Chapter 55:

The First King

How I (Accidently) Became a Demon Lord

Rath stood in the large open room. King Garion Pierce faced him, spear in hand.

“Well Demon, it seems we have found each other.” Garion stated, hefting his spear up.

“We can stop this now, just agree to my demands.” Rath stated, drawing Freesia.

“I will not give an inch to you monster.” Garion stated.

“Then you know what must happen?” Rath said, lowering in a stance to attack.

“Yes, I must remove you.” Garion said, lowering to strike.

A moment paced, and then the two collided. Garion had launched himself for a stab, Rath batted it away with his blade. Garion was a master of the spear, and so twisted himself to pull the spear back in for another strike. He stabbed forward constantly, attacking from different angles with each stab.

Rath blocked each attack with his sword, not moving an inch back. He would stand firm in the face of the king, he would not let his resolve shatter. Finally, he found the rhythm to the king's attacks. The king was trained into a way of fighting that he was naturally falling into. Now that Rath was aware of it, he could make his own strikes.

He jumped up above a low strike, then landed hard on the spear shaft. The tip of the spear was pressed into the stone from the force, and Rath now had the weapon pinned to the ground.

Rath struck, hitting the king's shield, lowering it by a small margin. The king responded by casting a spell. The ground below the spear suddenly lurched up, sending Rath sprawling forward. Rath used a free hand and pressed it against the king's shoulder, doing a flip over the king. Rath let his momentum give him a few feet.

He made the correct choice as the king had recovered swiftly, spinning his spear behind them to hit where Rath had just been standing. The king used the motion to turn himself towards the Demon Lord.

Sword raised, Rath pushed forward. He could exhaust the king's mana if this went on long enough, he just had to outlast him. Once his mana was out he would concede, wouldn't he?

Rath knew better. This man would give nothing to Rath, not matter what he said, no matter what deal he offered. He feared Rath, all because he was a Demon Lord. Maybe if he were still human things could be different. However, if he was still human he would not have had the power to even stand to this king. It was unfair, either he was too strong or too weak. For now he was too strong, and as such had to use that strength to protect his people.

Rath changed his tactic. He knew the only way was to kill the king. It was the only way, but he had to do it right. He LongJumped up, then used the Disc to stand in the air.

Garion followed, he summoned a large pillar of stone from the ground and hurled it at Rath, using another section of stone as a platform for himself. Rath dodged the pillar, letting it slam into the ceiling above. The roof crumbled to the side of Rath, leaving the sky open.

“What are you planning, Demon!” Garion yelled out.

Rath smiled. “I just want to make some room for us.” With that he shot out of the hole in the ceiling.

Garion followed, keeping a close pace. Rath could see his friends in the gardens. Pelone and Fenrin looked beat up, he had to keep them out of this. He planned to take this to the gardens, but it seemed they were using it as a base. With that in mind, Rath landed outside the front gate.

The king met him, and began his assault. It was as if he had ignored the fact that his people were approaching. His attacks were wild, clearly being used to weaken Rath. However, Rath simply dodged around them, letting the debris fly off into the distance. Did he not see the damage he was causing to his own city?

No, Rath could see it in his eyes. The King was blood thirsty, he was focused on the battle, the world around him be damned. This may be beneficial to Rath.

Rath changed his tactics, apologizing to Freesia mentally. He used his blade to deflect all the debris from his spells to the ground, keeping them from flying off towards innocents.

“Flame Lash!” Rath yelled out, summoning a large whip of flames. He snapped the whip at the king, wrapping it around his spear. The king held the spear firmly, not giving it up. While he was stuck, he wasn't sending attacks off. Rath could spot people watching from all over the city, eyes locked on the two.

They had set up the doubt in their mind, they had highlighted their intentions, and now, they saw this Demon Lord protecting them from their own King’s rampage.

“I give you this last chance!” Rath yelled out. “Discuss peace, I do not wish to kill you!”

“You can shove it in all the Hells!” Garion yelled out. “I will never allow a Demon Lord to live in my lands!”

“Even if it means peace? Even if it was at no cost to you?” Rath yelled out. He knew full well the kings response.

“Never! You are a monster and we do not tolerate monsters in Tirim!” Garion yelled out.

“Then, it is time Tirim changed. I am sorry it came to this.” Rath stated.

With the eyes of everyone around him, Rath began to charge his spell.

“AgniBall.” Rath said confidently. The Flame Lash dissipated in the air. A new flame appeared in Rath’s palm, and it was steadily growing.

Garion’s eyes widened. He knew what this meant. It was a powerful fire spell, one that could absorb mana infinitely if one wanted. Rath had mana to spare and could make this spell massive if he took the time, however he had no intention of doing so.

The king charged at Rath, but it was exactly what Rath wanted. This spell was designed mostly for hitting a large area in one blast. However, if you only charged it a little, it was perfect for a single target, especially if that target was charging you to disrupt it.

As Garion was upon Rath, driving his spear forward, Rath released the spell. He pressed the flame into the tip of Garion’s spear and watched it melt from the heat. The ball burst into a small explosion, taking over half Garion’s spear with it.

Rath did not let up the pressure, as soon as the first ball exploded he was already on his second. He dived forward at the distraught king and pressed the ball directly into the king's stomach.

