Chapter 2:

Clash of Ideals

Odd One

As soon as the first day of school ended, I had already made a name of myself as the 'Loner guy' of the entire classroom.Bookmark here

Knowing this, I knew deep down that I had managed to achieve what I had desired. Be alone for the rest of my school year once more.Bookmark here

"I guess this is a good way end things for the day..."Bookmark here

As I stood up from my seat, for some reason, I glanced over at where Miss Mitsuru was, and a cold gaze pierced my very being.Bookmark here

"Crap... I'm screwed"Bookmark here

"Makoto. I'd like to speak with you in my office"Bookmark here

"I understand..."Bookmark here

As the rest of the students started to exit the classroom, I could hear a few of them whispering to one another about the fact that I had already been called over to her office on the first day.Bookmark here

"Stay out of business. It's none of your concern"Bookmark here

Once they had all left the room, Miss Mitsuru stood up from her seat and simply exited the room. Seeing this, I could immediately tell what it was that she was trying to tell me.Bookmark here

"I'd rather follow her then be dragged around the entire school by her..."Bookmark here

I exited the classroom and hastened my pace to be next to her "It's nice to see you in my classroom again, Makoto"
Bookmark here

"It is?"Bookmark here

"Of course, having my favorite student is always a blessing"Bookmark here

"Don't you mean a curse?"Bookmark here

"No, because if you were a curse, I'd want to get rid of you and since I don't want to do that, I consider you a blessing"Bookmark here

"You really do say the strangest of things"Bookmark here

"I try to be honest, that's all"Bookmark here

I had no words to make a comeback with, the only thing I could muster doing was walking alongside her. We stayed in silence for the entire way and upon arriving at her office, she heaved a sigh of relief and threw herself onto the couch that she had.Bookmark here

"Today was a pretty tiresome day..."Bookmark here

"It was?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, I had to deal with that smartass answer of yours"Bookmark here

"I just stated the facts, that's all"Bookmark here

"Is that really the case?"
Bookmark here

"Yeah, it was"Bookmark here

"Then... Moving on, what did you think of Katsumi's answer?"Bookmark here

"It was a nice girl answer"Bookmark here

"Nice girl answer?"Bookmark here

"Yes, if you don't mind my next words... It was the answer of someone who simply believes that everything can be alright if they work on it. They believe things can be justified with a reason without thinking on the more in-depth aspect of it"Bookmark here

"Such as?"Bookmark here

"Sure, a human being is capable of changing if they work on their mistakes and what not, but at the same time, they can use a façade to show that they do understand their wrongdoings, but upon noticing a slight gap, they can immediately take off that mask and go back to their old ways"Bookmark here

She heaved a sigh and simply smiled at me "You really are capable of having an answer for everything"Bookmark here

"It's not that I have an answer for everything. I just like to be logical with things"Bookmark here

"You always impress me, Makoto"Bookmark here

"I'm always capable of showing my intelligence and enlighten others with my-"Bookmark here

"Stop the sarcasm"
Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

"Do you even know why you're here?'Bookmark here

"Because you wanted to catch up with me after the long break that we had?"Bookmark here

"Not in a million years"Bookmark here

"Then I don't know"Bookmark here

She stood up from her couch and slowly made her way towards me and with a smile on her face, she poked my chest and the sudden feeling of fear washed over me.Bookmark here

"This is bad... I don't like this"Bookmark here

"I'm going to have you working with someone"Bookmark here

"Working? How much will I get paid?"Bookmark here

"The pay is any one thing from the vending machine"
Bookmark here

"Sold"Bookmark here

"I don't know whether to be glad about this or disappointed that you accepted without even hearing me out"Bookmark here

"I won't be able to get away from it even if I deny it, right?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, you're stuck with it now"Bookmark here

"Then let's get this over with so that I can head home"Bookmark here

Without skipping a beat, we both exited the main school building and started making our way towards the school's club building.Bookmark here

Upon arriving there, we headed up towards the third floor and made our way down the hallway towards a relatively small room.Bookmark here

"What is this?"Bookmark here

"This is going to be your new club"Bookmark here

"I didn't sign up for this"Bookmark here

"You did as soon as you accepted my offer"Bookmark here

"Damn..."Bookmark here

"I told you to read the fine print"Bookmark here

"When in the hell did, I sign a document?"Bookmark here

"Who knows?"Bookmark here

A sigh escaped my breath and as we made our way inside the room, I couldn't help but notice that it was rather... Dusty and clustered to say the least. At the same time, one could tell that the room had been completely forgotten for the reason that they didn't even bother with changing the appliances and what not that were inside.Bookmark here

"This is a big heaping mess of trash"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"Yeah, but I'm used to it"Bookmark here

"That's good to hear"Bookmark here

"You're not even going to question it?"Bookmark here

"No reason to do so"Bookmark here

Upon the both of us entering the room, she pulled out two chairs. One for her and one for me, but for whatever reason, she pulled out a third one with no person to claim it.Bookmark here

"So, what am I doing here?"Bookmark here

"We still have one person left"Bookmark here

"You know that I don't work good in a team. I can handle this by myself"Bookmark here

"Well, this club is something that needs to be handled by two people with... Polar opposite personalities"
Bookmark here

"No..."Bookmark here

Before I could even declare that I wanted to quit my job, a cheerful voice called out from the door "Miss Mitsuru, what did you need me here for?"Bookmark here

