Chapter 0:

A wake

Kiyoshi’s Dream

I had this dream, that felt nothing like one...

I remembered every little detail about the “dream”

It was of a girl who seemed to be quite far away And was slowly making her way towards me the closer she got the more scared i felt, why i wonder? She seemed a bit familiar even though i had never met her before, after she got close enough i could see her better she was quite skinny for someone with such a round head, she had light blue eyes and short hair that looked half dyed pink after finally reaching me she looked me in the eyes and she started saying something but I couldn’t hear anything, she was moving her lips so why couldn’t i hear her? I felt like i wanted to say something but fear had overcame me by that point and kept my silence, she started to “cry” then i woke up after hearing a sob.

I remember seeing some liquid falling down her cheeks, but it was the farthest thing from tears....

I felt really fatigued after waking up and the fear still had not left me completely who was she? Man dreams can be really random just like that one dream i had days ago about my dead dog trying to ride a bike with no wheels. Will my dreams just get weirder And weirder? Well if they do I won’t mind i guess i’ll probably forget about them anyway

Or so i had hoped.

Prologue end.