Chapter 13:

Chapter 13 - Fight


We walked a few meters down the dark corridor that was illuminated by the flames produced by the fire, the same ones that advanced relentlessly on all sides.We stopped in front of the brown wooden doors, the hope and the idea of thinking that all this would end for tonight flooded my being little by little, although deep down I knew it was a stupid feeling that I did not care to enjoy.

 But as we got closer this feeling turned to despair and worry because the doors, both were full of dents, the knob was smashed and a gaping hole of vision let us see the dark room.This one was ajar, and with a simple push it opened fully producing a tolerable squeak to the ear implying that it had not been used for a long time. When it was fully opened I witnessed a scene that was not very encouraging for me, cursing my luck for the first time.It was them, Angela and Serene were situated one at each end of the dark blue walled room, Angela lying on some cardboard boxes crushed by their weight and Serene leaning on the column at the other end of the wall to avoid falling to the floor.The joy of finding them, however faint, disappeared when I saw them in that state, I wondered "who was responsible?", but my vision was so focused on them that I didn't notice that the person responsible was right in front of us, his muscular back was in front of me. He, just like us, heard the creak of the door and turned to us demonstrating his power.....

  - gru gruuuu grrrrrrrrHe said the moment he saw us enter with those bulging eyes and slightly altered antennae. .

 I observed in more detail the discouraging situation, Angela and Serene were separated, both had bruises on their bodies that showed that they had been impacted by the large fists of the gray, in addition to leaving a small trail of blood that I followed with my eyes until I reached the origin of these. Both had attacked the gray with pieces of glass in the form of knives that were obtained from one of the broken windows of the room, these were the cause of bleeding from the palms of their hands. 

The creature on the other hand at first glance had the appearance of a gray, but upon closer inspection I noticed that it had human tissue, which seems to have been the point of concentration where they had attacked with great force due to the deep cuts that showed.There was something curious with this gray, especially these parts as they had many superficial and deep cuts, that was the problem, the wounds have not healed or solidified as their companions do? 

-There are more of you ... Hey, why don't you go take care of your leader who must have his skull destroyed - i said disappointed hoping to save them on the ground. - Adam - pronounced my name Serene who was semi-conscious.I remembered that a few moments ago when I was facing that gray one, I heard someone calling my name, I had convinced myself that it was just a hallucination of my dying mind but when I heard her babbling my name I knew it was not that, it was never a hallucination, it was the call of her heart to mine, which claimed the fulfillment of my promise I had made to find them, this caused anger in my soul, I felt my blood boil and softened the pain produced by all the blows and wounds in my body. Hearing this, the gray creature, as if it had understood the message, immediately walked towards me.I let go of Frank and limped over, facing him with no hope of survival but with an ace up my sleeve . Standing in front of me, he grabbed me by the skull and slapped my face, hurting my cheeks.There are sounds of shocked skin, while my nose can't help but let out small drops of light blood. He doesn't act like the others, who freak out at the sight of a little vital fluid, you could say he's more focused on humiliating me. Yes, he is different from the others.I threw directly into his face one of the last vials I had left, I knew what it was, "phosgene", the same one I used on Frank I used on him, the gas flooded my lungs the same way his did, leaving us both breathless, he just leaned over while I lost consciousness from lack of oxygen. Gray had not let me go in the middle of this action, my plan had failed, I had no hope that it could work but it was the only thing I could think of.

He just whipped his head against the air demonstrating his inability to breathe very well but still kept his attention on me, apparently that won't stop him from killing me. He raised his right arm, and from his wrist like the scarlet spider man he let out a sort of grey stake, the same one that hit me earlier. I weakly raised my hand and raised my middle finger in response. In my last moments I looked at them both, I couldn't look them both directly in the eyes because of the shame of having failed, but at least I wanted to remember their silhouettes for when I went to hell.After recording their exact silhouettes, the color of their hair, the smell they both gave off and the name of each of them, I was ready for my death, there was no more plan, no more ruse, just the idea that Frank and his friend who happened to be named Lucia would take them both while I sacrificed myself for everyone. I closed my eyes that were begging for a rest as I waited for the final blow. 

-Don't give up Adam -I heard the words of support and at the same time felt the breeze of momentary salvation.Frank's fist was close to my face, while the gray monstrosity had moved a few feet away. I glanced sideways at Frank who had a smirk on his face, I turned my gaze to the grey who was spitting grey liquid from between his lips.

  - gru gruru grurrurg grurrurg grurrurg grrrraaa! - he shouted.

- Come here! - Frank shouted euphorically, adopting a battle pose, his hands placed mu-ay thai style, as his canines protruded between his lips, the antennae on his head raised in preparation for battle, his skin filled with pronounced veins and his eyes turned pure black with human pupils.The gray just throned its neck, a classic move for them and then settled on the ground, as if it were a lizard.

- grugrugru - he mumbled subtly as if avoiding talking too much.

  - I'm waiting for you you bastard - Frank looked very confident - I hope you outlast your col....

With a headbutt to the chest he sent Frank flying, as he was prepared for the blow he knew how to make the impact reduce its force. Frank jumped towards him throwing a right, the grey dodged moving his head to the left, seeing Frank's extended arm he regurgitated plotting something, but Frank threw another punch to the center of his stomach preventing him from attacking completely, the grey bent down and unloaded a kick in Frank's legs that made him fall to the ground.It regurgitated again and this time it launched the same gray liquid that launched its colleague when it escaped from me, fortunately Frank dodged it, in the carelessness of its regurgitation, Frank with its legs attacked the legs of the gray and forced it to fall to the ground, on the ground it took the face of the gray to the puddle of acid where it bathed its face in it, the gray skin of the creature's face began to hang as Frank grabbed it by the neck with its strong arms full of red, blue and gray veins. The gray groaned in pain, as his inhuman face became human, his black eyes became those of a human eye, and his savage expression became that of a fellow college student desperate for help.The same expression as Lucia , Frank's friend when he was attacking Angela , he had the same countenance as her , leaving me with the thought of wanting to go help him , I watched as Frank ripped his head off with his superhuman strength .

 The gray returning to human had died , his head could not solidify , and his face belonged to both species , the human and the gray , while a slimy trail came out of his body .

  - Why ? - With those words I began to lose consciousness .