That settles it, Radio head!” Mr. Leon turns towards Captain J “Yes sir?” Captain J waves him away and says “Your good to go, you failed. Your powers are inconsistent, and your base form is mid at best. Try again!” Mr. Leon “Yes sir! Thank you sir!” as he begins to walk away a gun is fired, the bullet just barely missing Mr. Leon’s head. Mr. Leon stops “I thought I was good to go Captain J?” Captain J laughs “Fool, that wasn’t me!” The other captain begins to walk toward Mr. Leon still shooting, each bullet barely missing his head. The Captain takes his last shot and in front of Mr. Leon each bullet lands and spells out the letter K. The Captain begins to speak “My name is Captain K, I come from West City, specifically the capital. I’ve seen a lot of shooters, most of them garbage as hell. But something about you is different, I’ll be keeping my eye on you G.” As he walks away you can hear him reload his gun and laughs a Lil. Captain K “O, and one more thing Mr. Leon, when you shoot make sure you kill next time. Extra points G.” Mr. Leon “Yes sir!” Then he starts to walk away. OG claps his hands and speaks up “Alright, we have our winners. Now we can move on, we have a 1-day flight to get to Leon’s border so that you can claim your reward, Zack. And Lorenzo let's just say, good luck!”Bookmark here

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