Chapter 54:


How I (Accidently) Became a Demon Lord

Nasui stood firm in place. The situation had shifted, Mosti was now backed up by a cleric of Orize. Yaki stood, waiting for a signal. Clerics relied on the abilities of their Lord, and could do set things because of it. Nasui realized he had a bonus this cleric did not however.

Clerics abilities required mana, they had a limited amount of usage. This is because most cleric abilities added something to the world, creation requires a cost. However, Secis gifts were different. Nasui’s Curse magic removed things from the world, as such it only used a minor amount of mana. Things like removing speed, sound, weight, these were abilities that Nasui could do with next to no cost. He could outlast this Cleric if he acted smart. However, he knew another way to deal with this threat.

“Yaki, that holy symbol. It's his focus, if you can remove it he won't be able to cast his abilities.” Nasui said, his eyes darting between the two threats.

“Yaki can get it.” Yaki stated.

“After that, knock him out. Remember Rath doesn't want us to kill if we don't need to.” Nasui stated.

“Yaki understands Sir Nasui.” Yaki said.

“Ill give you space.” Nasui said, slithering forward towards Mosti.

Percival reacted at his charge. A light enveloped Mosti and he easily dodged Nasui’s strike. He gave him a speed blessing, this would not be good. Mosti’s sword came down swiftly towards Nasui, he let his body slither back and dropped his torso low in the split second. Yaki was gone, she had to deal with Percival or Mosti would just receive more buffs.

Percival began swinging his saber wildly, keeping the invisible Yaki at bay. Mosti began to push Nasui back with each swing. This was bad, they charged in separately and were going to be punished for it.

“Ah!” A scream came, echoing off the walls of the hall.

Nasui felt his heart drop, he risked the glance and spotted Yaki laying on the ground, her chest sliced wide, blood pooling before her.

He had failed. He sent her to her death, Yaki was going to die because of Nasui.

No, he could slow her blood, keep her from bleeding out. He just had to reach her first!

Mosti didn't give him the chance, he kept the pressure. Percival looked down at the corpse with pride, turning his eyes to Nasui. This was not good, he was about to ganged up on. He used his blades to block Mosti, he couldn't recoil for too long, he had to stand his ground. If he held the position long enough he would find a way through, he just had to act fast. Before Yaki died.

Nasui felt something pressing against his shoulder blades, he must have reached the wall. He was inches from being pinned, this was no good. Why did the wall feel so warm?

Mosti raised his sword high, another light surrounding him. It was probably a strength boost, this attack may end Nasui. He watched as the blade came dropping down and braced for the strike.

However, he instead felt something cover his mouth, and his body was pulled downward. What he saw next was surreal, he saw himself split in two from the strike. Was he a spirit? Had he died and was witnessing it?

“Be silent Sir Nasui.” Yaki’s voice whispered in his ear.

Relief swelled throughout Nasui, the Yaki he saw on the floor was an illusion, and so was this Nasui he could see.

“You are unseen as long as Yaki is touching you.” Yaki stated. “Yaki apologizes for degrading you with her touch.”

Nasui tried to reply, but Yaki’s hand was still over his mouth. It was for the best, Mosti still stood near them, should the illusion break they would be dead. Mosti stood proudly, raising his helm to reveal his face.

“We got them!” Mosti declared. “Hah! Look at your pitiful honor now snake!”

“Mosti, We should get moving.” Percival stated. “Ezek should be fighting nearby, we should support him.”

“Right, let us go.” Mosti said, turning away.

Nasui felt something close to his head, and the hand on his mouth lightened up to allow him to speak. He figured it was Yaki’s ear and began to whisper.

“Can you get me close to the Cleric? We still need to remove him if we have any hope of winning.” Nasui said.

“Yaki can do that, let us move.” Yaki stated.

“Wait, I have a better idea, but it requires you to act swiftly.” Nasui said.

The pair were turning the corner, but stopped in their tracks.

“That is the Goliath.” Mosti stated, lowering his helm.

