Chapter 40:

A5P2: The Ambasador is…

From Assassin to Demon lord

I acompanied Lizzie outside of the Dungeon, where the ambasador was waiting.

When I lay my eyes on her I recognized her instantly.

She was daughter of Arana the Arachne, Albea the succubus… I had a history with her… kinda.

„So you are the ambasador Albea…“

„Heyo! Long time no see Zaru-kun!“

„Y-you know each other?!“

„Yeah… well after I killed that Wyvern in Mutasa kingdom I was adopted by one Count and was enrolled in Royal Magic Academy. I skipped two years, ending the school in four years. But I wasn’t the only one. Albea was there with me.“

„My archnemesis, Zaru the silent top scorer. How many noble’s kids you have sent to hospital?“

„Sorry I lost count after first year. But hey, it was their mistake that they thought that they can defeat me. I was level 80 back then and they were barely 10. I was actually suprised that they were alive after I was finished with them.“

„That’s what you said to the headmaster if I recall correctly?“

„Yeah, not like I was the only one who was cause for a lot of trubbles. Right? Miss Ice queen?“

„How dare you call me that! That nickname dies now!“ Albea said blushing.

„OKAY! This ends now! I get it, you two know each other very good so why don’t we move to somewhere warmer?! I really can’t get my head around this… adventurer, then son of a Count… I really don’t know how many suprises you have in store for me.“

„Okay Lizzie, I hear you. And I will tell you everything you want to know,“ I said while patting her head.

„You two seems awfully close.“

„Hmhmhmm! That’s becouse we are married! I’m Zaru’s first wife!“

„You’re married?! Wait, First wife? How many girls did you put your hands on Zaru?!“

„Why are you getting so worked up miss Ambasador?“


„I didn’t put my hands on anyone… yet.“

„Yeah, we didn’t have the ceremony YET either.“ Lizzie said smiling at me.

„So was that self-proclaimed that she is your wife?“

„No, I plan to marry her.“

„Uwawawawawaaaa… Z-z-z-zaru you…“

„What? I did promised that, did I not?“

„Stupid,“ Lizzie said headbutting me in process.

„Hey, Albea. We still have a lot of work with our new people so why don’t you go to the last floor and make yourself at home in room we prepared for you?“

„Is it close to yours?“

„Stop those jokes. It’s on the opposite side of the last floor from mine and Lizzie’s room.“

Lizzie, still half buried in my clothes smirked at Albea alongside my words.

„Of course it is.“

„Relax for the day, I will have a guard acompany you and show you around some places. Tomorrow we will give you full course around the floors okay?“

„Uh, sure! Thanks!“

After that I called upon Glatt, one of the Gnolls I summoned in war with Orks.

„Glatt, take miss ambasador to her room on last floor. It’s in same wing as Kyoko’s and Tomiel’s rooms.“

Tomiel, the High Orkling, also known as princess of Orks Galulu, now working under me as representative of Orks.

As we were walking through the last floor we met Gavin, who, like Tomiel, started working under me after my take over of northern ork kingdom.

„Sir! I came with report! Sir!“ Gavin saluted.

„Relax Gavin, we wont punish you for little familiarity here. Came to my office after diner OK?“

„Yes Sir!“

He’s still doing that…

Dinner was a little weaker compared to previous times, but distributing food to less then 100 people is easier then one million so portions were smaller. Luckily with more people inside the dungeon, more people could go hunt, and bring more meat back. Still I had to contact my contacts in Astenna kingdom, through Guild master, to get more food.

Officially adventurers were tasked with briging food supplies to elf village in mountains. Weirdly, the adventurer who we released after thining them out disapeared the very day he came to the city, as I found out from Guild master.

After diner I moved to the office with Lizzie and Yuki and Gavin came in as well.

„Sir, I brought the report, sir!“

„Just speak normaly man!“ I accidentaly shouted.

