Chapter 7:

sCene 7 - ᴘʟans Cʜanɢe

ᴋraCᴋeᴅ ᴍooN / Kracked Moon

“I got this! I can drive!” Nai-bu shouted, running back to her car.

Jason had graciously covered the meal, and walking out brought us steps closer to not having to listen to Kyle, but it became pretty obvious that Nai-bu was drunk. I was a little concerned when she ordered the pitcher, but I wasn’t one to judge. One of my streamer friends, Kage, has donation goals where he chugs cans of beer. I guess that wasn’t a good frame of reference for how Nai-bu’s body handles alcohol. She may look thicker because she seems to like baggier clothes, but maybe she didn't actually have a lot of body fat?

“Nai-bu, you’ve had too much to drink. Who can we call to come get you?” Jason asked, while I tried to stop her from entering her car.

“ roommate! Sandy!” Nai-bu said gleefully, then unlocked her phone. “Well she doesn’t like being called Sandy, but she’s my roommate.”

Jason took Nai-bu’s phone and called her roommate. As Jason explained the situation, I could hear Sandy either shouting or laughing. Jason’s expression didn’t make it seem like a good conversation. Eventually he thanked her and hung up.

“So apparently Nai-bu drove out an hour and a half to get here. And her roommate isn’t going to come pick her up this late.” Jason said, sighing. “Can Nai-bu stay at your place, Cryztal?”

“Whoa whoa whoa! Who do you think you are, man? You can’t just invite someone to stay at her house!” Kyle butted in. He really could not read the room.

“Well she can’t stay at my place! My mother would kick her out immediately.” Jason said, agitated with Kyle. “Do you have any better ideas?”

“Why not get her a hotel? She should be fine, right?” Kyle said, fairly confident.

At that exact moment, Nai-bu got around me and managed to open her car door and try to drive. I took her keys, but she pretended to have them and started making driving noises.

“She seems like she needs supervision, and I don’t mind.” I said, looking at the guys. “She used to stay over when we were kids anyway.”

Kyle tried to interject again, but Jason made it clear things were settled. Jason’s plan was to drive Nai-bu’s car to my place, have Kyle take him back to his car, and we call it a night. Well, the two of them would get to call it a night. I’d have a drunk catgirl in my house who was likely up past her bedtime. Thankfully the car ride to my house made her actually sleepy, so it was moreso the burden of walking her into my house.

Before driving off, Kyle shouted to me from his car. “Text me if you need anything! I’ll be up!” I didn’t really bother reacting.

Initially I tried to have Nai-bu sit at the kitchen table with a glass of water while I figured out what to do with her. Mama’s room and study were off limits, and we got rid of the pullout just before Mama left home, so my bed was the only one available. I guess she’d have to sleep there. I had plenty of pajamas to offer her, and picked out a set with a button up top. It would be a little big on her, so I was sure she would be happy with it. Once I figured that out, I put the pajamas in a basket and asked my barely conscious friend to change in the bathroom and come back out when she was done.

I was surprised that she did so pretty quickly, and didn’t even put the top on backwards. She even folded her hoodie before putting it in the basket with the rest of her clothes. She wasn’t very receptive to conversation, maybe grunting every so often, but at least she was ready for bed. I took a moment to clean off her makeup and put her hair up before walking her to bed. After rearranging some of my pillows and stuffies, she was tucked in and ready to sleep. Before I left the room, I grabbed a few pieces of equipment to take my stream to the living room, and a change of clothes to be a bit more casual.

My plan originally was to play a game that would require my PC, but plans change when you have guests. I set up my stream with my laptop and decided to just play some free online games and joke about their difficulty with my chat. I felt like I was keeping things quiet, and by three in the morning I was tired enough to try and sleep on the couch. A bit of makeup removal and a blanket, and I was off to sleep on my couch, pretty much satisfied with how the day had gone.