Chapter 19:

Out on a Walk or a Date?

My Devil Is A Beautiful Female

"You are late Akiyuki." One of the people says inside the room.Bookmark here

"Hahaha, I am sorry, I am late. Should we start the meeting now?" Akiyuki asks with a smileBookmark here

Meanwhile at the merchant's mansion,Bookmark here

"Roy dear, can you do me a favor?" The merchant's wife Akemi asksBookmark here

"Sure, what is it?" Roy nods his head asks AkemiBookmark here

"Sarada wants to go out but I can't let her go out all by herself. So, I would like you to go with her." Akemi says to RoyBookmark here

"Me and her alone?" Roy tilts his head slightly and asks AkemiBookmark here

"Yeah." Akemi nods her headBookmark here

"…Sure." Roy agreesBookmark here

"Thank you." Akemi says with a smileBookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

Roy and Sarada are walking side by side. But there is an awkward silence between them. Both of them don't know how to start a conversation. Roy never had any experience talking with girls except for Saika and Mio. So, he doesn't know what to say.Bookmark here

Sarada is a shy girl and for some reason, her heart is beating really fast.Bookmark here

"Umm…So, what are your hobbies?" Roy says with an awkward toneBookmark here

Sarada stays silent and doesn't reply.Bookmark here

Roy gets embarrassed and thinks to himself, 'What the fuck did I just ask her?! She probably now thinks I am weird.'Bookmark here

But in reality, Sarada is just so overjoyed by the fact that Roy talked to her. But she couldn't reply because of her shyness.Bookmark here

'Roy-Sama talked to me! I am so honored, but I don't know how to respond. I have never talked to a guy other than my dad' Sarada thinks inwardly.Bookmark here

They both keep on walking and when they thought their stay together will end in awkwardness, they hear loud footsteps approaching them from behind.Bookmark here

Before they could react, a guy wearing a hood snatches Sarada's purse which she is carrying in her hand. It is a thief!Bookmark here

The thief gets some distance between him and Roy.Bookmark here

Getting happy from stealing a rich-looking kid's purse, the thief thinks to himself, 'hehe-I stole that rich-looking girl's purse. She looks like she is from a wealthy family so I think this will sell for a lot of money!'Bookmark here

But little did the thief know that the little girl has a Magic Knight with her. Before the thief can understand anything, Roy slams his face on the ground and twists his hand on his back.Bookmark here

"Stealing in front of me? Hah." Roy says with a smug faceBookmark here

Then Roy takes the purse from the thief who is now knocked out on the ground and gives it back to Sarada.Bookmark here

"Are you alright?" Roy says to SaradaBookmark here

Roy thinks that there will be no answer again. But to his surprise, Sarada actually replies this time.Bookmark here

"I-i am fi-fine." Sarada says in a light voice. She has a small smile on her faceBookmark here

"Shall we go then?" Roy asksBookmark here

Sarada nods with a smile. Then they continue walking with an awkward silence between them.Bookmark here

While walking Sarada notices an amusement park to her right.Bookmark here

Sarada wants to go to the amusement park. But she is too shy to ask Roy.Bookmark here

'what do I do…I don't know how to ask him…What if he rejects me…'Bookmark here

'I should just ask him…This will be my last chance anyway.' Sarada gets lost in her own thoughts.Bookmark here

Suddenly Roy speaks up, "Do you wa-want to go there?"Bookmark here

'Why the fuck am I stuttering. I am not a 9 year old. I have to get my shit together.' Roy thinks to himselfBookmark here

Sarada looks at Roy with sparkling puppy dog eyes, "C-can we?"Bookmark here

"Yeah!" Roy repliesBookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

At the same time inside of a building,Bookmark here

"So, let's start our mission" One of the people inside the room says.Bookmark here

The person is wearing a black kimono with blue and white designs on it. She has short brown hair, blue eyes. Although she is around forty years old, her physic makes her look like a thirty year old mature woman. Her name is 'Shunichi Suzuki'.Bookmark here

"So, as you guys know, the 'war' that's happening in 'Aberdeen' is cause for our GDP fall." Suzuki saysBookmark here

"Yeah, I heard about it recently. I also heard that it is devastating in Aberdeen." One of the guys saysBookmark here

"Yeah, because of the 'war' our merchandise is stuck there. As you know, we bring goods through Aberdeen from Deylan"Bookmark here

"That is the main…"Bookmark here

'This is so boring.' Shira thinks to himselfBookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

After a few hours, the meeting ended.Bookmark here

Shira and Akiyuki exit the building and head towards their carriage.Bookmark here

"Sorry for bringing you here, I know that meeting was boring."Bookmark here

"Nah, it's okay. I enjoyed some parts of it." Shira answers honestlyBookmark here

"Haha-You are really honest. Anyway, now that we are finished let's go back."Bookmark here

To Be Continued…Bookmark here

[Author Note]Bookmark here

Sorry for all the slow-paced chapters. But it will get better soon.Bookmark here

And I know this chapter was kinda cringy, I am Sorry :3Bookmark here

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