The blast shattered the king's shield and sent him flying out before crashing into a nearby wall. Rath’s shield had taken some damage from the close range blasts. The spell was meant to be thrown at the enemy, but Rath had set it off in his palms.

Garion groaned, falling out of the rubble of the wall and onto his knees. Rath had already reached him and pressed Freesia to the man’s throat.

“Cast a spell and you die.” Rath stated.

Garion gritted his teeth. “You damn monster, I will not bow to you!”

“Your right, you have made it clear you are not capable of leading. I wanted to keep you on the throne, for I had no desire for it.” Rath stated. “However, it has become clear by your actions that it is not possible for us to live in peace. For the sake of my home, I must take your kingdom from you.”

Garion’s eyes widened. “No, you cant.”

“Garion Pierce, King of Tirim. I, Rath, Lord of Criss, Demon Lord of Flames, sentence you to die.”

Garion’s eyes shot all around him, looking for support. All he found were the eyes of the people. They all looked shocked, but most of them didn't look distraught in any way. He realized then the damage he had done with his careless assault.

Was this the view the Dragon King had when Garion took his life? These eyes, so quick to turn on him? Garion gave a smile. This was fine, he was a revolutionary, so it made sense he would die to another. It wouldn't be long anyways, before a Hero would come and take down this Demon Lord. He was sad that he wasn't the one who did so, but that didn't matter to him now since his head was now rolling on the ground.

Rath stood over the king's corpse and faced the people who watched.

“I will not harm you. I wished only for my people's safety.” Rath stated. “However, you all are my people now too. As of this moment, I crown myself as king of this country. All of you will be safe under my protection.”

The people did not react. No cheers, no boos. Just, nothing.

Criss was a sight for sore eyes for the party. Rath felt at home even outside the gate.

“Rath!” Mirv yelled out, appearing from the gate. “Hurry, he doesn't have long!”

Dread filled Rath immediately. He had almost forgotten about what made him try so hard. He was in a dead sprint.

“Damns kid, coming all this way for one dying old man.” Turv said with a cough. “I am honored, did you do it?”

Rath nodded to the older man. He held his hand.

“That is good, means I can go on without regrets.” Turv said, turning his eyes to the ceiling.

The room was crowded with the party, who all stood around the dying man.

“Can you hold on just a little longer?” Rath stated.

Turv turned a weak head to Rath, his body had become so thin, his eyes hollow. “Of course lad.” He took his free hand and rubbed Rath’s hair, right between his horns.

Rath stood up. “Can you all meet me by the gate, bring the throne please.” With his command, Rath lifted Turv into his arms. “Call everyone.”

Rath carried the man out of his tavern and bent his knees low. “Hold on tight okay?” Suddenly, they launched up into the air. LongJump, Disc, LongJump, Disc. Before they knew it, they were looking over the whole village from far above.

“How's it looks?” Rath asked.

Turv was tearing up. “That is our home huh, when did it go and grow up.”

“Its all thanks to you.” Rath said.

“Bah, I just advised ya boy. You were the one behind it all.” Turv said.

“You were one of the founders of this town. You laid the groundwork for me.” Rath said.

Turv smiled. “Guess I did, you best not screw it up ya hear? I won't be around to fix ya mistakes.” He coughed into his hand, revealing a blotch of blood.

Rath let them fall, using the Disc to moved downwards in the air. Pelone had raised the throne to the top of the town gate. The first one they made. The villagers were below them as they arrived, looking on.

Rath set Turv in the throne. “I, Rath, name Turv as the first King of the Criss kingdom.”

“Thats a stupid name.” Turv laughed weakly, but loud enough for everyone to hear. “That was a name others called us, It meant Cross, because they crossed thru here on their way to the dungeons. As my first act as king I declare a change of name, one to be chosen by my heir. My second act is to declare Rath as my heir.”

Rath smiled at the man. “You get to pick the family name then.”

“Is that so? Hah, then in that case.” Turv began before coughing. “You are my heir, you are my kid. May not be by blood, but you are Turv’s son. So you will be known from this day on as Rath Turvson. Enjoy that curse on your legacy lad.”

Rath smiled wider. “I am honored to carry your name onward. In that case. From this day forth, we shall be the kingdom of Turvis. Is that alright with you?”

“Your the king now lad.” Turv laughed.

Everyone was quiet. The people loved Turv, and he was dying in front of their eyes.

“Smile you idjits!” Turv yelled out. “We have won! We are free! Don't cry over one man’s death, celebrate our success! Come on you idiots let me hear some joy!”

They all took the hint and started cheering.

“We will miss you Turv.” Was shouted from the crowds.

Turv simply smiled and closed his eyes. “I’ll make sure to tell your folks about what you did down here. Oh, and I gotta get all the Heavens above ready for ya. Just give me some time to prepare it okay?”

Rath smiled. “Okay Turv, I'll give ya all the time you need.” Rath knew better. He was immortal now, and even if he died, his soul was trapped being a Demon Lord forever. Even now, Chaoram was inside him as energy. He smiled anyways, tears welling in his eyes.

It was on that day that the first king of the Turvis kingdom died. A smile on his face, surrounded by people he loved.

“My lord, look at this.” Eliath said.

“What is it?” Tatalis grumbled. He was bored.

“Reports state a new Demon Lord has appeared, and he has taken the city of Pierce in the Kingdom of Tirim as his own.”

Tatalis sat straight up. “Now that is exciting! I gotta check that out!” 

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