Chapter 4:

Die Forelle (Schubert) - The Trout... Kind of

Chopin's Penny -- (The Alternative Diaries of a Classical Composer and a Freeloading Witch)

The Witch who was hiding in the Chopin Family Parlour was up to trouble again. Sigh.
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"........ I-I didn't do it."Bookmark here

"There's a dead cat in the kitchen and you're the only one in this building... Please explain."Bookmark here

"I-I said I didn't do it!"Bookmark here

The Witch who liked to wear a robe that resembled a Japanese Kimono patterned a summer day sky, was holding onto a red-colored knife and her other hand held a fish's head.Bookmark here

 As a certain Piano Prodigy mentioned, there was a dead cat on the floor... that or it ate something questionable and passed out as a self-defense mechanism to reject the food poisoning that invaded its blood stream.Bookmark here

 Either way, the kitchen counter was covered in blood, scales, and fish guts.Bookmark here

"Th-this little kitten fo-followed me home wh-when I was experimenting with an Earth G-G-Golem. I-I wanted to give it something to eat!"Bookmark here

"My mother hates fish and some of the boys who live here are allergic to seafood... where did you find an Arctic Halibut?"Bookmark here

"Hmm? Oh this thing I opened on the counter? I used a Summon Object Spell to get me one. You do realize the Fish Market in your town stinks like a pig's pen, right? No offense. Not to mention, I hate the regular trout you bring back home, looking at it makes me nauseous."Bookmark here

"If Sir Franz Schubert heard you say that, he will cry."Bookmark here

"Why, because he named his Dog after a Trout?"Bookmark here

"No. He named his Best Composition as The Trout."Bookmark here

"............. And that's supposed to have an effect on me, how?"Bookmark here

"Stepping on a great man's work is nothing more than an insult. You will be cursed."Bookmark here

"Mm. That's okay, I've already have a couple of Anti-Hex Charms and one Potion of Curse Removal. I should be safe."Bookmark here

"I wasn't sharing  with you that bit of information for your well-being."Bookmark here

Frederic Chopin glanced at the poor cat twitching on the floor. Bookmark here

As a young man who rarely left home or went to school due to medical conditions, he was a bit of an 'isolated fellow' who only had enough close friends to count within his 10 fingers and thumbs. Bookmark here

Even so, he felt pity for the unconscious Calico kitten that was lying on its back, with a big round belly and foam leaking from its mouth.Bookmark here

"Penny. If you're so great about curing illnesses, why don't you save this kitten from your own food poisoning."Bookmark here

"Poisoning? Impossible. I've calculated the right amount of powdered Salamander Claw by the milligram to Bat Stomach Wax by the mililiter. I even throw in my rare Herbs I found in an Aztec Temple and even added in Rabbit's Down Fur into the mixture. It should increase the cat's lifespan and stamina by two folds!"Bookmark here

".......................................... You inhuman creature."Bookmark here

"Wh-why are you looking at me as if I am the murderer o-of a mystery drama!? I-I told you the state the cat is in has nothing to do with my cookiiiiiiiiiiing!"Bookmark here

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