Chapter 8:

Coldwater Coldness

A Terrible Evil Villain And Their Destiny

A loud crash attracted the attention of Bryson as he was moving across the main hall. Yelling could be heard soon after that. Byron looking out of a window saw the source of the commotion. His eldest sister twelve-year-old Viola, stood before the coffee-haired maid from a few days ago on top a patio, screaming at her.

Bryson noticed a smashed teacup on the floor and the maid was soaked with what looked like tea and staring downwards.

“This tea is cold and bitter.” Bryson heard Viola hiss out.

“I-I’m sorry.” The maid said meekly.

Bryson realized noticed that all other staff around Viola and the maid, were all pretending not to see. I guess they don’t want to get in trouble. Bryson thought. Saying that Viola was overacting would be an understatement, but unless someone wanted to meet the same fate as the maid currently being scorned, everyone was going to be silent.

“You made me wait so long to drink this filth.” Viola said coldly. “This isn’t even the first time that you’ve failed, is it?”

The maid girl said nothing. Viola without missing a beat continued to speak.

“A low-life commoner like you shouldn’t have ever started working here.” Viola paused for a moment as she came to an epiphany.

“In fact.” She said with a cruel smile, “You don’t deserve to work anywhere proper in Darlington commoner.”

“What?” The maid looked up in confusion only to receive a slap.

“Watch where you look.” She growled before continuing, “I am officially firing you from the Coldwater estate. What’s more, I will make sure that every other noble house and major company will have you blacklisted. You can take your trash and leave.” Finishing her sentence with a cold-hearted smile.

Without another word, she headed back inside leaving the dripping wet maid alone. The maid stood there in silence for a few moments before Bryson heard her sob. A second later she dropped to her knees and continued to cry.

Bryson quickly looked away with a grimace. That’s a bit much. With a shake of his head, he walked away.


Bryson and the rest of his family were sat down at the dinner table enjoying their dinner. A slow-roasted suckling pig stood in the centre of the dining table. Accompanying the swine was several plates and bowls of decadent and intricate dishes.

As they dined on their meal, Duchess Coldwater began to make small talk.

“Viola, you recently let a servant go did you not?” She asked Viola.

“I did, I found the servant far too incompetent.” Viola replied while picking at her plate.

“Well, what else could you expect, she was a lowbrow commoner with no prior experience or prestige. Honestly, I’m shocked that she even got the job.” Gareth said with a laugh.

“It was only a minor internship, even so, it is regrettable that she earned any money from us.” Duke Coldwater rumbled. “Perhaps I should change the requirements.”

“Well nevertheless, we now have room employ someone new, and Bryson, you don’t have a personal servant yet, do you?” Lady Coldwater asked.

“No mother.” Bryson replied between mouthfuls, always making sure to swallow beforehand, of course.

“Well, what a perfect opportunity!” Duchess Coldwater said happy clap. She turned to Duke Coldwater, “We can get Bryson his first-ever personal servant!”

“Would it be possible for me to get a servant mother?” Sable asked.

“Sable, please not now.” Duchess Coldwater chided.

Bryson could see Sable clench her teeth for a moment while cutting into her pork rather roughly, but she said nothing more.

“Oh… mother, there’s no need for me to have a personal servant just yet, Sable can get one instead.” Bryson tried to say. But his mother was dismissive of his protest.

“No need to be polite Bryson, you are a Coldwater, you deserve it.” She said.

Bryson opened his mouth to speak before his father cut him off.

“Don’t argue with your mother.” Duke Coldwater voice said, as cold as ice.

Bryson closed his mouth and nodded. He could see Sable try to hide her anger.

“Wonderful, we’ll start finding a proper servant tomorrow.” Duchess Coldwater said cheerfully.

Bryson took a frustrated bite of food as he accepted his fate.


Bryson laid in bed getting ready to fall asleep reading his scroll, he had now completely deciphered the scroll. It explained not only how to control and use mana efficiently but also how to control mana around the user as well. As he was reading, his mind went back to Viola and the maid she had unceremoniously fired. Why was she so mean? He wondered. Viola didn’t tend to do these sorts of things normally, so he was curious why she did it.

Viola had been in a bad mood recently, though she never brought it up, Bryson could tell something was eating at her. He had no idea what, but it seemed like she was told something earlier. She had been extremely sensitive whenever it regarded the common folk recently.

The maid shouldn’t have been fired, Bryson knew that, if only there was something to do about it. A piercing headache interrupted his thought. This headache hit him harder than any other time.

He clutched at his head he began to hear ringing and his vision began to swim and spots began to appear. He clenched his teeth and shut his eyes as he tried not to scream. He rolled on his bed struggling with the pain.

“Gahh.” He groaned out, rolling out of his bed, hitting the floor.

He opened his eyes and stared at the full-body mirror in his room. He saw his own reflection and between the piercing pain, he was hit by a wave of confusion. His eyes were glowing, what’s more his dark black sclera and pupils were all gone.

His dark black eyes were replaced with pure white glowing orbs, shining so bright it lit up his room, the mirror reflecting the light right back at him.

Then, one moment later. It all stopped.

Bryson laid on the floor panting, he slowly sat himself back up and sat there staring at the mirror trying to process what happened.

Go outside. A voice echoed through Bryson’s head. Looking around in confusion another stabbing headache hit him. Outside. It said once more.

Alright, alright. The thought as he got up and rubbed his head.

“What’s going on?” He asked out loud.