Chapter 1:

Unexpected Turn Of Events Part- 1

Love Is Near You

[8:00 am]
                                    (Seiichi's Bedroom)
*Alarm Blaring*
Seiichi: "Mmmmm...mmmm Just five more minutes...

(Seiichi jumps up) Wait!? What time is it?

                                   (Looks over at the clock)
"I'm going to be late!" 

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Seiichi- I better text her and tell her I'm going to be late.

[8:10 am] (Running around trying to get ready)

Wait a minute, Wheres Yuji!?

(Bust in his run) Yuji!! Wake up dude, you need to get ready or you're going to be late."
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Yuji- Wh-what... just five more minutes...

Seiichi- Ugh!!!, I don't have time for this, don't say I did not warn you!
[8:20 am] (Out the door) "Shoot I'm so late! If I run I can still make it!"

[8:25 am]

Seiichi- "Phew...(breathing hard) I... I made it with five spare. Phew, I really need to get up earlier. 

???- " don't look so good are you okay?!" 

Seiichi- Oh... he... hey Maria.... sorry I'm late...
                                              (inside the cafe)

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Seiichi- "So ya that's how my morning went heh...heh."

Maria- "You really should take better care of your self Seiichi, and you should be getting plenty of sleep or you will fall back in your grades." (She scolded me)

Seiichi- "Heh.. ya... well anyways your grades are looking so much better than before you really don't even need me anymore."
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Maria- "Really, you think I have improved that much?"

Seiichi- "I do, I mean that grades certainly show it, these are so good you could be one of the top 100 smartest kids in Japan!"

Maria- "That's a relief, it's all thanks to you though putting up with me."

Seiichi- "Don't cut yourself short you applied yourself and got it done!"
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Seiichi- Alright let's start this week's lesson."


'My name is Seiichi Saki, and I am tutoring my future wife. Well, at least a guy can dream. This beautiful girl is Maria Tanaka, I wake up every day before school to tutor her for 15 mins a day. I have been doing this for three months and I have been telling myself for those three months that I am going to ask her out, and today is that day!"

[8:35 am]   (outside the cafe)

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Maria- "Thank you for today's lesson, it was so helpful! You're like so smart!"

Seiichi- "Heh heh, thank you!"
                              [ ruffles the back of his head]

     (come on dude ask her out she's right there, just say it)

Seiichi- he..hey mari-

Maria- "Oh shoot I'm going to be late see you Seiichi I have to go thanks for everything!"

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Seiichi- Oh, alright see you- aw man she was right there why am I sucha.. well I guess there is tomorrow, I can't dwell on what's in the pasted I guess. I better get to school.

(* Beep Beep*)

Seiichi- "Oh a text from Maria! It's a voice message, that's new."

*Message*: "Hey Seiichi, I forgot to tell you thank you so much for the chocolates that was so sweet my boyfriend ate them all, and thank you for helping me you're like so smart, but anyways I got to go thanks again ttyl!" 

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Seiichi- "Huh!!! She has a BOYFRIEND!"


[Would you tell your crush you liked them now or would you run around your school in your underwear?]

[8:50 am]                      (Seiichi's HighSchool)

Scene: -  Seiichi is at his desk with his head laying on it-

Seiichi- "I cant believe she has a boyfriend...."

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(Yuji walks into the classroom with his hand on the back of his head)

Yuji- "Hey Seiichi, why did you not wake me up this morning- (yawn) I was almost late because of you."

Seiichi- Mumbbles " I did wake you said "Five more minutes ... plus you're old enough to wake yourself up."

(Seiichi looks up) *his face looks depressed*

Yuji- "Sheesh dude what happened to you?"

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Seiichi- "(This is my best friend Yuji Koichi who I also happen to live with since both of my parents died in a plane crash. He is what you could consider popular. He's good-looking, kind, calm and collective, and he's really smart. he also happens to be an eboy and store Manager.")

                           (Back in the classroom)
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Seiichi- (slams his head back on the table)

(The whole class goes quiet)

Yuji- "Bro... stop people are staring, what happened to you?"

Seiichi- (mumbles) "You know that girl I have been tutoring for three months?"

Yuji- " Yea, the one you're down bad for."

Seiichi- "Hey I am not down bad!"

(The class goes silent and stares)

Yuji- Alright alright.. sure you are, but anyways what's up with her?"

Seiichi- "Here just listen to this message.........."

*Replays Message*....................