Malphis was here? This worked better.

“You bastards!” A voice from behind called out.

Nasui tilted his head back, and spotted Nekra standing at the other end of the hall.

“You killed them!” Nekra yelled angrily. “Nasui, Yaki!”

Dammit he didn't know!

“I'll take the Kobold.” Percival stated. “Hold off the Goliath till I'm done.”

“On it.” Mosti said, moving into a warrior stance.

Shit. “We must move fast, Yaki.” Nasui stated. “Same plan, you ready?”

“Yaki is ready.” Yaki stated.

Nasui silently got to his feet as Percival waited for Nekra to charge. Nekra used his wings and took to the air, darting down the hallway tunnel. Nasui felt Yaki touching his leg, she was in a position ready to sprint once Nasui signaled.

Nasui had to move quickly, drawing his bow and air quietly enough to not break the illusion but fast enough to beat Nekra.

“You're left!” Nasui yelled, releasing the arrow.

Nekra hesitated for just a moment at the sound, just enough for the arrow to slide past Nekra, and into the shield of Percival.

The arrow drilled into it, shattering the shield.

“Shit, Mosti! They are alive!” Percival yelled out.

It was too late, Yaki was already rushing him. Her body low to the ground the whole way. Once she was upon him she used her straight blades to slash upwards and cut free the talisman from his neck. With her second blade she batted the talisman away.

“Nekra now!” Nasui yelled out. The sound of Mosti and Malphis clash echoed. It was clear that Malphis wasn't able to use his large blade, so he must be using one of the smaller blades he hid in his armor.

Nekra rushed forward, his scales growing and hardening. He plowed into Percival’s head, forcing him hard to the ground. Between the force of the stone and the force of a kobold his skull couldn't handle it. A loud crack resounded and Percival laid unmoving.

Nekra did not hesitate, he let his wings pull him off the fallen cleric and charged the knight. Malphis was at a disadvantage, and he was being forced back by Mosti’s onslaught. The blessings wore off since Percival could no longer support them, but Mosti was a threat enough without them.

Mosti raised his sword up into the air to strike, but Nekra had his own plans. The kobold summoned Astaia’s spirit, and bit hard into the center of the knights blade. With the middle of the blade missing, the tip fell to the ground with a tink. Mosti swung his now reduced blade at the Goliath, only to miss by a large margin.

Malphis took the chance and threw his body weight at the man. He threw his own tiny knife to the ground and used his now free hand to throw Mosti’s to the side. He pinned the man to the ground and pulled off his helmet. Malphis slammed his fist into the knight's head until he stopped moving, blood trickling from his nose, teeth scattered across the floor.

Nekra turned to Nasui and Yaki. “You're alive!” He said, his face showing sadness.

“Barely.” Nasui said, sitting against the ground to catch his breath. “Yaki, I owe you my life. Sadly I cannot give you a life debt as I already have pledged myself to Master Rath.”

“Yaki did no such thing!” Yaki stammered. “Yaki only did as told, keep everyone alive.”

“You just confirmed what he said.” Malphis said, getting to his feet. “Looks like we took out all the big players. All that is left is the king.”

“What about Fenrin and Pelone?” Nekra asked Malphis.

“They are alright, they are outside the castle. Did you see the mage?” Malphis asked.

“He fled the castle, he apparently trained a friend of Rath’s from Kyrit. If we win he will join our side. Oh you probably know her, her name is Tivis, she died apparently.” Nekra stated.

“Is that so.” Malphis said, his expression as hard as ever. “That is tragic.”

His response sat weirdly on Nekra. He would have to ask about it later.

“Rath should be fighting the king, what should we do?” Nekra asked.

“We regroup with the others, leave this to Rath.” Malphis said. “He should be able to deal with this king on his own.”

They all agreed and bound the enemy, dragging them out of the castle as they went.

Rath faced the king, who stood confidently with his spear in hand. They both knew what would happen next, and prepared for their final battle. 

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