Chapter 1:

Nocturne Opus 9 - The Working Composer and The Lazy Witch

Chopin's Penny -- (The Alternative Diaries of a Classical Composer and a Freeloading Witch)

"... Aah... Such a beautiful song... play it again, darling."Bookmark here

"Penelope, please stop walking around in a towel. It's my mother's favorite one."Bookmark here

"Tut, tut, Chop-Chop. She won't notice if I wash and dry this before she gets home. Just leave it to this big sister.... for the record, it's Penny."Bookmark here

"And my name is Chopin."Bookmark here

Frederic Franciszek Chopin. Bookmark here

Age 17, born and raised in Warsaw, Poland. Current occupation, Steward of the Chopin Family Parlour (a boarding house for school boys).Bookmark here

Aspiration: Music.Bookmark here

The frail looking young man turned to the woman who was wandering around said parlour with frivolous grin.Bookmark here

As mentioned she had nothing but a towel made out of rich and colorful material, something a mother of a family would feel comfortable in using. Again, it didn't belong to her, but she felt it was comfortable to her soft peachy cream skin sprinkles with the due of bath water. Bookmark here

Despite wearing only a towel, she had a peculiar cone hat sitting on her head.Bookmark here

It looked like something a Witch would wear... coincidence?Bookmark here

"Please Miss Witch, If you keep walking half-naked like this... the boys in the house will see you."Bookmark here

"Oh please, they're all in school like any good children... you on the other hand are playing hooky. Naughty, naughty. I should thoroughly spank you☆."Bookmark here

"Cough, cough. As much as I would like to enjoy a regular school life, I'm not feeling well today. Even my doctor said I might have to stay home and repeat a grade next year. Honestly, I'm not happy about this situation."Bookmark here

"Yet you're playing your beloved piano so feverishly."Bookmark here

"You can't stop inspiration."Bookmark here

"So you say."Bookmark here

The Witch in the towel smiled as she walked around, dripping water all across the house rug. Even as Chopin was right next to her, he didn't move from his seat from his piano. Some say he was too focused or enthralled in the musical notes he was writing down, the very sheets would change the history of classical music...Bookmark here

... But really, he just didn't feel like starting an argument. Taking advantage of this silence, the Witch girl leaned against the boy's piano as if a singer in a bar. Her towel a long red ball dress.Bookmark here

"Play me a tune, darling Chop-Chop. Nocturne in Fortune... or whatever you call your music piece."Bookmark here

"Chopin. Don't lean on Jolly, or the oil on your skin will leave a mark on her body... and don't drink my father's rum."Bookmark here

"Tee-hee. Make me."
Bookmark here

"I'll cut your rations."Bookmark here

"Wait! I-I'm sorry! I-I didn't mean to make fun of your, o-or-or dirty your piano wife! I-I, I will immediately refill your father's rum with water an-and put it away! J-just don't cut me off from my only source of sustenance!"Bookmark here

These are the Alternative Diaries of a Frederic Chopin raising a lazy@ss Witch girl in Warsaw, Poland. Don't worry, she's cute...Bookmark here

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