Chapter 42:

A5P4: The hero in the Dungeon area

From Assassin to Demon lord

„Let’s go guys! The dungeon area starts near the border of this kingdom!“ I, hero of starlight, Asta, called at my companions.

„Sure, let’s go,“ Sumia, sword user girl from merchant union smiled. I really wanted to fuck her, but she never accepted my advances.

„Like she said,“ Tamara, a magician, next to Sumia said with nod. I wnated to fuck her too, but as a princess of Gurrem kingdom it would disturb the trust between the two nations. Plus she’s as flat as it gets.

Last one of our group was a teenage girl with mask. She never said her name, claiming to be vessel of angel, and given that I couldn’t read her status, it was hightly possible. Unlike other two she accepted my advances, but she said that if we slept together she would lost her powers, so still no luck for me.

We walked to the border and spoted a sign.

‚This is dominion of Great Demon lord Zaru, Demonic kingdom of Zaruul, if you dare to chalange our great king, be prepared to die in agony.‘

„What a nice welcome! He’s demon lord for not even a month and he already call himself ‚Great!‘ What a joke!“ I laught and kicked the sign.

„Let’s go everyone, our hero is leading us to bright future, our victory is granted,“ the masked priestess said and waved at her companions. At the same moment she looked at the sky, smiling under her mask.

We continued through the freezing plains of Snowy mountains. And then we saw it. A tomb that didn’t belong to the mountains.

„Heh, so he’s one of the undead demon lords! This will be easy for my sword, Shadow Piercer!“

„Yes, it’s just as you say lord Asta,“ the masked girl said.

We entered the first room, it was full of undead. Skeletons, zombies, Walking shaows, Creep Stalkers, Silent cats and lastly Zombie Bears…

„Such a weaklings should just disapeard!“

We got to the last room without much trouble. And after drinking third grade mana potion we entered the room.

Inside a throne made from bones was sitting in front of massive metal door. A skeleton was sitting upon that throne of death and with rise of his hand two knights appeared.

„Oh, so this is power of demon lord! Still this is weak!“ I entered exchange of blows with one knight and Sumia with Tamara tagged to defeat the second one.

When I almost defeated the knight, the demon lord fired [Crimson ball] at me, but my Holy armor deflected it.

„Keep your cheep tricks for later Demon lord!“

I defeated the knight with next blow. Sumia and Tamara were also able to defeat their knight, but Sumia lost her main sword and was now stuck with a spare.

In the next moment we were at Demon lord and we killed him.

„Great! We defeated a demon lord!“

„That was no Demon lord. That was only Elder lich and those two were Knights of death,“ the masked girl said.

„Oh really? Man, and I was hyped that I become [True hero] finally!“

„Let’s continue through those doors, who know’s how deep the real demon lord is hiding,“ the masked girl continued.

„Well, if he’s strong as this guy then there is no reason to panic. I only use [Holy slash] once in this battle so I still have two more uses.“

With great feeling of strenght we opened the door to the next room. The room was dark and even with [Light] spell we didn’t see more than one meter around us.

And all of the sudden I heard finger snapping, and in the next moment the room was lit with golden light.

All around us were magical beasts, monsters with names, and every single one of them was equiped with high-class mithril weapons and armor. Minotaurus’s, Arachne’s, Naga’s, and many others. I knew how dangerous these monsters are, every single one of them was Special A-rank, I was former B-rank adventurer so I knew these monsters only from talks of higher ranked adventurers.

At the end of the room, on golden throne was sitting incarnation of death… I knew that it’s late for us to run away.

„What brings weaklings like you to my dungeon?!“

Demon lord asked us and his voice made me fear for my life.

Tony Raven