Chapter 7:

Hell and High Water

Motor (Part 1)

At six in the morning we stood alongside Suzuki, staring down the most powerful pharmaceutical company in the world. Suzuki was able to wirelessly tap into the electronics of the building and monitor it. She did that by simply opening the channels without bugging or tapping the system. From there she’d tell us where to go.
“What they’re doing here is wrong,” I said, restating our reason for going through with this mission, “and we have to stop it. Suzuki, tell us what to do.”
In a quick answer to my question, Suzuki grabbed Courtney and I and threw us onto a truck passing by. We didn’t have much time to feel anything: confusion, fear, or anything really. We landed in the back of the truck, a little dazed and amazed at Suzuki’s strength. Immediately my phone rang. I flipped it open and answered.
“Keep this link open; we’ll communicate on a moment to moment basis. The driver couldn’t hear you, because we passed over a pot hole at the exact time you landed. Stay low until you reach the docking bay then get out.”
“Ok.” I said, listening intently, then, keeping the phone open, turned to Courtney, “You ok?”
Courtney nodded, though she looked like her leg was hurt a little. I relayed Suzuki’s message then got myself ready to get off the truck. Around us were a few canisters, which I guessed were containing more robot parts, since any medication or pills would probably be transported in more equipped vehicles. We started closing in on our dismount point, and I looked over at Courtney. She nodded, indicating she was ready, and after gesturing a three count, we leapt off the back of the truck and the truck continued on its way unawares. We caught our breaths for a moment, then I raised the phone to my ear.
“We’re in.”
“Take shelter behind the nearest pillar,” Suzuki said, and I pulled Courtney behind one.
“Wait for my count. A loading door will be open for fifteen seconds once the next vehicle goes through. You can enter through there. You may have to incapacitate the guard.”
I stiffened. Then my adrenaline made me forget it. What was incapacitating a guard when I’d just done the impossible already?
“Let’s go.” I told Courtney and we snuck behind the pillars, working our way to the docking bay door. I could see the next car coming around. Looked like it really carried medication aboard, given its sturdy, professional appearance. I looked over at Courtney.
“Once this door goes up, we’ve got fifteen seconds to get in. You stay behind me. I might have to grab the guard.”
Courtney’s brow knit and she nodded, but I could see she was shaking. I deliberately took her hand in mine and squeezed it.
“It’s going to be ok. Alright?”
Courtney relaxed, I could feel it in my hand.
“And, if it means anything now,” I said, standing, “I’d like to take you to coffee when we get out of here.”
Courtney stood, smiling a bit. “I-I’d like that.”
I nodded, smiling in reply, then watched the car stop at the gate. I suddenly felt inspiration hit me, and I motioned for Courtney to follow.
“Come on.”
Making sure the driver couldn’t see me, I snuck up alongside the truck. Keeping my feet next to the rear wheels, we followed the truck into the docking bay before immediately hiding around a corner.
“We’re in.”
“You’re earlier than planned,” Suzuki said, sounding more impressed than anything, “I’ve tracked your location, you are in the lab now.”
“The lab we’re looking for?!”
“Yes,” Suzuki replied.
That was easier than I expected. I knew we were in a large open warehouse, but directly in front of me was scaffolding full of boxes. Scattered across the room I could see similar scaffoldings, but couldn’t see the middle of the room from my position.
“There’s an office to your left, I want you to get in there. All personal inside are on leave. There are cameras sweeping the room. Where you’re positioned, you’re unseen. But you will have to coordinate with me; these cameras have a five seconds sweep time and a five second delay.”
“I hear you.”
In a few minutes I heard the door click unlocked. I stiffened again. Was someone coming?! We were pretty much exposed, anyone who came through the door could see us to their right. I heard Suzuki’s voice over the phone.
“Go in that door. You have ten seconds before it relocks.”
“Come on.” I said, and Courtney and I ran hunched over, next to the door. I didn’t know how much time we had, but about halfway to the door Suzuki spoke up.
I threw the door open and Courtney and I leapt inside. Maybe the door didn’t close in time.
“Michael,” Suzuki said after a pause, “you’re doing well. You were unseen.”
“Thank you Suzuki.” I replied.

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