Chapter 20:

It's a Date!!

My Devil Is A Beautiful Female

Inside the amusement park,Bookmark here

Sarada is standing still looking around at different rides and people.Bookmark here

Roy can be seen standing in a line for a ticket of some sort. In front of him are around five peoples. One by one buy some tickets and leave the line.Bookmark here

After a few minutes, Roy is at the front of the line.Bookmark here

"Good Evening Sir." The counter attendant greets Roy.Bookmark here

"Good Evening, I would like two tickets please." Roy greets back and saysBookmark here

"For Rides or Water Park?" The attendant saysBookmark here

"…" Roy thinks for a moment. 'Rides will be better but…Water Park has its own perks…'Bookmark here

"Rides please." Roy decides to go for the rides.Bookmark here

"Okay, wait a moment." The attendant says to Roy with a smile.Bookmark here

After a moment the attendant gives Roy two tickets.Bookmark here

"That will be 20 'Zeni'." The Attendant replies.Bookmark here

"Thank you." Roy gives 20 Zeni to the attendant and thanks her.Bookmark here

The attendant nods her head and says, "Enjoy your time."Bookmark here

Roy then leaves the line and heads towards Sarada.Bookmark here

"I got the tickets, let's go." Roy says to Sarada with a slight smileBookmark here

"Y-yeah, let's go." Sarada replies to Roy.Bookmark here

The two of them start walking. Roy is looking around for a good Ride to enjoy. And Sarada is frequently looking at Roy's face and Roy's hand.Bookmark here

The amusement park is quite crowded. So, Roy holds Sarada's hand to not get separated from each other.Bookmark here

Sarada blushes hard, her cheeks get red and her heart starts beating fast.Bookmark here

'R-Ro-Roy grabbed my hand!!' Sarada thinks inwardly.Bookmark here

Roy looks at Sarada to ask her something but notices that her face is red.Bookmark here

"A-are you okay?" Roy asks Sarada while stuttering a little.Bookmark here

"Y-yes, I am f-fine." Sarada replies while looking down.Bookmark here

"Which one do you want to ride on first?" Roy asksBookmark here

"I am o-okay with whichever y-you choose." Sarada replies to RoyBookmark here

"Then how about that one?" Roy says while pointing towards a 'high striker'.Bookmark here

It operates by utilizing the lever where one end holds a puck attached to the tower and the other end is struck by the person using a hammer or mallet.Bookmark here

"S-Sure." Sarada saysBookmark here

"Let's put a bet on it. The loser had to buy something for both of us. How about it?" Roy says to SaradaBookmark here

"I-I am okay with it." Sarada repliesBookmark here

The both of them then walk toward the high striker machine.Bookmark here

"You can go first." Roy says to SaradaBookmark here

Sarada picks up the hammer beside the machine and gets in position to hit it.Bookmark here

*Boom*Bookmark here

A loud breaking sound comes after Sarada hits the machine with the hammer.Bookmark here

"Uhhh…" Sarada expressesBookmark here

"I-I guess I lose…?" Roy says with an awkward smile.Bookmark here

"Y-yeah, I guess I won…" Sarada says with a smile on her faceBookmark here

"What do you want?" Roy asks SaradaBookmark here

Sarada then looks around and sees an ice cream stand.Bookmark here

"I want ice cream." Sarada says to RoyBookmark here

"Sure." Roy says to SaradaBookmark here

Both of them go to the ice cream stand.Bookmark here

"Which flavor do you want?" Roy asksBookmark here

"Chocolate." Sarada says to Roy.Bookmark here

"Two chocolate ice cream." Roy says to the ice cream stall workerBookmark here

"Okay, Sir." The worker replies.Bookmark here

"Here." The worker then gives Roy and Sarada two ice creams.Bookmark here

"How much?" Roy asks the workerBookmark here

"7 Zeni" The worker repliesBookmark here

"Here." Roy gives 7 Zeni to the worker.Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

After one hour of enjoying all the Rides except for the Ferris Wheel.Bookmark here

"Let's go on the Ferris Wheel!" Sarada says with an excited voiceBookmark here

"Sure!" Roy repliesBookmark here

'Looks like she is comfortable with me now.' Roy thinks inwardly with a proud smileBookmark here

Both of them get on a cabin. After a few minutes, the Ferris Wheel starts moving.Bookmark here

"Wow! What a beautiful view." Sarada while looking outside the cabinBookmark here

"Yeah!" Roy exclaimsBookmark here

"Thanks." Sarada suddenly says.Bookmark here

"For what?" Roy asksBookmark here

"For today. I really enjoyed it." Sarada says with a big smileBookmark here

"I also enjoyed it." Roy replies to Sarada with a smileBookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

After getting out of the amusement park, they go straight home.Bookmark here

"We are back!" Sarada says after entering the houseBookmark here

Sarada's mom, Akemi comes to the door and sees Sarada smilingBookmark here

'She seems to be in a good mood.' Akemi thinksBookmark here

"Did you guys have fun?" Akemi saysBookmark here

"Yeah!" Sarada replies with a big smileBookmark here

Akemi smiles after hearing Sarada's reply.Bookmark here

"Dinner is ready. Let's go and eat!" Akemi says to them.Bookmark here

To Be Continued…Bookmark here

[A/N]Bookmark here

Sorry for not writing their full date.Bookmark here

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