Chapter 2:

Chapter 2

Happy Face

# Chapter 2 - Sherwood Forest (2)

A player. That's what we call the people who transmigrated here. After that, Do Hyun just got his way to the coachman's place.

"Hurry up and come here. Where will we go?"

Despite him being found out, even though he's doing this against his will. I guess I do have a servant now.

"Sherwood Forest, let's go there."

"That! Anywhere but that!! That place is the graveyard of monsters!"

"Aww, don't tell me you are scared."

"...I'm not scared! It's just- let's go now."

This feeling is not that bad after all.

A few moments later. Falling asleep in the carriage, I was awakened by Do Hyun because of the thick fog.

"Hey you, we can't go any farther. Right, I haven't asked your name yet."

"Kim Gaeul, but just call me noona."

"Noona my ass, like I, would call you that," he said sticking his tongue from his mouth. Hearing that, I smacked his head.

"Heh, let's go down now. I still need to do a quest."

Looking at the thick fog, it's purplish. A sweet scent can also be smelled, like honey. I looked at the ground and snowdrop flowers can be found everywhere.

It's mysterious how there are snowdrop flowers here when this is a grave.

"H-hey, noona. There are some monsters walking towards here."

"I thought you won't call me noona."

"It's not time for that, go and finish those monsters quickly!!"

"You are a player too, and my servant. So you go fight those monsters."


"I thought you're not a kid."

Ah, his scream called all the monsters towards here. "Fine. But stay out of my way ok." He then hid behind the huge rock. Meanwhile, I took my dagger out and finished all of them in one go.

"Damn, this is so easy."

Clearing the monsters, Do Hyun went missing. I searched the place where he was hiding but he wasn't there. I guess he got taken by one of those monsters.

"System! Use 'search'."


Skill 'search' will now activate.


"Hmm, his location is moving too fast."

I ran as fast as possible going in the direction where he was taken at. While running, I can see a shadow in front of me. Do Hyun...was being held by a medium-size orc in a bride style.

"Pfft! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Hey Do Hyun! Are you going to be a bride of this orc!"

"Shut--Up!!! Hurry up and save----me!! AAHHHH!!"

He shouted while the orc tried to get away from me. I can't help but laugh. Well, just imagine a kid getting married to an orc. Talk about a cursed scene. One thing I noticed, was the thing on the orc's head. 'Atanarjuat's glass', so this is why that orc can run faster than the normal speed an orc can run.

"HAHAHAHAHA! It's been a while since I had this much fun."

I sped up on running and finally, I caught up to them. "How's the feeling being carried by an orc?"

"You! AAHHH!! Hurry up already!"


'Did the orc just talk to me?'

I looked at Do Hyun and looked back at the orc. "Hey, orc! how about we stop running for a while. Don't worry I won't steal your bride." I hope this works.

The orc slowed down for a moment and stared at me.


"Hmm, but I thought you want to marry this kid not eat him."

"What the actual fuck!? You can understand this monster!!"

"Watch your language! You're still a kid!"

The orc was just staring at me and Do Hyun fighting. "So let's get back to business, this kid is my servant so I can't give him to you."

The orc backed away from me real quick. "Twek--teekk-wik-tweechk!"

"Ah, but I can give you a large meat instead of him," I replied to the orc. The orc walked towards me carefully. When the orc got near me, it didn't even realize I already cut its head off.

I sighed and said, "What a pain." looking back at Do Hyun, he was so shocked that it made him sit on the ground for a while.

So I crouched and teased him, pointing my bloody dagger right in front of his neck.

"Since you made me waste my time going around just to save you. Would you like to end up like that orc? Yes or yes?" I asked him with a smile.

Happy Face