Upon looking over at the voice, I could very well feel my heart sink down to the very depths of my stomach "Why does it have to be her of all people?"Bookmark here

"Katsumi. Makoto. I have something to tell the both of you"Bookmark here

"Yes?"Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

"I want the both of you to run this club, it still doesn't have a name, but the entire purpose of it is to assist people with whatever problems their dealing, understand?"Bookmark here

"Assist them with their problems?"Bookmark here

"Can we make their problems worse?"Bookmark here

"If you do that, Makoto. I'll give you a good old punch to the gut, how does that sound?"Bookmark here

"I'd rather not. I don't eat all that much and if you do that, I feel like I'll end up throwing it all up"Bookmark here

"Then don't tempt me, got it?'Bookmark here

"Sir, yes sir!"Bookmark here

Miss Mitsuru sighed to herself and looked over at Katsumi "Ignoring this idiot over here..."Bookmark here

"I have feelings you know that, right?"Bookmark here

"You two will have to help out people with their problems, find ways for them to solve it or if it comes down to it, the both of you will need to stop it yourselves" Bookmark here

"The reason that you two were chosen was simple. One of you believes that things can be solved in a respectable and dignified manner while the other believes that by using trickery and stating the things as they are without sugar coating is the best option"Bookmark here

"The both of you will try to either work together or solve the case with your own strategy, simple, isn't it?"Bookmark here

I looked over at Katsumi for a brief moment and when our gazes met, I almost instantly looked away and clicked my tongue "Me? Get along with her? Not in a million years"Bookmark here

"I don't think that'll be possible, Miss Mitsuru"Bookmark here

"It isn't?"
Bookmark here

"We have polar opposite personalities. We both have different ideals and on top of that, we both think completely different" "There could be one occasion where she might help someone even if they insist on not needed it while I'll simply let them to die and handle their problems on their own. A team of us two would be impossible"Bookmark here

"I understand where you're coming from with this whole thought of yours, but upon being thrown into the problem itself, those thoughts could very easily change. That's human nature"Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

Katsumi stared at me for a bit and then returned her gaze to Miss Mitsuru "I'm assuming that this whole club thing is a guaranteed thing, correct?"Bookmark here

"Yes, us teachers can't be handling every single thing that comes up with all the work that we have to do and thus, was decided that we would have a club that would handle the more or less personal matters of students and the like"Bookmark here

"I see..."Bookmark here

"And to start off this whole thing, I already have a problem for the two of you to handle" She turned towards the door and called for the person to come in.Bookmark here

"Thank you for having me"Bookmark here

A female student made her way inside the clubroom and stood beside Miss Mitsuru who was smiling at the both of us.Bookmark here

"This is Ogawa Miwa, and she will be your first person you have to help out" "Miwa, go ahead"Bookmark here

"Yes..." She took a step forward, introduced herself once more for everyone's sake and started accounting her problem. "I'm here for the reason that one of my best friends, Okada Kyoko has been ignoring me and I feel like there's something that I'm missing that could've made her feel uncomfortable of bothered her in some way"Bookmark here

"Have you tried talking to her?"Bookmark here

She turned her gaze to Katsumi and nodded "Yes, I have. She's responded to me, but immediately cut's me off whenever I try to make an even longer conversation or try to bring up the topic about why she's acting like that"Bookmark here

"Isn't she simply ignoring you?"Bookmark here

"We can't assume it's like that, Makoto"Bookmark here

"What are you talking about? She's clearly ignoring her"Bookmark here

"What if it's just a misunderstanding"Bookmark here

"I really doubt this Kyoko girl is stupid enough to be misinterpreting something without a core reason for doing so"Bookmark here

She let out a sigh and smiled "I knew we would bump heads, but I wasn't expecting it to be this quickly"Bookmark here

I heaved a sigh, stuck my hands into my pockets and looked away "I knew upon laying eyes on you that we would"Bookmark here

A sudden tense atmosphere fell before us, but just like that, Miss Mitsuru laid her hands on tp of both our shoulders and crouched down a bit.Bookmark here

"Now, now. It's no time to be getting mad and rough with our words. I only wanted to tell you both the problem at hand so that the both of you could think up your own ideas for how to handle it" "Starting tomorrow, you both will try to find out the reason for Kyoko's sudden attitude and for the time limit... I'd say two days starting tomorrow, how does that sound?"
Bookmark here

"I'll solve it, Miss Mitsuru!"Bookmark here

"Fine by me"Bookmark here

"Perfect, then you're all dismissed"Bookmark here

With that call out, I picked up my things and headed out the clubroom without a second thought. Upon exiting the school and making my way back home, I thought back to the words that Miss Mitsuru had told us.Bookmark here

"Solving other people's problems... What a weird club activity"Bookmark here

I scratched my head for a bit and let out a sigh. Just before arriving at my house, a smile crept up "I already know what to do. I just have to put into action"Bookmark here

"With this, I should be able to solve the whole thing and I'll be able to show that by using dirty tricks and being seen as the bad guy can bring in results regardless of what anyone else says"Bookmark here

"I'll show her that being a just person won't bring in results all the time"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

In conclusion... Being the bad guy is the easiest way of getting results that are desired. -By Miyashita Makoto.Bookmark here

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