Chapter 29:


Lost souls: Road to Godhood

Author note: sorry to say, but I'll be uploading a few chapters regarding what happened to the other MCs. Hopefully, you all don't mind that.

Luz's life slowly became monotonous with each passing day. In the end, Luz spent most of his time working on the field, shooting rabbits and other small creatures, while spending most of his free time reading books and training to deepen his understanding of the element.

Outside of that, he regularly went to the arena, where he spent most of his time running away from the ferocious Francis. But overall, he made improvements in every area (ranging from weapon usage to magic spells usage) while getting more familiar with his colleagues.

Author note: Therefore, we will take a look at what happened to his other siblings. 


Not everyone has the fortune of landing in a forest inhabited by weak creatures. Some men end up in places forsaken even by the gods themselves, and whatever resides in those places is most of the time better left alone.

The sound of dried leaves getting trampled on echoed through the forest as a boy, starved to the bone, was running away from something far more sinister.

A loud roar erupted behind him, and a monster tore the bushes around it with each step it took as it chased the young one. Not daring to turn around, the boy kept running while being closely followed by five skeletons. These five had rusting equipment and followed any command of their master.

Filled with desperation, the young child gasped: "Three of you, hold that creature back and distract it as much as possible. As for the rest, continue following me."

After nodding to each other, three skeletons immediately split from the group, ready to face the creature that had been plaguing the kid.

By now, everyone knew that even if they fought together against that thing, none of them would survive even if they used plot armor and the power of friendship.

A tear ran down the kid's cheeks as he thought: 'I am sorry that I need to sacrifice all of you for my survival. If I could pick any other path, I would.'

A rough voice transmitted to him via thoughts: "We don't mind it, Az. In the end, we are the deceased and should rest. But for now, we want to protect the living before continuing with our sleep."

"Thanks," stuttered Az as he immediately ran into the next best cave. Running in the open is probably worse than in a closed space.

As he entered, he stumbled upon an ancient but silvery humanoid skeleton. Filled with hopes, Az prayed: 'Hopefully, that man was a strong warrior in his past life. If not, I'll be dying here with him.'

Excited, Az placed his hand onto the silvery skull as the cave began trembling due to the creature attacking the cave.

After taking a deep breath, Az shouted in desperation: "[Awaken my minion]."

Upon casting that spell, the ground started quivering, and an ominous feeling enveloped the whole surrounding. The crunching sounds of the monster chomping away at Az's subordinates stopped instantly as a deep voice echoed through the forest.

"Which ignorant fool dares to wake me up?!" the unknown entity roared as the skeleton's eyes slowly began glowing.

The sheer pressure released from that entity was enough to force Az onto his knees, and out of desperation, Az ordered his two skeletons to position themselves in front of him. But unfortunately, even they were forced onto the ground.

Slowly, the slumped skeleton rose onto his feet, and a dust cloud immediately arose, blocking his view. But the sound that followed afterward sent shivers running down Az's spine as the former crushed the skulls of his minions with ease while staring right at Az with his red and glowy eyes.

Az shrieked out of desperation, and he tried to get as far as possible away from the entity.

Unfortunally for him, a hand grabbed his leg before raising him up with ease. Terrified by the skeleton, Az stuttered in panic: "Plea-Please, have mercy with me," while looking at it.

A pale but silvery skeleton with a dirty body filled with cracks silently examined the child from head to toe with its glowing red eyes.

What Az didn't expect to see was that his minion was stunned.

"A brat, huh? We truly live in strange times," muttered the skeleton in a rough voice as it began wondering if he was supposed to babysit a child.

Horrified, Az stuttered: "H-How c-can you talk!?"


The latter immediately crashed against the ground before pleading: "I'm sorry for disturbing you, but I need all the help I can possibly get to survive here."

Ogron merely shook his head before making his way towards the exit while remarking coldly: "Young lad, I have plenty of questions, and you will answer them all. But first, I'll be taking care of the annoyance outside."

Even though Az was scared shitless by Ogron, he was also excited, and so with trembling steps, Az chose to follow that skeleton since he wanted to see the true strength of Ogron.

As they got closer, Az heard the monster's loud breathing, and upon reaching the exit, he saw the thing that had been hunting him for the whole day.

It was an enormous humanoid creature the size of an elephant while also having the body of a bodybuilder, filled with testosterone as his muscles and veins were bulging with every breath it took.

'Yeah, I would have died if I faced that thing. But why isn't it doing anything?' Az wondered as he saw his minion comment in amusement: "Hoho, we got a big one here. Lad, watch and learn."

The monster stared in terror as a silvery skeleton hand bore right through its chest before casually crushing its heart.

"That thing is done. Now back to you, child. You are quite lucky that you aren't an adult, or else you would have been a head shorter the moment I set my eyes on you," stated Ogron harshly as the monster collapsed onto the ground.

Sighing, Ogron slowly sat onto the creature's back before looking into the forest. It didn't take a genius to realize that Az's chances of survival were rather slim if he was left to his own devices.

"It seems like I really have to babysit you," cursed Ogron before sighing loudly: "be thankful that I have a heart for children. Anyway, in which year are we right now, and what is your name, kid?"

"My name is Az, master Ogron," responded Az with a grin going from ear to ear.

"Don't call me master. I don't want to be called like such by a child who dares to disturb the peace of someone resting," Ogron lectured Az while shaking his head.

"Ok, master Ogron," Az replied with a smile.

"Be careful, brat. Didn't your parents teach you to respect elders?" Ogron grumbled.

"Ogron, do you actually know where we can find the northern conifer forest ?" Az asked as they walked through the dark forest.

Author note: The village of the siblings was in the northern conifer forest.

"No. I don't remember any coniferous forest, and which year is it actually?" asked Ogron.

"It's the year 23.505," replied Az.

"23.505, hmm? I must have been asleep for a thousand years. Let's see what has become of my descendants and the different kingdoms. I am curious if they still exist," mumbled Ogron.

"Ogron, what rank were you before you died?" Az asked, looking up at the two-meter giant skeleton.

"Talking to you about mage levels is kinda pointless since you probably don't know the high levels. To keep it short: I used to be a strong and feared man," he stated with a puffed chest.

"When I was young, every girl wished to become my wife but now…I'm just an old skeleton who is a mere skeleton.…," Ogron answered with a sight.

"Well, you might add that you are now my babysitter," Az commented in amusement, and the latter immediately began cursing: "Listen here, you little shit, since I'm your guardian, you will follow my words, or I will leave you alone. Anyway, my first command is, awaken that ugly Oger as your minion."

Thus Az, Ogron, and the Oger walked through the forest in search of food.