„Yes lord! The report is… as you have forseen it, groups and groups of orks are moving from the south… we will have them pledge their loyalty to you tomorrow, also, merchants from outside came to border cities. They are from Fallboar city union and Gurell kingdom. High elves are silent, but acording to Tomiel, they will try to form alliance in order to get help agains the Holy Empire.“

„I don’t want to make enemies from Holy Empire, they have Angels on their side and their royal family is consisten of Half-angels. Holy Emperor is more or less harmless, but the Emperess is full-fleged high-ranked angel so I’m not sure I could beat her… our only chance is to make the hero think, we are not enemies… that will be hard… or completly destroy his ego.“

„You can do it my king!“

„Thanks, Gavin, but continue with the report.“

„Yes! The merchants were amused with metalwork from dungeon and are currently making preparations for buying in bulk to redistribute them in their country. Given that our merchants are still mostly newbies and really little of them can do math…“

„I understand… how many are there?“

„Well, a lot of people can read, about 67% and writing is slighty worse with 60% of all people… as for math… about 100 people?“

„One hundread? You kidding me?!“

„Yes… most of the people here are beastmen from wandering tribes and elves were mostly captured before they could get any type of education…“

„Lizzie, gather all people who can do math, I want them to start teaching kids.“

„On it!“ Lizzie took paper from Gavin and went to met the people on the list.

„Now, continue Gavin.“

„Yes. It appears that fake dungeons are randomly apearind through out the country. Can I ask, if you know something about it?“

„Yes, I created them. We will need more DP in the future so I created [Fake core], items that can create fake dungeons. They are easy to use so I made a few.“

„Amazing sir! That is completly amazing!“

„This way, we can lure adventurers in in hope of getting stronger we will also get DP we need and the fake cores generate their own monster so no loss in it for us… That thing… that is amazing…“ Yuki muttered.

„The food problem should get under control soon, third and fourth floors are growing Spring wheat and potatoes and thanks to the fact that harvest is possible once every two weeks we should be able to feed ourselves in one – maximally two – months.“

„Yes, the fake dungeons can also help. If monsters in them are animal-type we can harvest them!“

„Correct Gavin. The dungeon next to the former Capital is full of undead, but those more in north and east are animal and insect-type dungeons.“

„I will send soldiers in there to collect meat first thing in the morning.“

„Great. Now next topic. How’s it going with Rose?“

„I-I don’t know what you mean my Lord!“

„Oh, don’t you? I heard some interesting things from Tomiel.“

„Surely you jest, my lord!“

„Not at all, but it seems like you became quite popular after your evolution Gavin.“

„I live to serve my lord, my Lord!“

„You should press your off button sometimes, Gavin. If you will be always in your soldier mind-set you will loose more then you have gained. I gained a lot from my power, but even more from my heart.“

„I-I will think about it my Lord.“

„Good. If that was all from your report, you can return to your room for tonight.“

„Yes, sir…“

Few minutes after Gavin left Tomiel and Rose walked in the office.

„I am terribly sorry for forcing you to do so much for me my Lord,“ Rose said while bowing deeply.

„It was nothing. He failed to see your advances so he needed some push, did he not?“

„It is just as you said, my lord,“ Tomiel smiled and crosed her arms on her stomach, which made her breasts jump up a little.

Is she trying to do the same to me?

„So, I belive he will ask Rose out in few days, but he seems to be new to romance so be patient with him, Rose.“

„Yes my lord, I will. Good night.“

„Good night to you as well.“

With that both of them left and Yuki, little angry sit on my lap and placed her head on my chest.

„What is it?“ I asked while patting her head.

„So many girls are aiming to take you for themself… it’s not fair… I was first one who followed you after becoming demon lord…“

„No-one will take me from you and Lizzie, Yuki. You are my wives and I will always be by your side. Even if we get separated for some time, I will return here to you.“

Yuki smiled and kissed me.

And in that moment Lizzie and Albea walked in.

„I knew it!!!“

Lizzie screamed while jumping at us and separating us by using all her strenght of level 230.

„You want a kiss too?“

„No. I want you for entire night! ALONE!“

A silence fell upon the room. Lizzie made her request.

„Maybe I should…“

„Say one more word and I’ll send you home in pieces.“ Lizzie’s cold glare pierced Albea and send her in full panic mode.

„Hey, Lizzie… I just told Yuki that I would never left you…“

„Then prove it in bed! So long time passed since we came home from our date and you still…“

„So you want to do *that*?“ I cut her short.

Lizzie blushed and silently nodded.

„Oh, miss Lizzie is so bold! I couldn’t say something like this and I’m succubus!“ Albea smiled.

At that moment Lizzie used [Forced teleportation] spell and send Albea to Gods know where.

That night me and Lizzie became husband and wife, and I gave her ring that was made my Kaen and Gandar.

Tony Raven